13 Best Facerig Alternatives to Create Cartoon in 2023

In this blog post, we are going to share you the best FaceRig free alternatives software that can help you turn your face into a different character or cartoon and make movie with it.

Facerig Alternatives


This is an incredible tool that enables users to create their own unique cartoon, complete with backgrounds & props, simply by making use of their webcams. People and animals can be used as props and backgrounds in other to make your video chat more fun and interesting. But with lots of features, users still prefer to hunt for facerig alternatives software in other to experience new features and more fun.

13 Best free facerig alternatives software

Below is the list of best apps like facerig to generate cartoon in 2023

1. Gravity

facerig alternatives

Gravity is a great software like facerig. Because users can make their 3-dimensional avatar prototype for Ethereum with the aid of Gravity.

Users can generate their own 3D cartoon, and even do a lot of things, like give a high-five, dance, run, and more. These facerig alternatives have a lot of tools that you can use to make your avatar.

There are a lot of things to choose from, like ears, eyes, noses, haircuts, and so more. You can also choose your clothes, facial structure, and skin colour. Programs like facerig can help you turn a normal chat into a special one by making it more interesting.


apps like face rig

FaceFX, is one of the superb apps like blender, which allows users to design their automation through audio techniques. In order to hear your avatar’s voice, all you need is a piece of audio equipment, such as headphones or a speaker. FaceFX also lets you make your own sliders for your avatar, so you can change the way it looks.

3. F-Clone


With F-clone, you may capture facial expressions and individual actions in real time by using your digicam, thanks to pioneering innovation. It is one of the FaceRig alternatives that let you make video games and avatars which can be shared on streaming websites or on YouTube. Unlike other programs like FaceRig, which might take several minutes to generate an avatar, F-Clone merely takes a few seconds and you can share it on all social or streaming sites. This facerig free alternative has a library that has been modified for free, and users might also buy the full features in case you want to use it for professional purposes.



If you’re looking for an iPhone-friendly animation app, Mocapx is a great choice. By using Mocapx, you can quickly and easily connect your smartphone to your webcam while creating animations.

Even if you don’t have a lot of animation skills, you don’t need to bother about it. This facerig free alternative let you work in other ways. Mocapx can also be used even if you don’t have a connection to the internet, which is why we think it’s a good face rig alternatives.

5. Muvizu Play

facerig free alternative

Muvizu Play seems to be part of those facerig alternatives for streaming that allows you to quickly and easily animate your wacky ideas. When you’re done with your idea, you can then send it to streaming sites or YouTube. If you prefer, you can upgrade to the premium version. however, the tool has a free version with few limits.


Lightwave 3D is another similar software to give a shot. It is also a program that enables you to generate animations that look good. It enables you to make various characteristics that are related to games, video content, and so on. Before you try Lightwave 3D, you should keep in mind that if you are a professional in animation, it’ll be a great tool for you.

Users can also improve their skills with the aid of the tool. So, are you prepared to unleash the animator beast within you? If this is the case, Lightwave 3D is yours to keep.

7. CrazyTalk


If you want to make facial animations, CrazyTalk has been the most common alternatives to give a shot. It has a lot of advanced features, like a 3D face creation tool that lets you lip-sync and also an auto-motion engine that moves like a pro.

People who pay for CrazyTalk get an extra feature that you can only get in the paid version of another software. You can still use some of the features for free.  Additionally, you may create amusing photo albums and films (as well as videos for education and marketing purposes), and also animated cartoons.


If you want to make your face look more animated, this is the tool for you. Blender might just be what you need. Is an open-source 3D cartoon software that permits you to make animations from beginning to end. You can make animations by rigging, modelling, and modifying the stimulation. I hope the apps like facerig sound fun to you right?

Some good things about Blender are that it can help you make videos and games. As long as you use Mac, Windows, or Linux to run the game, it’s all good.

9. iClone

If you’re searching for useful apps like facerig that can keep up with speed and requirements, iClone is your perfect option. If you want to make 3D animation easier and more fun, this iClone has all the best tools to help you do so. As soon as you want to use it in the most professional way possible, buy the paid version.

10. VUP

If we want to view ourselves in such a way we’ve never seen before? VUP is fully prepared to take a picture of your face and transform it into a clip. In the event that these are your options, VUP is the best choice for you. Using this programme, you may give your face a new look.

If you want, you could even move your character and change it in any way that you want to. All the tools you need to make changes are right on the app layout. As a result, your video will appear more unique.

11. Houdini

If you want to work on your own, you can use Houdini as free face rig alternatives, which is a software that makes it easy for you to do so. Here, you can make a lot of different animations and start sharing them across social media. Houdini is a tool that helps you think of creative decisions and try new things. This tool is easy for artists and designers to use if they are looking for better results.

12. Moviestorm

If you want to make movies, Moviestorm is one of the FaceRig free alternatives that’s made for you. As a novice or an expert, you can use this tool. It doesn’t matter if you have any other kind of knowledge. You can make use of this tool to produce a media portfolio for the educational field and even improve your talents.


Those were the Facerig free alternatives that we believed you will have an interest in trying out. And discover the one that meets your needs.

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