Essay Papers to Buy Online: A Helpful Guide

As a student, you likely know the struggle of juggling classes, extracurriculars, work, and more all while trying to churn out well-written, thoroughly researched essays on tight deadlines. It can be overwhelming, leading some students to consider buying essays online as a shortcut. However, there are a few key factors to weigh when deciding whether or not essay writing services are the right solution for your situation.

Buying custom essay papers online offers certain advantages – convenience, speed, and access to professional writers – that could make meeting essay deadlines easier. But it also comes with risks, like plagiarism concerns, quality issues, and potential penalties if caught.

This guide covers the key pros and cons, what to look for in a reputable company, pricing, how to tell if an essay is plagiarized or not, and more – equipping you with the knowledge to make an informed decision about purchasing essays online that aligns with your needs and priorities as a student.

Essay Papers to Buy Online

Key Takeaways: What to Keep in Mind When Buying Essay Papers Online

  • Weigh the pros of convenience and quality against potential risks of plagiarism and high costs before choosing write my essay websites.
  • Carefully vet companies for indicators of legitimacy like fair policies, custom writing, and native English experts.
  • Confirm originality by running papers through plagiarism checks before submitting.
  • Prices typically range from $15-$50+ per page based on deadline, page length, academic level, and quality tier.
  • Consider the ethics of submitting purchased essays, as well as impacts on learning. Aim for judicious use.

What are the Pros and Cons of Buying Essay Papers Online?


  • Convenience: 24/7 access and quick turnaround times. Most essay writing services can deliver a polished essay within a few days, relieving the pressure of tight deadlines.
  • Access to experts: Essay writing services connect you with academic writers with advanced degrees, research skills, and strong English writing abilities. Tapping their expertise can lead to higher quality essays.
  • Avoid writer’s block or burnout: For difficult assignments or when feeling overwhelmed, purchasing an essay online allows you to skip past writer’s block.
  • Consistency: Using the same writing service for all your essays provides consistency in quality and style across papers.


  • Plagiarism risks: Some essay writing companies sell recycled or copied papers, putting clients at risk of academic dishonesty penalties. Thorough vetting is required.
  • Variable quality: Quality and writing style can vary drastically between different writers at essay writing services. Revisions may be needed.
  • High costs: Purchased essays come at a cost. Prices range from $20-$50 per page, adding up quickly for long, research-heavy papers.
  • Ethical issues: Having someone else write original content for you raises questions of academic honesty and whether it demonstrates true learning.

How to Spot a Reputable Essay Writing Company

Since buying essays online comes with a few risks, it’s important to source them from trusted, ethical providers. But how can you identify reputable companies that offer high-quality, original essays? Here are a few key indicators to look for:

  • Native English writers: Legitimate essay writing companies always partner with native English speakers with advanced degrees, not foreign freelancers offering dirt cheap papers.
  • Established history: Look for services with a long tenure and proven track record in academic writing of 5+ years. Review site longevity, reputation, and feedback.
  • Transparency: Ethical essay providers are upfront about their writing process, policies, guarantees, and writer qualifications. Beware vague descriptions.
  • Custom writing: Reliable companies promise customized writing, not pre-written essays. Submitting an originality report along with the purchased paper provides added plagiarism peace of mind.
  • Security: Legit essay writing services invest in strong data security, HTTPS websites, and protect customers’ financial information and anonymity.
  • Fair policies: Read the fine print. Reasonable revision timelines, money-back guarantees, fair pricing, and terms and conditions indicate an ethical, trustworthy provider.

What Does it Cost to Buy Essays Online?

When using an essay writing service, what can you expect to pay? Essay prices vary based on 4 main factors:

  • Academic level: Papers for high school students start around $15 per page, while graduate level assignments run $25-$50+ per page.
  • Deadline: Shorter deadlines for rushed orders carry a higher rate. Prices per page drop for longer 2-week or 1-month turnarounds.
  • Paper length: Most sites price essays by the page. Longer papers containing more pages will cost more than shorter page counts obviously.
  • Quality tier: Some companies offer different quality levels (usually Standard, Premium, and Platinum) with pricing differences tied to writer experience, quality control, and customer support.

Additional fees may apply for requests like: specific writer selection, plagiarism reports, abstracts, outlines, amendments, and more. However, take caution with companies touting prices that seem unrealistically cheap.

4 Ways to Check for Plagiarism in Purchased Essays

While buying essays online does remove the burden of writing from scratch, it introduces new concerns around potential plagiarism. Here are 4 solid options for double checking that the purchased paper you receive is 100% original before turning it in:

  • Run the essay through plagiarism detection software – Copy and paste the full text into a tool like Grammarly, Turnitin, or PlagScan to check for copied passages. Many essay writing services offer built-in originality checks.
  • Review the references page and in-text citations – Ensure all sources are properly attributed with accurate citations in a recognized style like APA or MLA.
  • Compare to free online sources – Plug unique excerpts from the essay into Google, uncovering any instances of text copied from websites.
  • Read critically yourself – Does anything raise red flags for writing quality or inconsistent tone? Mark areas needing revision.

5 Questions to Ask Essay Writing Services Before Buying

Before selecting a writing service, get clear answers to these 5 vital questions to verify it’s a legitimate company capable of delivering the level of quality and originality you expect:

  • Do you guarantee all essays are free of plagiarism? Reputable essay providers stand behind their work with a zero-plagiarism pledge. Ask about plagiarism-checks.
  • Can you match me with an expert writer in my field? Look for services that specially assign writers with background knowledge in the topic area.
  • How do you ensure writers are competent in English and academic writing? Legit companies thoroughly vet writers and assess writing skills before hiring.
  • Do you have any sample essays I can evaluate? Most essay providers make samples available so clients can assess writing quality and expertise.
  • What are your policies if I’m unsatisfied with my purchased essay? Get clear on revision and refund policies in case of quality issues.

Ethical Considerations of Buying Essays Online

While purchasing customized essays relieves the pressure and stress of essay writing, it also raises some ethical concerns:

  • Original work: Submitting purchased essays as your own is academically dishonest if the true writer is not credited or with your knowledge. Essay writing services cannot legally claim papers are “plagiarism-free” due to reselling original work.
  • Learning: Outsourcing essay writing prevents students from developing research, writing, analytic and time management skills that are part of the learning process.
  • Unfair advantage: Students who buy essays gain an unfair grade advantage over those doing their own work, potentially altering academic competition.
  • Reputability: Essay writing services cannot guarantee papers will receive any specific grade or necessarily improve academic performance. Their role should be viewed as supplemental to a student’s efforts, not as a way of bypassing learning.

While essay assistance services can help in a pinch, weigh the tradeoffs of quality, ethics and your intellectual growth when making decisions. Maintaining transparency with your adviser and judiciously using such services only for recommendable reasons is wise. Ultimately, doing your own work maximizes learning.


While buying custom essays online does not magically make difficult assignments easy, choosing a reputable provider like ours can relieve some pressure of essay writing and help you circumvent plagiarism concerns. Working strategically with essay assistance services provides a supplemental way to lighten your workload, gain expert input, and meet tight deadlines – so long as your expectations and use align with academic policies. Weigh the tradeoffs smartly.

With this guide’s insights to identify trusted writing companies, confirm originality, understand fair pricing, and consider ethics, you are equipped to make the right call for your situation if you need reputable essay help. Remember to use any essay assistance judiciously as a supplement when needed, not a bypass for learning. Your growth remains the priority.

FAQs About Buying Essays Online

How can I make sure an essay I buy hasn’t been plagiarized or resold?

The best way to confirm an essay you purchase is 100% original is to request an included plagiarism report using software like Turnitin. Additionally, critically evaluating citations, references, writing quality, and asking essay providers about plagiarism guarantees helps minimize risk.

What if I’m not satisfied with the essay I purchased?

Reputable essay writing companies offer free revisions within 7-14 days if assignments need improvement. Review policies before buying to understand revisions timelines, processes and criteria to have unsatisfactory writing corrected by the author or get a refund.

Is buying essays online safe and confidential?

Utilizing secure essay writing services that encrypt all interactions, never share your personal data with writers, and anonymize your identity is completely safe and confidential. Check site security, privacy policies, and refund terms for assurance.

How quickly can I get an essay done? What’s the fastest turnaround?

Most essay providers can complete a 10-15 page paper within a 3-5 day timeframe. For fastest turnaround, look for same day, next day or 48 hour rush delivery options, generally starting at 8-12 hours turnaround for 5-7 pages. These expedited options cost more however.

How much should I expect to pay for a 10-page research paper?

For a 10-page research paper formatted in MLA or APA for a university level course, delivered within 5-7 days, expect to pay average prices of $200-$250. More complex papers with tighter deadlines run closer to $300+. High school level 10-pagers cost around $150-$200.

What are signs an essay writing website isn’t legitimate?

Red flags include prices dramatically cheaper than competitors, vague policies, missing contact information, stock image headshots, and no customer reviews. Additionally, be wary of essay providers not clearly stating they solely provide academic writing assistance, not pre-written essays.

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