What is Logistics Software And How To Choose the Right One For You?

The introduction of modern automation systems increases the economic efficiency of logistics. It significantly increases the company’s profits. The programs are able to optimize routes. It increases the productivity of drivers and reducing transport costs. They minimize the impact of the “human factor” and reduce the burden on logisticians. The route automation program will build the most optimal, cost-effective and feasible route in a few minutes. Here is taken into account many parameters.

To maintain the level of competitiveness, it is worth choosing and implementing such a system as quickly as possible. We will tell you what to look for when choosing, and more information is here.

Logistics Software

Minimum functionality of logistics programs

It doesn’t matter if you choose a full-cycle system or a simple scheduler. Any logistics program should include a basic set of three functions:

  • building and optimization of the route,
  • delivery control,
  • application for the driver.

The function of building and optimizing a route can work in different ways. It depends on what type of delivery is used. It can be by car, public transport or on foot. Ask what types of delivery are provided in the program. And whether there is a suitable one among them. Perhaps you have several types of delivery on the same route. So check if the logistics automation program provides for hybrid types of delivery. If your delivery by car is involved, please specify how the waybill is formed. A route optimization program must take into account traffic congestion and adjust routes accordingly. But not all systems have this capability. Although this significantly increases the cost-effectiveness of logistics.

Whenever possible, choose a logistics program that monitors shipping online rather than reports. It uses route deviation alerts. Analyze the data provided by the program: shipped items, received amounts, photo reports, electronic signatures, etc. The data must be comprehensive and fully comply with your work processes.

The driver application must be installed on all mobile operating systems. It works correctly with mobile devices of popular brands. It is important if the application prints directions. Specify separately how the application is charged. Whether it has support and how often it is updated. In some cases, technical support and updates may turn out to be paid. It significantly increases the total cost of the logistics automation system.

SaaS-based logistics automation systems automatically install server shell updates. And client application updates are free. In the case of boxed versions, updates may be included in the price of the product. Or maybe provided at an additional cost. When choosing a system, specify how often updates are released. The more often the system is updated, the more stable and reliable it is with https://diceus.com/services/software-development-outsourcing/.

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All programs that increase the economic efficiency of logistics should include a basic set of three functions: 

  • route planning and optimization, 
  • delivery control, 
  • and an application for the driver.

Additional functions may require the integration of a route optimization program with your accounting system or payment services. Here is the customer notification function. Or an application for monitoring the quality of courier work. Systems based on online SaaS technology are more convenient and more mobile than boxed versions.

When choosing a logistics automation system, specify which functions are included in the price. And which are provided for an additional fee. Give preference to those systems, the price of which also includes technical support and updates.

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