Best Ways to Earn Money Using Google AdSense

When you want to make a living from the reach of the content you write, you should maintain a Google AdSense account for your website. You can place AdSense ads on your blog, website, as well as on YouTube videos. Your AdSense ads generate revenue when visitors click on them.

However, there are many ways to make money with Google AdSense itself. Considering there are different channels for ad placement and different types of ads, hiring an SEO agency in Perth could be of great assistance.

Yet, if you want to know about how AdSense works, keep reading this space. Check out the different types of ad placements that can help you make money.

  • Text

There are various text ads featuring words as an Ad Unit or a Link Unit list of suggestions. It is possible to customize the colour, text, and link of the box.

  • Featured Images


Images are a form of graphic advertising. Besides text ads, it can also display image ads. Multiple sizes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

  • Rich Media

Rich Media ads may be based on HTML codes, videos, and flash files.

How to Earn Money with AdSense

Your ultimate goal should be to provide valuable content to gain traffic to your blog or website. Revenue is generated from AdSense based on the traffic your website receives.

  • You can generate traffic on your website by using organic traffic-building techniques, like search engine optimization and article marketing. Most internet users use their mobile devices for internet access, so your website/blog should be mobile-friendly and responsive. You must use a responsive layout for your ads so they will appear appropriately on mobile devices.
  • Try standard sizes and then change them so you can observe which setting generates the most clicks. In the end, you will discover what ad types and placements translate to the most income.
  • Placement of the advertising is best when a page can have no more than three standard locations. Using them all will provide maximum benefit.
  • For visibility, include in-content advertising. Incorporate advertising throughout your article but sparingly. You don’t want to bug your readers with a lot of ads.
  • Make sure to monitor your results. Google’s tools and feedback can be overwhelming, but analyze your results to understand your performance so you can maximize your efforts.

Tips for enhancing AdSense

When you are ready to improve AdSense income, consider these tips:

  • Test your ads through AdSense A/B testing, preferable with the assistance of an SEO company
  • Changing the link and box colours may impact results if you are using your theme’s colours
  • You can target placement by enabling placement targeting
  • Create custom channels to find out which ones are fruitful and which ones aren’t


So, these are the basic tips for making money with the proper implementation of Google AdSense. Apparently, SEO companies advise that you can also keep an eye on your competitors’ technology and strategy to improve your own with an SEO agency in Perth.


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