Best Ways to Earn Money Using Google AdSense

When you want to make a living from the reach of the content you write, you should maintain a Google AdSense account for your website. You can place AdSense ads on your blog, website, as well as on YouTube videos. Your AdSense ads generate revenue when visitors click on them.

However, there are many ways to make money with Google AdSense itself. Considering there are different channels for ad placement and different types of ads, hiring an SEO agency in Perth could be of great assistance.

In this post, I’ll share the best tips and strategies to maximize your AdSense earnings.

Let’s dive in!


Optimize Your Site for AdSense

The first step is getting your site ready for AdSense. Google wants to display ads on sites with quality content that attracts engaged users.

Here are some key things to focus on:

  • Create Compelling Content – Write posts and pages that provide real value to readers. Useful, interesting content keeps people on your site longer, increasing clicks.
  • Make Your Site Easy to Navigate – Structure your site well with menus and internal links so visitors intuitively find your content. This increases pages per visit.
  • Load Pages Quickly – Optimize images and code so your site loads fast. Quicker pages equal more page views and opportunities for clicks.
  • Focus on User Experience – Craft an excellent overall user experience from design to content. Happy visitors engage more, boosting AdSense potential.

Optimizing your site for your audience and providing great content pays off big time for AdSense earnings!

Place Ads Well

Once your site is ready, it’s time to add AdSense ads. Proper ad placement greatly impacts your earnings.

Here are some best practices:

  • Above the Fold – Place ads high on pages where visitors see them right away. The top spot gets the most clicks.
  • Right Side – Ads along the right edge of content perform better than cramming them inline.
  • Break Up Content – Insert ads between paragraphs or sections rather than big chunks of ads together.
  • Avoid Distractions – Don’t place ads near navigation, calls-to-action, or prominent images. You want them to stand out.
  • Limit Per Page – 1-3 ads per page is best. Too many ads crowd out content and drives visitors away.

Taking the time to test ad placements is well worth it to maximize your AdSense earnings in the long run.

Select Ad Types Wisely

Google AdSense offers several ad types, so pick wisely for your site’s layout and content.

The top performing ad types are:

  • Text Ads – Simple labeled text ads blend nicely into content without being too obtrusive. They work great in sidebars.
  • Image Ads – For image-heavy sites, image ads can fit nicely and capture attention. Just beware content looking too ad-heavy.
  • In-Article Ads – These inline ads help break up long walls of text and monetize article content directly.

In-Feed Ads – These highly visual ads are perfect for news, entertainment, and other content feeds on sites.

Try different ad types and see which earn the highest CTR and revenue for your site over time. Monitor and tweak based on performance data.

Create Ad-Friendly Content

Another tip is crafting content designed to complement AdSense ads. Here are some ideas:

  • Include keywords and topics that relate well to ads Google often shows for your niche. This increases relevancy.
  • Review or list products and resources. “Best dog toys” lists work great with dog product ads, for example.
  • Create comparison posts like “X Versus Y: Which Is Better?”. Head-to-head content attracts shoppers.
  • Make informative guides or tutorials like “How to do Z”. Useful content draws engaged visitors advertisers want to reach.

Optimizing your content for AdSense is a powerful way to boost earnings. Just don’t sacrifice quality or overdo it!

Follow Google’s Ad Policies

To maintain your AdSense account in good standing, be sure to carefully follow Google’s ad policies and terms of service.

Some key things to avoid:

  • Automatically generating content or traffic just for clicks
  • Having multiple accounts under different names
  • Clicking your own ads for profits
  • Misleading links that direct away from landing pages

Violating policies can lead to account suspension or banning. So be extra cautious and ethical to keep the AdSense revenue flowing!

Monitor Performance

My final tip is to closely monitor your AdSense performance using the provided reports.

Look at metrics like:

  • Page RPM – Earnings per 1,000 pageviews
  • Top earning pages
  • Top earning ad types and placements
  • Click-through-rates (CTR) on ads
  • Bounce rates from landing pages

Use this data to refine your ad approach for better optimization over time. Every site and audience is different, so track your real results.

Tips for enhancing AdSense

When you are ready to improve AdSense income, consider these tips:

  • Test your ads through AdSense A/B testing, preferable with the assistance of an SEO company
  • Changing the link and box colours may impact results if you are using your theme’s colours
  • You can target placement by enabling placement targeting
  • Create custom channels to find out which ones are fruitful and which ones aren’t


I hope these tips help you maximize your AdSense earnings! With the right site setup, ad placement, content, and performance monitoring, you can do really well.

Just focus on creating high quality content, providing a great user experience, and carefully following Google’s policies. The ad revenue will soon follow!

Let me know if you have any other questions. I’m always happy to share more tips to increase your AdSense income.

Good luck! Time to start monetizing your hard work and reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum traffic required for Google AdSense?

Google does not publish an official minimum traffic requirement, but most publishers find you need at least 10,000-20,000 pageviews per month before AdSense earnings become meaningful. The key is building an audience that regularly engages with your content.

How much money can I make with AdSense?

Earnings vary widely based on traffic volume, niche, ad types, and other factors. As a rough guideline, earnings range from $0.10 – $1.00 RPM (revenue per 1,000 pageviews). Top performing sites can achieve $3-$5 RPM with optimized setups. With enough traffic volume, you can generate significant income.

Does Google AdSense work with affiliate marketing sites?

Yes, AdSense and affiliate marketing complement each other nicely. The key is providing high quality content and clearly disclosing affiliate links, rather than just maximizing clicks. This creates trust and long-term reader loyalty. Ethical practices keep your site and AdSense account in good standing.

What happens if my AdSense account is banned?

If your account is banned, you cannot simply open a new one. Google blacklists your domain, business information, and payment accounts from participation. Bans usually occur due to policy violations like invalid clicks, cloaking, scraping content, etc. Verifying website ownership and appealing with a clean history helps get accounts reinstated.

Can I use AdSense on multiple websites I own?

Yes, you can display AdSense ads on multiple sites under the same account. Just make sure each site has unique, quality content and traffic sources. Having an ad network on diverse sites with separate audiences improves overall performance and earnings.

Is there a minimum age to use Google AdSense?

No, Google does not impose any age restrictions on AdSense publishers, but you do need valid contact details, tax info, and payment accounts registered under your actual identity. AdSense payments often require legal adult status to manage properly, especially with large earnings.

How long does it take to get approved for AdSense?

The approval process usually takes 1-7 days, but can vary. Google reviews site content, traffic levels, ownership info, and other factors in their approval decision. Having an established site with quality content helps speed up approval. Lacking information or policies violations causes delays.

Can I show AdSense ads on YouTube videos?

Yes, you can monetize YouTube videos with Google AdSense by joining the YouTube Partner Program. Your videos need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past year to qualify. You can’t use other ad networks simultaneously. YouTube ad revenue can become quite substantial.

What are the main factors that increase AdSense earnings?

The main factors are: relevant, high quality content that attracts engaged visitors; enough site traffic volume from organic search, social media, etc; optimal ad placement with 1-3 ads above fold per page; using high performing ad types like text and image ads; and tracking performance metrics to refine your approach.

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