Complete SWOT Analysis of Ford Motor Company

Ford is a well-known and highly respected car manufacturer, with an illustrious history dating back more than 100 years. However, in recent years the company has faced significant challenges, with falling sales and increasing competition in the automotive industry.

In this blog post, we’ll perform a SWOT analysis of Ford to get a better understanding of the company’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and threats it faces moving forward.


SWOT Analysis of Ford Motor Company
  • Global brand recognition
  • Diverse portfolio of vehicle models
  • Adaptability to trends and technology
  • Large global dealer network
  • Strong financial performance
  • Lower sales volume than competitors
  • Perceived as inferior to foreign luxury brands
  • Overreliance on U.S. and Europe markets
  • Conservative brand image
  • Dependence on truck sales
  • Emerging technologies like self-driving cars
  • Gain market share from diesel scandal affecting Volkswagen
  • Growing demand for electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Intense competition from Toyota, Tesla, etc.
  • Rising costs of raw materials
  • Increasing regulations and compliance requirements
  • Risks and uncertainty in financial markets
  • Challenges with labor unions


An Overview of Ford

Ford was the invention of Henry Ford, which he established in 1903. The head office of the company is located in Dearborn, Michigan, United States.
A leading automobile manufacturer, Ford is best known for its commercial and luxury cars. However, Lincoln is best known for its high-end luxury vehicles.
The company, which is one of the most successful North American automakers, is based in Michigan and produces its cars in the United States.

It’s one of the world’s most popular vehicle manufacturers, but where does it now rank? It manufactures almost 4 million automobiles each year and is ranked as the fourth largest car manufacturer in the world.

Swot Analysis of Ford


Ford Swot Analysis In-Depth Discussion

Ford’s Strengths

Global Appreciation

Due to its effectiveness in advertising and marketing, Ford is globally known in the vehicle industry and the brand is well recognized in worldwide markets. Based on the report released by Statista in 2021, Ford Motor Company is worth $10.44 billion.

Automobiles and Spare Parts

After GM, Ford is considered the 2nd largest carmaker in the United States and the 5th largest automobile company in the world. Globally, Ford Motor Company racked up a total of 4,187,000 automobiles sold in 2021.

Development and Research

Ford’s research and development (R&D) is one of its most important strengths, since the company is dedicated to making new technologies and products.
They’re always working to make their automobiles better. Among the considerations that are considered are fuel efficiency, customer happiness, and safety.

Various Vehicle Models

With a diverse product portfolio and models, Ford is able to cater to a wide range of demographics. Their customers are well taken care of because they can choose from a larger selection of cars and commercial vehicles.


Strong flexibility and reduced dependence on a single product range are two advantages of Ford’s vast variety of products and services. In the highly competitive vehicle industry, their willingness to embrace new technology offers them an advantage.

In order to improve the quality of their products, they are also focusing on things like lighter weights, interior technology, and powertrains.
Ford’s best-selling pick-up vehicle, the F-150, was recently modified to keep up with shifting consumer tastes and demographics.

The latest version of the F-150 pickup truck has been updated to appeal to a younger audience and was released in November of 2020. This year, Ford plans to deliver an electric version of the F-150. With that, the corporation is capable of keeping up with consumers’ shift from gasoline to electric vehicles.

A large network of dealers

The company has over 10,717 dealers in the company’s global network. So, it is very easy for the company to operate and distribute its vehicles around the world. To ensure consistency across all of its vehicles, Ford relies on standardized development processes.

Financial Strength

Due to the high demand for trucks and SUVs, Ford is in a great financial state. The corporation earned $127 billion in revenue in 2020, which is higher than predicted.
There will be even more development in the future for Ford because they are still running strong despite 2020’s upheaval.

Ford’s Weaknesses

  • The first weakness is the company’s inability to compete with other vehicle companies such as Volkswagen, Toyota, General Motors, Hyundai, Kia, and Renault-Nissan in terms of production or sales volume. According to Statista, in 2014, Toyota and Volkswagen manufactured many more automobiles, which is more than what Ford produced that year.
  • In comparison to their European and Japanese counterparts, American car brands have a bad name. Even in the United States, premium automobiles made by British and German automakers are regarded as superior to those made by Lincoln.
  • Dependence on both the U.S. and European vehicle markets. Auto sales are expected to expand in growing economies like China and India, according to most analysts.
  • The company has huge operations in Europe, where sales of vehicles have been stagnant for some time.
    Ford’s working-or middle-class image makes it difficult to sell cars to the more affluent demographic.
  • Sales of pickup trucks are heavily dependent on fewer sales than other car varieties. Meanwhile, pickup trucks aren’t popular outside of the United States.
  • Due to falling prices for natural resources in places like Russia, Brazil, and Canada, many national car markets are in a recession right now.
  • Because of Ford’s staid, conservative image, it’s difficult to reach a younger demographic with the brand.
  • On October 19, 2015, the stock price fell to a low of $15.26 per share.
  • Investors may be wary of a firm with a bad image, making it more difficult to obtain money.

Ford’s Opportunities

  • Self-driving or autonomous vehicles are only one example of the many new innovations in the automobile industry. This might lead to a rise in sales and demand for new models. The attention that new technology gets could make more people want to buy a car.
  • In the Volkswagen Diesel Scandal. The controversy will have no effect on Ford because it does not sell any diesel-powered automobiles in the United States. Volkswagen consumers who are dissatisfied with the company’s products might help Ford gain market share.
  • Ford manufactures different cars, such as the C-Max Electric and Fusion Hybrid from Ford, which do not rely on diesel. The Ford C-Max plug-in electric hybrid is currently on sale. Even with the increased awareness about air pollution, the demand for these is increasing.

Ford’s Threats

High Level of Competition

Toyota, Tesla, and Tata are already posing a serious threat to Ford’s market share. Ford continues to struggle to preserve its position as the best car company in the world and the most inventive company.

Raw Material Price Increases

The company’s cost and profit margins can be directly affected by changes in the price of steel and steel coil, which are the company’s primary raw materials.

Regulations and compliance

Ecological advancements taking place all around the world have raised the compliance and regulatory challenges for vehicle businesses in recent years. For the benefit of the people, vehicles are now subjected to safety and quality checks. If Ford doesn’t follow the new rules, it might be in big trouble. Two people who were injured in accidents using second-hand Ford automobiles have filed a legal complaint against Ford in the US Supreme Court.

Risks in the financial markets

Uncertainty in the market slammed Ford hard in the first half of 2020, resulting in sales of 516,330 total cars, down 12.5% from the same time in 2019.
It has taken a bigger hit than either Fiat Chrysler or General Motors have so far in this. Additionally, Ford’s German office requested a $582 million loan from the German government in order to mitigate the impact of declining sales. This was due to market uncertainty.

Workers’ Unions

Increasingly, the Canadian manufacturing workers’ union is flexing its muscle against foreign automakers operating in Canada, such as Ford. The union threatened to strike in 2020 if Ford did not make long-term investments to protect its workforce.

As part of an agreement with the union, Ford was compelled to make a $1.4 billion investment in its Canadian facilities in Oakville and Windsor to prevent a walkout.
Ford has shut down manufacturing sites in India and Brazil.

Ford’s automobile manufacturing activities in India have been shut down. Ford will no longer offer the Aspire, Ecosport, Figo, Freestyle, and Endeavor in India. Ford will instead focus on other markets.

Ford Company, on the other hand, will keep its presence in India for business solutions, engineering, and customer service. Ford has also announced the closure of three factories in Brazil by the year 2021.


What are Ford’s main problems?

Fords often have problems with the transmission, the spark plug wiring harness, the oil pan, the reliability of the fuel, and the engine. Everyone wants to find the best car. And even the most reliable car companies have made cars that have the same problems year after year.

What is Ford struggling with?

Ford has had trouble adjusting to problems created by the global epidemic, such as a shortage of microchips around the world. As parts have become easier or harder to find, the company’s output has gone up and down from month to month.

Who is Fords biggest customer?

The U.S. is the Ford Motor Company’s biggest market, selling about 1.7 million cars each year.

Who is Fords biggest rival?

General Motors, Dodge, Chevrolet, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), and Nissan are all competitors of Ford Motor Company. When compared to its competitors, Ford Motor Company has the second-highest Gender Score on Comparably.


Final Thought On SWOT Analysis of Ford Motor Company

Ford is the leading car manufacturer in the United States due to its strong financial standing, brand recognition, as well as market dominance. Ford is attempting to shift the framework of the automobile but is encountered with challenges on various fronts, including economic, technical, and environmental.

Ford, on the other hand, has a wealth of adaptable resources and market expertise, allowing it to maintain its market dominance through continued product innovation and industry leadership. If you add any suggestions about this Ford SWOT analysis, please drop your comment.



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