Detailed SWOT Analysis For General Motors

General Motors is one of the leading automobile companies in the world. It has a rich history and a strong presence in the global automotive market. However, General Motors faces several challenges in the current market environment. This article will perform a SWOT analysis of General Motors to better understand its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Takeaway summary

Topic Key Points
GM’s Strengths
  • Market dominance in the U.S.
  • Product innovation
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Safety ratings
  • Global presence
  • Diverse brand portfolio
  • Strong sales and revenue
GM’s Weaknesses
  • Reliance on U.S. market
  • Dependence on SUVs and trucks
  • Withdrew from India market
  • Product recalls and quality issues
GM’s Opportunities
  • Growing demand for green vehicles
  • Emerging market expansion
  • Autonomous vehicle leadership
  • Portfolio diversification
GM’s Threats
  • Intense competition
  • Recessions and downturns
  • Trade tensions and tariffs
  • Labor relations issues
  • Lawsuits and litigation
  • Regulations on emissions
  • Auto market slowdown


Overview of General Motors

General Motors (GM) is regarded as one of the best brands in the automobile industry and has its headquarters in Detroit, U.S. Cars, trucks, vans, commercial vehicles, crossovers, and auto spare parts are all manufactured by the firm.
The company, being the world’s 2nd largest automaker after Toyota, manufactured 9.958 million cars in 2015 and accounted for 11.2% of the worldwide automotive market share.
Opel, Holden, Vauxhall, Wuling, Baojun, and Jiefang are just some of GM’s ten distinct brand names under which its cars are sold. China and the United States are the two most important markets for General Motors.

As one of the world’s oldest, largest, and most prominent automakers, General Motors (GM) is a trusted brand and leader in the business industry.

In this short article, we are going to walk you through General Motors’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and other internal factors that have contributed to the general development of the firm.

SWOT Analysis For General Motors

Gm SWOT Analysis

General Motors’ Strengths

Predominance in a Market

One of our greatest assets at GM is the domination of the world’s largest vehicle markets and being the leading automaker of the moment. General Motors is the largest automaker in the United States, with a 16.9 percent market share in 2019.

Highly innovative

Investments in R & D have allowed General Motors to innovate in a variety of areas, from electric vehicles to combustion engines. A million-mile electric car battery, for example, is being developed by the company.

Partnerships with a Strategic Purpose

GM recognizes that no single company can accomplish everything, therefore it actively seeks out great strategic partners to help it fill in the gaps. From SAIC-GM through GM-CATL and many more, great partners have played a role in the development of the company.

Safest Cars

Among the most important considerations for consumers is whether or not a product is safe before they buy it. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has given five stars to the safety of only GM cars.

Global Reach

GM has a global presence because it has operations in China and the Middle East, as well as in Latin America and the Caribbean. This has made the brand known throughout the world and it has earned a good reputation for its quality and luxury vehicles.

A Unique Brand Portfolio

GM’s brand portfolio includes some of the most distinctive names in the automotive industry. Unique brands such as Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, and Opel are what set the corporation apart from its competitors.

Excellent Sales Strategy

Revenues and profits increase as sales increase. GM is the 12th-largest automaker in the United States and the 41st-largest worldwide.


Dependent on the United States market

When it comes to sales and income, General Motors relies heavily on the United States, which is included in its North American operations and its most important market. It is therefore obvious that the larger part of the brand’s annual income is from the US.
GM North America and GM International are the two divisions of General Motors’ corporate activities. It is expected that GMNA will contribute to about 89 percent of GM’s automotive division net sales in 2022. In 2021, just a little more than 10% of its yearly net revenues came from outside the United States.

As a result, however, the corporation is primarily reliant on the US and North American markets. This idea may ruin or may adjust the income of the company if the US ceases bidding for GM motors.

Depending on the success of the SUV and pickup truck lineups

With the success of its SUV and pick-up truck lines, General Motors may be compared to other worldwide vehicle companies like Ford, Hyundai, and Toyota.

Even if the company’s current line of products is doing well, demand patterns may change in the future, making it necessary for the company to offer a wider range of products.

India exit

The car industry has a major presence in India. Because of this, it seems that US-based companies can’t enter the market as fully and make money in the long run.
GM withdrew from India in 2017; Ford will do the same very soon. Hyundai and Kia, two well-known South Korean automakers, are doing well in India, as are a number of smaller, independent manufacturers. However, GM was unable to attain the same degree of success.

Product recalls and quality issues

Recalls of defective products can result in an unexpectedly higher cost for automobile manufacturers. To repair Takata airbag inflators, the company was compelled to recall about 7 million large pickup trucks and SUVs towards the end of 2020.
Product recalls are expensive for automakers, but they are important for the protection of their customers. However, they can also damage client loyalty and the image of the company.

General Motors’ Opportunities

More and more people around the world care about the environment, so more and more people want cars that are good for the environment.
When it comes to electric car batteries, General Motors is leading the charge.

Strengthen Presence in Emerging Markets

In spite of the fact that General Motors has a presence in Africa and Asia, the company’s market share is extremely low. For this reason, it should aim to increase its position in these new areas.

Exploit Autonomous Market

The demand for self-driving automobiles is expected to rise over the next several years. An important manufacturer in this model is GM. General Motors’ self-driving cruise provides the corporation with a great possibility for expansion.

Diversify Portfolio

GM could broaden its business by getting into related fields like car sharing and the growing popularity of electric bikes.



With Volkswagen, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, and Tesla vying for attention, it’s very hard to keep up with all of these rivals. GM’s market dominance is constantly threatened by the presence of so many powerful competitors.

Global Recession

As a result of the epidemic, several nations have entered major recessions, resulting in the loss of millions of jobs. GM’s sales in China fell by 43.3 percent in the fourth half of 2020, compared to the same period in previous years.

Trade Tensions

Unresolved trade tensions between the United States and China might lead to tit-for-tat penalties for General Motors. The fact that General Motors has numerous factories in China and is reliant on the US market makes this a significant danger to them.

Labour-related issues

GM lost almost $2 billion in 2019 due to a massive strike of 48,000 labourers that shut down 34 plants. Profits and long-term viability would be bolstered if strikes were to occur often.

Civil Lawsuits

Any vehicle company, no matter how big or small, can be overburdened by the costs of civil litigation settlements and penalties. GM is still defending itself against claims that it sold trucks that were not in compliance with US diesel standards.

Strict rules

In an effort to fight the increased threat of climate change, governments are enforcing strict emission rules. Regulations that restrict GM’s operations, profits, and long-term viability are on the point of being tightened.

Auto Market Slowdown

In the case of a market slowdown, the earnings and existence of all firms within that industry would be put at risk. The slump in the worldwide car market has reduced GM’s revenue.


General Motors is well-established in the American market, and the variety of its brands and products allows it to appeal to a wide range of consumers, from those with a desire for high-end vehicles to those with a need for affordable transportation. However, the company has major problems with covering up its operations, and also present shortage of microchips may prevent the business from expanding further.

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