How to Open a Stealth Ebay Account?

Online trading platforms are on the rise in previous years. eBay to be specific has taken strides to become one of the leading platforms where trading activities are conducted. However, eBay as a reputable platform has strict guidelines. Among the punishments that they impose are suspension terms. Upon suspension, there is a need to open a stealth account for you to continue using the services.

Opening an eBay stealth account requires you to conceal the details of your previously linked account. The next process entails you generating new details that you will use. After generating the details, you can now enter the eBay website and create your account successfully. However, you should remember to hide your IP address before you start. This is just but a tip, continue reading to get every detail.

How to Open A Stealth eBay Account?

Open A Stealth eBay Account

eBay is a leading online shopping marketplace that is known worldwide and it is based in California in the USA. The 1995 founded company has grown its wings and is now in more than 32 countries worldwide.

Just like any online trading center you know, eBay is a platform that gives buyers and sellers equal opportunity to trade.

As a lead organization, eBay always wants to create and maintain high standards of sanity and truthfulness. This has been a major pillar in the success of the platform. In the process of ensuring this, there have been strict guidelines to sellers on how they should conduct their business.

eBay suspension is one of the most painful experiences a seller on the platform can get themselves. It is not obvious that the suspension will come through defrauding means from sellers only. If the suspension occurs in un genuine ways, you can appeal and your account will be reinstated upon successful verification.

However, most accounts are suspended on account of the sellers going against the set rules. Once this happens a sellers can find themselves in a permanent suspension of their accounts which is disturbing.

Once you are suspended permanently on eBay you won’t be able to get back even upon opening a new account. This is because your details are blacklisted. Regardless of the reason for suspension, no sane seller would want to get a no from eBay.

Most will want to look for a way to bypass this and get back to business. If you are one of them, you need to open an eBay stealth is the only way out of that mess.

What Is A Stealth Account?

As indicated earlier a stealth account is a non-linked eBay account. Such that it uses fake information or another person’s identity to create one. There is no real account owner because it is faked.

Once suspended all your linked accounts are closed and your details blacklisted. That is name contact address and payment details. That is the reason why a stealth account employs the use of fake and generated information.

Steps To Opening An eBay Stealth Account

In the process of creating a new eBay stealth account, you must consider this. Not even one detail should be linked to your previous account, any trace will lead to the closure of the new account too.

The eBay system is very intelligent. It keeps records and links accounts through personal details, browser-used IP addresses, and flash cookies. If you will be able to make this unique you will be flagged up.

Generating Different Personal Data.

This is fake information. First, you should get a unique name. names are not so strict because people share names. Use those of a friend or family member who never owned this account before.

For phone numbers and email, don’t use one that has been used before. And also get one that you have access to in case they try contacting you.

On matters of bank account and credit card number, you have to be technical. The name on the credit card must not match you’re the name used to create an account.

Sort Browser Cookies and Flash Object Tracing.

eBay tracks using flash objects and browser cookies.

Go to your browser and clear browser cookies. You can also use a cookie cleaner. To clean flash objects go to the adobe flash player settings and erase flash cookies. Use your browser to access it. To do this for more accounts create a new administrative user with the new name. you can use chrome.

Change Your IP Address

There are many free IP providers. However, don’t use the free providers since most have been used and blacklisted. Here you will have to employ the help of eBay VPN.

The proxy will replace your IP with a new one. Or use IP vanish. you will have to check if the IP is a fresh one before you screw up

After changing your IP clear browser data.

Creating the new stealth eBay account.

new stealth eBay account

Now go to the eBay website and create your account. You should have your generated details with you. Follow the following steps;

  • The initial part is to choose to create a business account and not a normal account.
  • Then enter the information required in the blank fields as generated earlier.
  • Create a unique username and enter it.
  • At this stage, you will be on phone number verification. We advise you to use the one you had access to since you need to give the verification code sent.
  • The final part is on the payment form page. Enter the details that are required and click next
  • Congratulations, you will have successfully created your eBay stealth account.


An eBay stealth account neither does it brand you criminal nor does your account become illegal. You just have to play your cards within your limit and keep by the rules this time around. Again, remember that the suspension email you got does not mean eBay is a no-go zone for life.

Your security is paramount, you don’t need to be behind bars for you to get an accolade. Get the know-how and proceed to pursue the best opportunities.

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