What to Know When Using a Board Portal

In today’s digital age, board management software has become an invaluable tool for boards of directors. Board portals allow boards to collaborate and communicate securely while streamlining board processes. However, not all board management systems are created equal. There are key factors to consider when implementing and using a board portal to ensure it meets your board’s unique needs.

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This article provides an in-depth look at what a board portal is, why and when boards should use one, and most importantly, what to know when selecting and leveraging board portal software. With the right understanding of these key aspects, your board can confidently adopt a solution that enhances governance and collaboration.

What is Board Management Software?

A board portal is a secure online platform that facilitates communication and collaboration for a board of directors. It acts as a central hub for board members to access meeting materials, collaborate on documents, participate in discussions, take votes, and more. Board portals enable governance teams to work together seamlessly outside of the boardroom. They house sensitive information securely with rigorous permissions, keeping board work private. This allows boards to work more efficiently between in-person meetings.

Key features in board software solutions include:

  • Secure document storage and collaboration
  • Board meeting management tools
  • Voting and surveys
  • Board messaging
  • Attendance tracking
  • Minutes creation
  • Calendar management
  • Mobile optimization

By centralizing board information and processes, portals eliminate the pains of emailing files and tracking multiple email chains. They optimize boards for the digital age with streamlined workflows.

8 Things to Know When Using a Board Portal

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Selecting and implementing the right board portal solution is key to realizing the benefits. Here are eight essential considerations when using board management software:

1. Integration Capabilities

Look for a platform that easily integrates with your other systems like calendars, video conferencing, voting tools, and more. API support enables smooth connections for a unified experience.

2. Intuitive Interface

Board directors have busy schedules with minimal time to learn complex software. Prioritize an intuitive, user-friendly interface with easy navigation and minimal training required.

3. Robust Security

Security should be the number one priority, with bank-level data encryption, granular permission controls, and advanced authentication protocols. Ensure regulatory compliance and data protection.

4. Accessibility

Board members need to collaborate on-the-go from any device. Opt for responsive web and mobile apps that allow easy access from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

5. Ongoing Support

Look for a provider that offers live customer support when you need help. Accessible, responsive assistance ensures your board keeps running smoothly.

6. Customizable Workflows

Every board has unique needs, so the platform should be configurable to match existing processes. Customize notifications, branding, templates, workflows and more.

7. Agile Updates

Regular product updates and improvements keep solutions current as needs evolve. Seek a forward-thinking provider focused on enhancement.

8. Affordable Pricing

Costs can add up with user fees. Seek simple per-user pricing for predictable costs rather than nickel-and-diming extra charges.

By carefully evaluating these aspects, you can determine the right fit to meet governance, security, collaboration, and budget needs.

Why use board management software?

Board portals offer many advantages over manual meeting management and governance:

  • Enhanced security – Cloud access controls and encryption keep sensitive materials safe.
  • Improved collaboration – Streamline document sharing, messaging, and editing between meetings.
  • Convenience – 24/7 access to materials on any device allows productivity on-the-go.
  • Efficiency – Automate admin workflows like minutes and voting for major time savings.
  • Environmental benefit – Reduce paper waste by eliminating printing needs.
  • Regulatory compliance – Adhere to regulations like data security with advanced controls.
  • Insight – Gain board analytics with attendance tracking, vote reports, and more.

For today’s progressive boards, implementing board management software is a strategic advantage for governance, collaboration, security, and efficiency. The key is selecting a solution tailored to your unique board processes and needs. With the right portal partner, your board can optimize for the digital world.

Tips for Choosing Board Portal Management

Choosing the board document management that meets your organization’s needs requires some research. Before making the purchase, you should consider whether the portal’s features meet your business’s needs. It is relevant to companies of any size, country, or industry. 

What to look for when selecting a vendor:

  1. Business needs. Answer yourself the questions: who will use the portal board? How often? For what processes?
  2. The main functions of the software. What will you frequently use: live voting, document sharing, meeting minutes, etc. 
  3. Budget. Determine the range your company is willing to invest in a bulletin board portal. 

After these steps, move on to your research. 

  • Make a list of the best portals that match the items above.
  • Narrow the list down to the top 5 providers and gather additional data about them: board management software pricing, look at portal reviews on forums, social media, and other platforms. Read testimonials from actual customers (not on the company’s website). 
  • Choose your top three board portals and sign up for a free trial to see which one fits your needs best.

To make it easier for you to choose, we’ve done some research and have already identified the top 3 in our opinion. So you can check it out below.


A board portal offers tremendous benefits as a secure collaboration hub for board directors. But not all solutions are created equal. The key is carefully evaluating integration capabilities, usability, security, support, customization, innovation, and costs when selecting software. Focus on people-first functionality that creates value for users beyond just search visibility. With research and strategic selection, boards can adopt a tailored board portal to seamlessly unite, inform and empower directors in the digital age. The result is more effective board governance, collaboration and output.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features should I look for in a board portal?

Key features to prioritize include robust security, intuitive interface, seamless integrations, mobility, customization, responsive support, and affordable pricing. Align features to your board’s unique needs.

How does a board portal improve security?

Board portals centralize materials into a secure cloud environment. Bank-level encryption, granular access controls, and authentication protect sensitive data.

What benefits does a board portal offer?

Major benefits include enhanced security, simplified collaboration, mobile convenience, streamlined workflows, environmental savings, and data insights.

How can a board portal save time?

By automating manual processes like document sharing, voting, minutes creation, and notifications, portals eliminate inefficient workflows.

How do board portals facilitate collaboration?

Directors can easily message, share files, co-edit, annotate documents, and participate in discussions between meetings.

Should committee management integrate with our board portal?

Yes, look for solutions allowing integrated committee collaboration for a unified, streamlined board experience.

How can we customize the board portal to our processes?

Leading solutions offer custom branding, templates, fields, workflows, notifications and more to match your board’s existing preferences.

What training and support is included?

Many providers offer live onboarding, training resources, responsive support, and ongoing guidance to ensure directors use the portal effectively.

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