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The board portal, also known as a virtual boardroom, is simply a virtual or online space where board members can easily collaborate, communicate and share data in a highly secure environment. It is a safe, cloud-based online data storage platform designed for data storage and seamless collaboration between board members and senior business officials.

Easy Board Portal

This environment allows only authorized board members to participate in virtual boardroom activities. It also means that anything discussed in the board portal will remain strictly confidential.

General Features of the Board Portal

Board portal software facilitates interaction and communication among board members. In addition, the board portal has features that you would find in any board portal:

  • Board meeting management tools (messaging, voting, scheduling in various conference rooms)
  • Meeting agenda setup and sharing
  • Intuitive board document management (authorized access, detailed security, collaborative editing)
  • Preparing meeting minutes.

Reasons to Use Board Portal Software

Given the above, the main benefits of using board portal software are already evident. In addition, you can see a list of common reasons explaining the popularity of using these tools in companies worldwide.

Quick Access to Important Board Information

With a state-of-the-art virtual boardroom, all participants have access to all the information they need for practical discussion and decision-making.

Board Administration Optimization

The time needed for decision-making is significantly reduced when using the board room software. It is due to the quick search of information, sending data, downloading files, and organizing a meeting in minutes. In addition, instead of having to collect paper documents, all files are uploaded to the cloud and converted to PDF.

Organization of Committees

Using board software, administrators can organize committees, create meetings, request votes, conduct polls, and share data. A plan can be made before each session, or a template can be set up and used, changing the date, time, etc.

Increasing the Involvement of Board Members

When using the board portal tools, collaboration among members is not limited to the meeting room. Various voting, polling, and discussion tools allow committee members to send scheduled feedback while meeting tight deadlines.

Mobile Compatibility

Most modern board portals offer apps for mobile devices. It dramatically simplifies the board’s use and allows members to work on the go.

General Features of Board Management Software

The feature set used in the most recent board software version can vary from vendor to vendor. However, several features are common to any modern board management software.

Planning Tools

With meeting software, users can successfully coordinate their activities and schedule meetings.

Users can activate features such as an advanced calendar and automation tools. With the latter, they can set up sending and receiving messages about new meetings, which are synchronized with all users.

Virtual Rooms

Virtual Rooms can be used to organize spaces for online meetings and discussions. These spaces are fully customizable so that you can use advanced access conditions according to roles and hierarchies.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration among all team members is one of the main conditions for success. With these tools, stakeholders can work together on documents and proposals. As they work, they can use the tools to annotate, edit, monitor changes, track activities, explore different versions of papers, and much more.

Security Features

The security of corporate information is essential to a company’s success. Most modern whiteboard portals offer advanced encryption security with 128 or even 256-bit keys, two-factor authentication, advanced file and folder access settings, and more. It helps avoid leaks of crucial confidential information and keeps your campaign running smoothly.

Document Management

Board portal software allows you to upload, download, and selectively share files that are used during all phases of the meeting:

  • Preparation
  • Meeting itself
  • Follow-up

At the same time, sharing information using the board portal is much safer than sending files via email.

Tips for Choosing Board Portal Management

Choosing the board document management that meets your organization’s needs requires some research. Before making the purchase, you should consider whether the portal’s features meet your business’s needs. It is relevant to companies of any size, country, or industry. 

What to look for when selecting a vendor:

  1. Business needs. Answer yourself the questions: who will use the portal board? How often? For what processes?
  2. The main functions of the software. What will you frequently use: live voting, document sharing, meeting minutes, etc. 
  3. Budget. Determine the range your company is willing to invest in a bulletin board portal. 

After these steps, move on to your research. 

  • Make a list of the best portals that match the items above.
  • Narrow the list down to the top 5 providers and gather additional data about them: board management software pricing, look at portal reviews on forums, social media, and other platforms. Read testimonials from actual customers (not on the company’s website). 
  • Choose your top three board portals and sign up for a free trial to see which one fits your needs best.

To make it easier for you to choose, we’ve done some research and have already identified the top 3 in our opinion. So you can check it out below.

The Top 3 Board Portal Management Software

  1. BoardMaps

BoardMaps has an excellent rating on various software review websites and is available locally and in the cloud. BoardMaps improves internal communication between board members, simplifies fiduciary duties, enhances board collaboration, and promotes smooth corporate governance.

Software features:

  • Simple meeting preparation
  • Planning
  • Agenda, deadline, and calendar management
  • Voting tools
  • Automatic creation of meeting minutes
  • Electronic signatures
  • Availability in 35 different languages
  • Activity pane
  • Data encryption
  1. Boardable

Boardable offers monthly, quarterly and annual subscriptions, a fully web-based virtual whiteboard software that helps boards of all organizations. Access to Boardable is effortless from any PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.

Software Features:

  • Agenda Builder
  • Document Center
  • Online board meeting center
  • Goal tracking and reporting
  • Task Manager
  • Electronic signatures
  • Dedicated groups
  • Voting and polls
  1. iDeals

Efficiently managing tons of complex corporate documents and whiteboard materials is the strength of this whiteboard software. In addition, the iDeals whiteboard software offers its users a highly secure, cloud-based data repository where the whiteboard can quickly upload, edit, view, or access whiteboard documents.

Software features:

  • Agenda management
  • Scheduling
  • Schedule management
  • Calendar management
  • Quickly find information from past meetings
  • Voting tools
  • Document annotations
  • Live chat
  • Personal chat
  • Electronic signatures
  • Document templates
  • Availability in 12 different languages
  • Permissions management
  • Data encryption



Virtual boardrooms have considerably replaced traditional physical boardrooms. They help organizations organize online board meetings, thereby saving time and money.

In addition, high-quality meeting rooms such as Boardable, BoardMaps, iDeals, Nasdaq, etc., have all the necessary and advanced features to help board members efficiently manage their board-related tasks. In short, board portal software greatly assists in smooth and efficient corporate governance.

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