How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Discord

Discord has become one of the most popular communication platforms, with millions of active users. It allows seamless real-time text, voice, and video chat between friends and communities.

However, as with any social platform, you may encounter situations where someone blocks you on Discord. Getting blocked prevents you from messaging or seeing the profile of the person who blocked you.

It can be frustrating not knowing if you’ve been blocked by someone. This guide will explain the tells and signs to know if someone has blocked you on Discord.

Someone Blocked You on Discord

Signs Someone Has Blocked You on Discord

Here are the main signs and indications that a user has likely blocked you on Discord:

1. You Can’t Direct Message Them

The most obvious sign is when you try to start a direct message with someone, but keep getting an error saying “Unable to message user” or “Message failed to send”.

This likely means you’ve been blocked and can no longer directly message that person. They will not receive any messages you attempt to send.

2. Their Profile Picture and Bio Disappears

Another clear indicator is when a user’s profile photo, username, and bio completely disappears from your view.

Their profile will appear greyed out and blank to you. This happens because blocked users appear offline and hidden to those they’ve blocked.

3. You’re Removed From Shared Servers

If you were in any shared Discord servers with the person, getting blocked will automatically remove you from those mutual servers.

You’ll no longer see them in the member lists of those servers. This prevents any further interaction in the server.

4. Your Friend Request Gets Declined

If you send a friend request to someone that has blocked you, the request will get instantly declined.

They don’t even have to manually reject it. Any friend requests from blocked users are auto-declined by Discord.

5. You Can No Longer Tag or Mention Them

When you try to tag or mention a user that has blocked you, the mention does not go through. Their name will not auto-complete either.

This prevents you from directing any unwanted attention their way in servers you still share.

6. No Response to Your Messages

If someone has recently blocked you, they will simply stop responding to any of your messages.

Discord does not notify users when they get blocked, so this silent treatment may be the only initial indicator.

7. You Get an “Invalid Form Body” Error

In some cases when trying to message a blocked user, you may see a strange API error saying “Invalid Form Body” instead of the usual messaging error.

This less common error also indicates the user has likely blocked you.

How to Confirm if You’re Blocked

how to know if someone blocked you on discord

While the signs above are strong indicators, there are a couple ways to directly confirm if someone has blocked you on Discord:

Check Your Blocked Users List

You can check your own blocked users list under Privacy & Safety settings to see if the person shows up there.

This will definitively confirm that they’ve blocked you, since users appear on your blocked list automatically when they block you.

Ask a Mutual Friend

Reach out to a mutual friend that you share with the suspected blocker and ask them to check if they can still see the user’s profile and send them messages.

If your mutual friend can interact normally while you can’t, they’ve definitely blocked you.

Use a Secondary Account

Create a secondary Discord account and try to interact with the user from it.

If your main account is blocked but the secondary one works fine, that’s concrete proof of being blocked.

Potential Reasons for Being Blocked

There are a variety of reasons someone may have decided to block you on Discord, including:

  • Harassment: Repeated unwanted messages or attention is a common reason for getting blocked.
  • Toxic behavior: Insulting, trolling or rude language can quickly get you blocked.
  • Spam: Link or invite spamming is annoying and may lead to blocks.
  • Arguments: Heated disputes or fights resulting in them wanting to avoid you.
  • Impersonation: Pretending to be someone else can cause blocks.
  • Unwanted friend requests: Some block strangers sending them random friend requests.
  • Mistaken identity: In rare cases, blocking the wrong person by accident.

If you politely interacted with someone normally and still got blocked, it may have been a mistake. But in most cases, there was likely some behavior they wanted to avoid by blocking you.

What to Do If You’re Blocked

Getting blocked on Discord can be upsetting, but there are some constructive ways to deal with it:

  • Reflect: Think about what led to this and how you can improve your interactions going forward.
  • Respect their decision: No matter the reason, accept their choice to block you and don’t try getting around it.
  • Move on: Dwelling on getting blocked won’t change it. Focus on other connections instead.
  • Apologize: If your behavior clearly caused it, politely apologize once and move on. But avoid repeatedly contacting them about it.
  • Report abuse: Only if you’re being harassed or abused by an account should you report them to Discord.

Overall, being blocked happens and is usually not personal. Learn from the experience and foster more positive relationships on Discord.


Being blocked by another user on Discord can be a disheartening experience, especially if the reasons are unclear. However, there are discernible signs like disappearing profiles, declined friend requests, and messaging failures that indicate you have likely been blocked by someone.

While the specific reasons they blocked you may remain unknown, take it as a cue to reflect on how you interact with others online.

Learn from the experience, respect their decision, and continue cultivating positive connections across the Discord community. With an attitude of understanding and patience, you can overcome any blocks in your path.

FAQs About Discord Blocks

Does blocking delete messages?

No, blocking does not delete or remove any previous messages. It only prevents further messaging and interaction.

Can someone still see my messages if they blocked me?

No, your messages and mentions will not go through to someone after they block you. You’ll be unable to communicate with them.

What happens if you block someone in a shared server?

Even in shared servers, blocking makes you appear offline and hides your content from the blocked person.

Can a server admin override blocks?

No, server admins cannot bypass or override individual user blocks. Blocking is between those users.

Who can see that I blocked someone?

Blocking is private between you and the blocked user. Others cannot see who you’ve blocked.

Does blocking remove you as friends?

Yes, blocking automatically removes any friend connection between you and the blocked user.

Can I accidentally block someone?

It’s unlikely to fully block someone by accident, but you could block them from DMing you specifically.

Do I get notified if someone blocks me?

No, Discord does not send any notification when another user blocks you. You’ll just notice the signs.

Can someone make a new account to contact me if blocked?

While possible, this is considered harassment and against Discord’s policies if they’re evading your block.

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