How to Edit Your Twitch Videos for YouTube?

The world’s leading platform for live streaming gameplay, Twitch gathers around itself more than 140 million monthly active users. However, it’s very difficult to grow the audience using Twitch resources only. For this reason, many gamers choose to publish their Twitch broadcasts on other video-sharing platforms, like YouTube. This allows sharing content with a much bigger audience that may potentially join you on Twitch for more exciting gameplay broadcasts. Are you keen on playing computer games but want to move on to developing games yourself? You might find some useful information on the point here.

Twitch Videos for YouTube

Video Editing Tips to Convert Your Twitch Videos to Polished YouTube Video Content

Unlike Twitch, where the content is usually created in the real-time mode, YouTube is the service widely used for advertising and brand promotion, so video content there is usually structured and polished to make it maximum appealing to the viewers. Still, by doing some video editing on your Twitch clips, you can create a perfect piece of video.

In this post, we’ll tell you how to edit your Twitch videos to make them usable for YouTube. Join in to learn more.

How Can You Use a Twitch Video on YouTube?

Twitch videos might be rather lengthy. It’s OK for the Twitch users as they share your interest in video games and like watching the entire gameplay. Viewers of YouTube are a motley audience, so to catch them on your hook and keep their interest in your video, it should be much shorter. 

Usually, gamers broadcasting on Twitch use YouTube as a platform to tell about themselves and attract new subscribers to their Twitch account. Another reason why gamers start their YouTube channels is to announce the upcoming video to heat the excitement of the public. 

  A bright intro containing the best bits of your gameplay can become a great instrument for grabbing your audience’s attention and increasing their excitement as to what is going to come next. It’s a kind of your visiting card, so make sure you give enough attention to this. You can find out more about how an intro can help your YouTube Channel here.

Download a Broadcast Video from Twitch to Your Hard Drive

To be able to edit a video broadcasted on Twitch, you first need to download it to your PC/Mac. How can you do this? Sign in to your Twitch account and press the profile picture in the top right of the homepage. Click on the Creator Dashboard button to open a drop-down menu. Next, select Content → Video Producer to open all the videos published on your Twitch channel. The following step is to choose the video you’d like to download. Once a video preview window will open, select the Download option from a list given on top of the preview window. That’s it.

Choose Video Editing Software

You don’t have to be a professional to edit Twitch videos for YouTube. However, you have to take some time to choose video editing software that you feel comfortable working with. The simplest you can opt for is Animoto. This is a free online video editor with a set of standard features and various templates, allowing you to create videos even if you have no experience in video editing. 

Are you ready to pay to get more editing tools at your disposal? Then check out Magisto video editor by Vimeo. This online tool can help you create YouTube ads using your Twitch clips so that your videos would go viral.

If you prefer downloadable software with more advanced video editing features, you might want to try VSDC video editor. The choice is only up to you, so make sure you weigh all the pros and cons.

Edit the Video

Drag the video you are going to work with to the editing software timeline. To get an idea of the video pacing and the edits you might want to make, you have to watch the entire footage. Pay attention to any silent sections that might affect the clip pacing. They should be cut out to speed up the video pacing.

Twitch broadcasts can last up to eight hours, which is absolutely unacceptable for YouTube. To make your video popular on this video-sharing platform, you should keep it short, preferably up to three minutes. Pick out the most exciting moments of the broadcast and use them for your YouTube channel. In case there are several moments in a video you think are fun, a video compilation might be a good idea.

Add Subtitles to Your Video

Statistics show that many people watch videos with the sound off. Subtitles will help you widen your potential audience and keep their attention to what is said throughout the video. Besides, it works well for communication matters. Pay attention to the video timing so that the subtitling matched the video perfectly. You can experiment with the fonts and their colors (but keep in mind, it should be easy for the eye).

Compress Your Video

The YouTube audience likes high-resolution videos, which may take much space on your hard drive or cloud storage. Besides, it may take quite a while to upload an MP4 video to your YouTube channel. How can you improve that? You can compress your video. Follow the link to learn how to compress MP4 video. 

Upload the Video to Your YouTube Channel

Any of the video editing tools we’ve mentioned above allows direct sharing of videos from the software to social media, including YouTube. Just finish your edits and click on the share button to add your video to your YouTube channel.

Final Word

When editing a Twitch video for YouTube, you have to keep in mind that the audience is very different on these two video-sharing platforms. Striving to attract new subscribers to your Twitch account, you have to do the maximum you can to wake up the interest in the YouTube viewers. Keep your videos short, add subtitles to broaden your audience, and don’t forget about the memorable intro to let your viewers recognize you each time they come across your new video. Good luck!

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