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Dafabet Casino Review

One of the largest, if not the largest online casino site can safely be called Dafabet. An enormous library of different casino games as well as sports betting in Dafabet sports allows users to get a huge amount of pleasure. Dafabet online betting and Dafabet online casino have several versions for new users with an easier-to-navigate interface, as well as the old version, which was left for older users. Users can see many new and interesting features if they look at our Dafabet review.

Online Casino

Online Casino

Being the first time on the official site, users might be surprised by the whole 6 sections with casino paraphernalia. Each section has its specifics. Where we’ll give information about each section and what you can find by visiting them.

Casino and Games

These sections are very similar in structure and identical in functionality. The main feature of these sections is the audience. The casino section was left specifically for old users, making the interface easier for newcomers, old users would have to get used to a completely new and unaccustomed to them section.


To avoid confusion, two sections were added to Dafabet. In both sections, you can find all the new slots from the world with a special filter that allows players to configure the slots display according to special criteria. The number of criteria is so huge that most online casinos can’t match such specificity. 

Live casino

A huge number of users prefer to play with live presenters and chat. In this section, you can find all the game novelties of the genre and enjoy chatting with other users as well as with the presenters themselves.


Some games because of their characteristics have been obscured in a separate mode. These games allow users to get a pleasant experience and try out new game mechanics. These games have their subdivision in a special filter that allows users to search for games based on special categories and publishers.



For fans of lottery games, there is such a section as the lottery. The varieties of lotteries will allow users to try out all the lotteries presented on Dafabet India.


A special section with all published games has been added for the gaming provider Playtech. There is a special bonus for games from this provider, and for a faster and easier search, users can find themselves in the world of Playtech games with one click.

It is worth noting that Dafabet is a provider and publishes its exclusive games. Users can try out all the features of Dafabet using both the official website and the mobile app.

The Dafabet mobile app

To use Dafabet on mobile gadgets, there is a special app with its advantages. The mobile app has the following advantages

  • Lower internet traffic consumption;
  • Push notifications;
  • Smoother interface designed specifically for cell phones.


To download the Dafabet mobile app, you need to

  1. Visit the official Dafabet website;
  2. Visit the mobile app;
  3. Scan the QR code on the gadget you want to install the mobile app;
  4. Then the installer will be downloaded to your device and you need to open it;
  5. Start the installation offered to you.


Now the application is installed on your gadget and you can get all those game modes and bonuses which are present on the official site.


Dafabet has a special section with all sorts of bonuses that allow users to obtain huge benefits. Each of Dafabet’s bonus feature sections will have its line of bonuses that each one of them has to offer. The bonuses will allow users to receive the following types of benefits

  • Extra money for the balance;
  • Cashback on certain modes;
  • Free spins;
  • Raffle Prizes.


Dafabet also has its loyalty program opening up new opportunities for users.

This program is called the VIP program and has 4 levels, the first level will receive all users who have passed the stage of registration. Each level has its name, namely

  • Bronze;
  • Silver;
  • Gold;
  • Platinum.


Each level increases discounts on game modes and opens up more and more new features such as different betting limits, access to exclusive promotions and games and so on.

Users may have any questions that they can solve by contacting the technical support specialists.


Everyone can face any questions or problems but sometimes it is very difficult or even impossible to solve such questions by yourself. To help users who have any problems there is a special technical support service. Dafabet has several ways to contact technical support, such as

  • 24/7 chat room;
  • Hotline;
  • Support email.


Using chat no users can contact a specialist by simple correspondence. The hotline is suitable for those users who prefer to solve all problems through simple dialogue. Those who prefer to send a letter to the official e-mail must fully describe the problem so that after reading the letter the specialists can immediately fix it.


There is also a special list of possible problems that you may have and solutions to these problems on the site and in the mobile application.

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