Best Free Screen Recorder for PC & Mac 2021 : EaseUS RecExperts

Did you guys know that there are screen recording software that will surely make your businesses much easier than before?
Screen recorders can be useful to professionals as well as the new user. Basically, the EaseUS RecExperts screen recording program is a software that allows a user to quickly take a digital recording of the contents display by laptop screen. By capturening everything that is taking place on a PC or Mac.

screen recording software

Despite this, there are only a few true screen recording software that do not have a glitchy service.

However one proven and true software is the EaseUS RecExperts Screen Recorder without watermark. It is also useful for business and home users to use this screen recording program for saving video data into safe place or future purpose.

To give you a practical example, we’ll take a look at how screen recording software could be used for your business.

Often with customers or the team we do webinar video . And here a screen recording tool such as EaseUS RecExperts will enable you save and return to this meeting and discuss some important aspects.

The application like EaseUS RecExperts gives you a common feature to record your screen and audio from the device or microphone at the same moment. In addition, online streaming videos, webcams, and gameplay can be captured with ease.

Each time that you are recording any audio material, you can add messages, lines, arrows, or just use the zoom feature to enlargen the content you want to display directly. This program let’s you to quickly speed up your time.

Let’s take an in-depth look at its different features and what the app can do.

Primary features include:

  1. An easy-to-use and intuitive installation.
  2. Therefore, you can catch anything that you like on your monitor.
  3. Record different games with a very high video quality
  4. It completely eliminate background noise and improve the sound quality.
  5. It will allow you to record audio from your desktop.
  6. This will allow you to share captured audio or video on popular video platforms like YouTube.

As it can be used individually (as it is not exclusive to the webcam, but can be used with any webcam) it can be used to monitor the webcam activities of the consumer.  The app can not only record the entire screen but can be customized according to needs.

Using the customizable crop option, you can pick a specific area of your screen to be saved while retaining the privacy of other sections intact. You can choose from the following options:

Filled Screen
Pick the zone.
Fixed Area
Lock the window.

The device and mic option that allows you to capture the sound with many choices can be seen on the main screen. Depending on the specifications, you can either catch the machine sound or the microphone sound. You can either use all these features together or you can use the screen recording program in one way.

WebCam Recording Feature

Record webcam

Apart from screen recording and custom screen recording settings, you can also record yourself via the webcam option in case you are in a presentation and want to hand control of the recording over to your viewers. You can either opt to record on your webcam or not record at all.

Where and how do you begin recording?

After you install EaseUS RecExperts for Mac or PC, you will see a huge, classic red-colored button named “REC.” All you need to do is select your requirements, set the desired time limit, and then go record. Apart from that, you can also make use of the auto-stop feature that allows you to set a desired time period for the recording session to begin.

An illustration, if you’re only going to record for ten minutes, you can probably set up the timer for that particular period of time Auto-Stop feature. You may also use the task scheduler feature, which allows you to set a recording session in order to determine the time and period you want to start.

This starts the recording process automatically even if you forget about it or are just away from your laptop or Mac device.

After you’ve filmed a full video, you have the choice of choosing to ‘store’ it, where the entire video file is saved to the cloud for replay or previewing from the same area. Furthermore, if you may not want to record a full video, the makers have also added a screenshot or a display capture feature.


They have a free trail. This free video recording software enable you to record or capture your screen for free. But some feature are available in premium version. Though it’s good for new user to take a look on how it work.
With respect to costs, for a one month subscription, the EaseUs RecExperts application includes at $19.95. For an annual subscription, you will have to pay $39.95 and $69.95 for extra lifetime with frequently updates to the app.


In recent times, the need for screen recording has evolved. Within a couple of seconds, your visitors want answers to the questions.  Therefore, providing a video that demonstrates how to communicate with your website is very important.  Through screen recording software, you can do that quickly, it’s an easy  task to perform.

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