What does a Data Scientist do?

What is Data Science?

Data science is a practical discipline that deals with the study of methods for generalized knowledge extraction from data. It consists of various components and is based on methods and theories from many areas of knowledge, including signal processing, mathematics, probabilistic models, machine and statistical learning, programming, technology, pattern recognition, learning theory, visual analysis, uncertainty modelling, warehousing. and high-performance computing to extract meaning from data and create data products.

Data Science

There is a joke that a analyst is someone who knows a statistician better than a computer scientist, and a computer scientist better than a statistician. I’m not suggesting this is a good joke, but in fact, some data analysts are indeed experts in mathematical statistics, while others are almost indistinguishable from software engineers. Some are experts in machine learning, while others might not be able to machine learning to find their way out of kindergarten. Some hold PhD degrees with impressive publishing histories, while others have never read academic articles (though they should be ashamed). In short, it is largely unimportant how to define the concept of data science, because you can always find practising analysts for whom this definition will be completely and completely wrong.

What is data?

Data is an integral part of science processes, and understanding what data is can help you improve efficiency and understand what science is.

As defined by Wikipedia, can be broken down into a set of terms, variables, qualitative and quantitative.


  • Population from which the data is taken
  • Input variable (X, predictor, explanatory variable)
  • descriptive variables (observable but not measurable)

A data analyst is someone who extracts valuable insights from confusing data. These days, the world is filled with people trying to turn into valuable observations.

For example, dating site OkCupid asks its members to answer thousands of questions in order to find the best partner for them. But he also analyzes those results to figure out the kinds of harmless questions you can ask to find out how likely you are to be intimate after the first date.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a scientific direction within which the tasks of hardware or software modelling of those types of human activity that are traditionally considered to be intellectual are set and solved.

Ai development services research is high-tech and highly specialized. One of the key challenges of artificial intelligence is programming computers that exhibit abilities such as understanding, reasoning, problem solving, perception, learning, planning, etc.

The main components of AI are machine learning, knowledge engineering and robotics.

Facebook asks you to provide your hometown and current location, ostensibly to make it easier for your friends to find you and contact you. But it also analyzes these locations to determine global migration patterns and where fans of various soccer teams live. Major retailer Target tracks online and in-store purchases and interactions. It uses the data to build predictive models about which customers are pregnant to better sell baby products to them.

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