How to Design and Develop an Ecommerce Website?

As per Statista, the E-commerce business shared a market value of 4 billion US dollars in 2020 and is expected to surpass 6 billion US dollars by the end of 2024, and there are plenty of reasons why! 

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No matter if you want to buy a pair of jeans or a new watch as a birthday gift for your loved one, you can get it delivered right in front of your door in a day or two! Considering this, you might be already convinced by the fact that the eCommerce concept is not much complicated and worth the hype! 

According to leading experts at the Intershop platform, the success of any e-commerce store lies in small optimizations that need to be made at regular intervals. If you are not constantly working on improving your customer’s experiences and engagements with your e-commerce store, you will not be able to improve web traffic, sales or revenues for the store.

Not just buying, but if you’re selling anything online- whether it’s shoes, clothes- the right eCommerce platform will do wonders. Hopping onto this Ecommerce train, you’ll find opportunities to grow your brand, grow a buyer-seller relationship, and offer the right service to your clientele all in a single place. 

From ordering to shipping, we’ve got you covered with a multitude of aspects that can help you design and develop a website or an eCommerce store in simple steps. Once you’re successful in doing that, you can have a plethora of sales in minimal time. 

How to design an eCommerce website?

The first impression of your eCommerce store that leaves an impact on the customer’s hearts is “Web Design,” and it serves as a crucial factor in designing and maintaining a website. Furthermore, it contributes towards earning a better reach and engagement on your eCommerce platform. The visual graphics, patterned design, and using the right colors in an enchanting way- all count in influencing your customers to make a purchase. You can further check the Magento website maintenance services by Elogic for a better eCommerce website design. Here are some simple and easy tips on how to design an eCommerce website with minimal effort- let’s delve into further details! 

  • Keep it simple: The KISS Rule (keep it simple, silly!) applies whenever you think of designing and developing an appealing interface for an eCommerce store. The more banners, colors pop-ups, or ads appear on the screen, the more likely you’ll lose a customer. 
  • Branding is Genetic Makeup: Branding works like genetic code for an eCommerce platform! Make your audience think like you’re an elite class brand by branding your products on the website’s homepage. 
  • Think like a customer: As a developer, you must think like a customer! What colors, fonts, and images would you love on an eCommerce website? Connecting with your audience is not as complicated! That’s because you can brainstorm the facts and find out what a user wants from an eCommerce site? The answer will be easy navigation, a well-designed platform, and a page that takes less time to load. 

3 Tips to develop an eCommerce platform:

Apart from the UI and design, many other aspects contribute to developing an intuitive and user-friendly eCommerce platform for the customers. Here’s a project plan for eCommerce website! Let’s delve into the details to know how to develop an eCommerce website!

  1. Know Your Business Models:

Ecommerce businesses have several models in the bucket, but two of them are top of the list! These two are named B2B and B2C, and you can opt for the best ones after knowing the difference between both and can design an innate eCommerce platform. 

  • Business to Consumer (B2C): 

B2C is the online e-commerce platform type where a seller directly connects with the consumer or the customer. Example includes Amazon, eBay, etc. 

  • Business to Business (B2B):

Business to Business is where the seller connects with another seller. The example includes the ROOM. 

  1. Know the Audience: 

The next factor that makes a difference is customer identification! You must delve into the hearts and brains of consumers to know what they like! The Ecommerce developmental process is incomplete without satisfying your customer’s needs, and everything must be tailored as per the potential customers on your eCommerce website. 

  1. Branding:

As mentioned earlier, the branding works like a DNA or genetic makeup for your audience! The brands like Coca-Cola or Starbucks always look for opportunities on different occasions to relate their products to the audience. With iconic logos, visual identities, and supreme quality, your eCommerce website will make a place in customer’s hearts. 


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