How to Wash Your Mouse Pad With Ease

It’s happening most of the time when we want to use our system. We observe some dust particles on it or on the desk. We may not be happy with this, we will be wondering how come about the dust despite the secure place we keep it, as the dust finds its way to your desk all the time, must of the dust on the system not be cleaned instantly.

It might not be a bad idea to find dust on our mouse most time in as much the air find a space to penetrate into a desk we keep our system all the time.

It can not be overemphasized that air moved with many germs prone the mouse pad must be dirty, significantly when placing it on a desk that is not fully covered up the mouse and the system. This results in desk hosting alot of some dirty that may cause damage to our system and some of its parts. Most system users are very busy thoroughly cleaning of there PC, but one can copy the habit of cleaning by starting with one mouse pad.

Wash Your Mouse Pad

How Best Can You Clean Your Mouse Pad

The solution to this question is not too difficult, and it’s straightforward. You need water and soap to properly clean your mouse pad. I knew you we ask in your mind that how can this possible once mouse pad is not a friend of water, yes that is true, that is why you need to be very careful during the process in order not to spoil the mouse pad, to clean mouse pad required some technical process. Therefore, the following are the best step on how to make your dirty mouse clean without damaging it with water.

Step (i) prepare cold water inside a bowl or bucket where you can easily place your mouse pad. Look for a shampoo to wash the outer part of the mouse pad.

Step(ii) patiently rub your mouse pad with the shampoo and bristle-like brush.

Step(iii) wash the shampoo away using cold water and be very sure that all the outer part both back and front is very clean.

Step (iv) use a clean white towel to clean the mouse pad gently. After cleaning with a towel, drop the mouse in a well secure dry place, avoid using it in the next 24 hours for proper drying.


Step 1: Get a bowl, bucket, or tub that have enough space to contain the pad, fill the bucket or bowl anyone available with cold water and place the mouse pad in the water, prepare a shampoo and gently use it to clean the outer part of the mouse pad, wash the mouse pad with the cold water

Step 2: Rub your mouse pad down using a soft brush specially meant for scrubbing any point that is tough. Don’t ever try to make use of a wire sponge which may negatively affect the mouse pad.

Step 3: carefully rinse off the soap from your mouse pad, especially with cold, clean water, be very sure that no soap remains in the mouse, both front and back of the mouse pad.

Step 4: once the mouse pad is carefully cleaned with soap and cold clean water, get a clear white towel to dry the water left on the mouse pad. Once this is done, place the mouse pad on dry and secure. Avoid using it for a whole full day for proper drying. Make sure is exposed to air or place it very close to the fan for proper air, be sure it is very dry before using it because if using it without properly drying, it can cause damage to your mouse pad.

Be aware; of the process listed above.

It applies to all the mousepads regardless of where you are using it, whether for a game of mouse using for laptop, it also applicable mouse pad with a wrist rest.

Note; the process is exceptional to a tech mouse pad, i.e., the mouse made with a LED light or small charger.

The above explanation is the manual way of cleaning the mouse pad. However, alot of mouse users are still full of questions that, IS IT PROPER TO CLEAN MOUSE WITH WASHING MACHINE? The answer to this question is YES and No you can only apply this washing machine system if you find it difficult to clean it yourself, but you must be very, very sure that your mouse pad is made with it.

The manual way of cleaning mouse pads is already explained above. However, many system users are still full of questions: IS IT IDEAL TO PUT ONES’ MOUSE PAD IN WASHING MACHINE? The answer to this question is “YES” you can apply an automatic cleaning through a washing machine if you find it difficult to clean it yourself. This is only applicable if your mouse pad is made.

Nylon, Rubber, Acetate, foam, Microfiber, polyurethane, and polyester.

If you do not find all this material listed above on your mouse pad, or you discover your mouse pad is not made from the above material, it is advisable not to clean it with a washing machine

Note the following precaution must be taken if you want to use a washer to clean a mouse pad.

(i) You must avoid using a detergent made for washing heavy dirty on wear. Use mild detergent.

(ii) Coldwater is required, and your washing machine must be in cold mode also.

(iii) Make sure your washing machine is set in a light circle to avoid damage to the pad.

(iv) only a mild detergent is allowed. No bleach product is required when cleaning your mouse pad.

Only hand and washing machine is allowed to wash your mouse pad, under no circumstances you should use dryers wether.

Always make sure you wash your mouse pad with ease.

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