In Depth But Concise SWOT Analysis of Disney Company

In this blog post, we’ll be doing a SWOT analysis of Disney. We’ll be looking at the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

An Overview of the Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company is a prominent and multinational entertainment and media organization formed in the U.S. It operates five separate Disney divisions: The Walt Disney Studios, Parks and Resorts, Disney Consumer Products, Disney Media Networks, and Disney Interactive. Disney Media Networks is the most prominent Walt Disney business sector. Disney productions include television shows, books, musical records, magazines, and movies.

SWOT Analysis of Disney

Key points from Disney’s SWOT analysis:

Topic Key Points
Disney’s Strengths
  • Strong brand portfolio (ESPN, Disney Channel, etc.)
  • Global reputation and recognition
  • Ability to make successful acquisitions
  • Diverse business segments
  • Localization of content
Disney’s Weaknesses
  • High employee attrition rate
  • Poor financial management
  • Exposure to competitors
  • Inability to scale product demand
  • Burdensome acquisitions
  • Presumption of racism
Disney’s Opportunities
  • Innovative technologies
  • Strategic business partnerships
  • Leveraging creative talent and content
  • Enhanced marketing strategies
Disney’s Threats
  • Rising labor costs
  • Isolationism in U.S. markets
  • Changing industry regulations
  • Increasing hacking of streaming services
  • Growth of content piracy


SWOT Analysis of Disney in Depth

Walt Disney Company’s Strengths

When conducting a SWOT analysis, it is important to identify the company’s strengths, which are the internal factors or characteristics of the company that contribute to its success. The factors listed below are Disney’s strengths.

Strong product portfolio

ABC, Disney Channel, and ESPN are some of the most popular cable networks in the world, all of which are initiatives of Walt Disney. With ESPN’s roughly 300 million users and Disney Channel’s 240 million, Disney’s product line gives the firm an advantage over its rivals because of the large audience reach and steady expansion of cable television.

Good reputation for the company

Walt Disney’s company has been well-known for more than 90 years in the United States and across the world. This reputation is shared by the Disney Channel, Disney Parks, and Walt Disney Studios films. In 2012, the corporation was valued at $27.4 billion, making it one of the most valuable companies in the world at the time.

The Ability to Make Purchases

Acquisitions are one of the firm’s main strengths. The Walt Disney Company, Marvel Entertainment, Pixar Animation Studios, and Lucasfilm were all purchased by the Walt Disney Company in 2006. In terms of sales and profit generation, the last two acquisitions have been quite successful. because Disney owns the rights to all of Lucasfilm’s previous works, particularly Star WarsAlso, the third acquisition is likely to be equally as successful as the others. In comparison, few of Disney’s rivals have a track record as impressive as Disney’s.

Diversified Businesses

Media networks, parks and resorts, interactive media, and basic commodities are all parts of the company’s business. These components of the corporation operate online and offline, and it employs a variety of business methods to generate revenue. Disney’s activities are more varied than those of its competitors, which makes it less likely to be affected by things outside of its control.

Product Localization

When it comes to its products, Disney has actually begun tailoring them to local tastes. For the sake of bringing in more customers from China, the corporation has modified its films and popular brands’ products for the Chinese market. Quite a few other studios are doing this, and it’s uncommon for a movie company to do it.

The Weaknesses of Walt Disney Company

Weaknesses make it harder for Disney Company to grow and improve. This SWOT analysis looks at internal factors that could stop the tourism, entertainment, and media streaming businesses from being successful and making money. The following things are Disney’s weaknesses:

High Attrition Rate

Their personnel have received extensive training from the Walt Disney Company. Yet, it has no high rate of turnover.

Poor Financial Management

Due to its investment in BAMtech and Hulu streaming technologies, Walt Disney recorded a loss of almost $1 billion in 2018. Disney agreed to buy 21st Century Fox in 2019 for $52.4 billion, but then raised the price to $71.3 billion to stop Comcast from making a competing offer.

However, Rupert Murdoch, the owner, sold Fox because the company was unable to compete with the online streaming trend. Disney neglected this rationale and it resulted in its billions being invested in Fox. Fox cannot take control because it cannot compete with streaming services such as Netflix.

Competitor Exposure

The absence of advertising and branding may make Disney susceptible to competition. They only utilize advertisements when promoting a new movie or product. Aside from that, the majority of marketing is visual and involves cross-promotion.

Inadequate Scalability of Product Demand

Disney’s creative designers exhibit poor judgment on the “next big idea,” causing the company to miss out on several possibilities in comparison to its competitors. When there is a significant demand, businesses capitalize by creating a relevant marketing strategy. However, Walt Disney does not capitalize on these prospects.

Burdening Acquisition

Some purchases might spur growth, while others can cause long-term financial instability. Recent developments and the financial weight of Disney’s purchase of 21st Century Fox have destroyed the company’s high profitability. It is expected that Disney’s finances will suffer for many years after the company buys Fox.

Presumption of Racism

Barbara Fedida, a prominent executive at Disney’s ABC News, had a lengthy record of creating racist statements and participating in other racially insensitive and improper behaviour. This and other factors have led to criticism and allegations against Disney. The fury and reaction aimed at Disney caused the firm to put the alleged executive on administrative leave pending an investigation into her actions. In light of the massive demonstrations against racism, the presence of racist executives is a big problem.

Opportunities of Walt Disney Company

The sorting and planning of prospects, integrating them with a company’s capabilities, may be advantageous to the firms and contribute to their success. Disney can take advantage of a number of development options.

Disney can introduce innovative technology to the market. Innovation fascinates everyone, and this might serve as the company’s winning strategy. They can invest in it because they have financial security.

Since Disney is a well-known brand, it could be a good way for any business to promote itself.
Disney’s staff of artists and scriptwriters is formidable. So, they can put their attention on their streaming service, Disney+, which has a lot of potential to compete with Amazon and Netflix.

The business is financially sound and adequately equipped. Therefore, companies may enhance their marketing strategies, which will contribute to their expansion.

Threats to the Walt Disney Company

High-Priced Toll

Disney has historically invested heavily in its employees. Currently, the average starting income provided by Disney is $15 per hour. Globally, salaries and earnings are always rising. As a result of the increase in salary salaries mandated by the country’s laws, Disney might end up with lower earnings when it starts paying its international staff.

Isolation in the United States

Due to the numerous ongoing conflicts with other nations, the majority of the leadership is attempting to withdraw from international contracts. This actually includes several manufacturers too. Due to the fact that a percentage of Disney’s companies are located in other nations if the isolated phase continues, Disney may be under pressure to generate adequate earnings.

Strict Requirements

In the United States, the Justice Department has declared its intention to amend particular regulations such as the Consent Decree. His order can alter the connection between Hollywood and movie theatres, therefore eliminating Disney’s monopoly advantage.

An Increase in Hacking

Online streaming services such as Disney+ have risen in popularity as the number of viewers has increased owing to recent occurrences that have caused people to remain indoors. In an effort to profit from a high number of users, cybercriminals have also focused on streaming services. The number of Disney+ user accounts that have been compromised has grown in recent years.

Growth in Piracy

The growing acceptance of streaming services has resulted in the making of more movies, television series, and other material. However, users are unwilling to pay for all of the content provided by a streaming service such as Disney+. They are solely interested in their favourite episodes, which has led to an upsurge in mentoring piracy. The rise in piracy affects the income and sustainability of Disney.


What is Disney’s SWOT analysis?

A SWOT analysis of Disney can demonstrate how the company uses its strengths and opportunities to stay on top in a market with a lot of competition. Using their strengths in this way mitigates the problems caused by their weaknesses.

Who is Disney’s target customer?

Disney tries to reach both men and women of all ages, from babies to grandparents, with a special focus on families. The people Disney wants to reach are all over the world, but most of Disney’s profits come from the Americas. Most of the people Disney wants to reach are from lower to middle class.

What issues is Disney facing?

As a result of early pandemic layoffs and The Great Resignation, Disney has been struggling with a lack of staff. There has been an increase in the stress level of those working in the park and in customer service due to the lack of available help.

What is Disney’s strategy?

Disney’s corporate strategy is to do business in different parts of the world. This fits with the company’s mission to provide compelling content for people all over the world. The Walt Disney Company says that it has physical operations in more than 80 countries in the Americas, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Africa.

Is Disney growing or declining?

During the first 9 months of fiscal 2022, Disney’s sales went up 28% from the same time last year to $62.6 billion, while its adjusted earnings per share (EPS) went up 69%.

Final Thought About Disney plus SWOT Analysis

In the end, The Walt Disney Company can only plan to grow by working on what could go wrong. The company has some flaws, but the strategic plan can help make sure that those flaws don’t hurt its growth. Walt Disney isn’t likely to go out of business soon because its products, especially its animated movies, are in high demand. It makes enough money and has bought enough companies to keep going for several years to come.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this and I do hope you enjoyed it; if you have any comments or questions, please leave them for me below.

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