Steps to set up and operate an Air compressor!

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Air compressor is just another mandatory hardware appropriate for the construction site. There is no rocket science in using air compression. Assembling and using air compression is exceedingly simple. However, some people still find it challenging to use an air compressor. Here are the steps to use the air compressor. 

Set up the compressor!

One needs to follow a few steps to set up a compressor to prepare it for the construction site. 

Keep an eye on oil level!

Oil-based air compressors are a bit outdated nowadays. However, an oil-free compressor also requires lubrication from some moving parts. Therefore, oil-based compressors are usually traditional machines. To start an oil-based compressor, you need to fill your compressor with oil. One can check the oil level in a compressor with the help of a dipstick. If 2/3 of the dipstick is covered with oil, the compressor has enough oil. Nowadays, most air compressors are oil-free, but every oil-based air compressor has an oil tank. 

Attaching hose!

For attaching the hose to a compressor, you need to set up the machine on a flat surface. After placing it on a flat surface, you should look for the regulator valve. The regulator valve resembles a metal plug, and these regulator valves are generally made of copper. After finding the regulatory valve, you have to attach a hose to the regulatory valve. 

Connect the power tool in the circuit!

After connecting the regulatory valve with the hose, you have to hold one hose in your hand. While holding one hose in hand, one can easily connect the plug of the power machine to a circuit. Then you have to slide the main plug of the pneumatic tool with the one end of the hose. At the same time, you are sliding and twisting these ends to lock the tool with the hose. 

Connect the compressor into an outlet!

Bear in mind before plugging the compressor into an outlet, ensure that the compressor is switched off. In addition, one should permanently prohibit the utilization of extension boards to connect a compressor. If you cannot reach a three plug outlet, you can connect an air hose with the first one.  

How to operate a compressor?

To operate an air compressor, one should take some essential safety measures. The first safety measure you should focus on is to wear goggles and work boots. Polycarbonate goggles are classified as the best goggles for protection. 

Use a safety valve!

The first step you need to perform operations using an air compressor is to search for a safety valve. As discussed above, safety valves are usually copper in colour and are situated near the hose line. To turn on the safety valve, you have to pull it towards yourself, and it will cause the blaze of the trail of releasing air. After testing the valve, you can push it back to prohibit starting the compressor. Look for a hissing sound while tugging the valve to check whether it operates correctly. 

Turn on the compressor!

Once you have checked the compressor and valve are working correctly, you can now start the compressor. Each compressor comes up with an electrical switch. To start the compressor, you have to turn the electrical switch upward.

 The pressure indicator keeps signalling about the pressure; the machine has reached its threshold level once it stops moving. The pressure indicator consists of two gauges, the first gauge tells you about the pressure in the machine, and the second gauge tells you about the pressure in the hose.  

Use the knob to adjust pressure!

The hose lining consists of a pressure knob. To increase or decrease the pressure in the machine, you need to rotate the knob either clockwise or anticlockwise. You can now use your power tool after pressurized air is present in the hose. When you start to use the power tool, the pressure present inside the tank will automatically decrease. After reaching a certain level, it will start to increase again. Unless or until you swap the power tool with another tool, the machine will keep filling pressurized air in the tank. 

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