How do you choose a suitable air compressor?

Air compressors are mandatory equipment on every construction site. Depending upon the efficiency of air compressors, there are different air compressors. Air compressors tend to convert outside air into potential energy. If you are interested in bitcoin trading, visit .

The utmost famous air compressor is the rotary screw compressor. Some other air compressor kinds comprise centrifugal and reciprocating. Out of these four air compressors, the axial compressor has maximum efficiency, but the cost of an axial compressor is also very high. Here are some tips that you can follow to choose an air compressor based on the construction site. 

Air quality!

Oil guzzling air compressors are outdated and cause considerable harm to our environment. In addition, many air compressors require the oiling of the moving parts and sometimes, the smell of oil transfers inside the air and ends up getting into the product. Therefore, one should always prefer an oil-free air compressor to minimize the risks of oil getting into the manufacturing process.

 Undeniably, the cost of acquiring an oil-free compressor is a bit higher than the old based compressor, but this air compressor makes the manufacturing process very clean. Undoubtedly, the oil-free compressor also needs oiling for some moving parts, but parts participating heavily in the manufacturing process are completely packed. Therefore, the cost of cleaning an oil-free air compressor is also meagre. On the other hand, a reciprocating compressor needs oil lubrication and requires high maintenance.    


Air compressors consume a huge chunk of electricity or any power source. Axial air compressors consume the maximum amount of electricity so far. However, specially designed energy-efficient ones can save a lot of money in long term construction. Reciprocating an air compressor consumes significantly less energy, but the horsepower of a reciprocating air compressor is also low. Some energy-efficient air compressors are listed below. 


VSD refers to a variable speed driven air compressor. VSD are currently exceedingly affordable and energy-saving air compressors. VSD usually alters the output to retain energy. On the other hand, the compressor has a constant speed, keeping its motors at the same speed unless or until the compressor stops working. Therefore, even during the cooling of air compressors like a rotary air compressor, the motor keeps running and wastes a considerable amount of electricity. 

Mobility of an Air compressor!

If the construction requires transferring an air compressor from one site to another, you should go for the more mobile and portable air compressors. Lightweight air compressors that are small can generate a definite amount of energy. 

Smaller and lighter air compressors are way behind the larger units in energy production. But for some construction work, portable air compressors are more appropriate. For smaller construction sites, reciprocating air compressors are suitable. Single-stage air compressors are a popular type of reciprocating air compressor. Another type is multistage and has a higher potential.  

Additional features!

Before choosing an air compressor, one should always look for additional features on a construction project. Air compressors offer great diverse add-on features. In addition, equipment like multiple couplers permits you to connect numerous pieces of equipment with your air compressor. 

This equipment is also famous as an air hose splitter. An Air hose splitter saves a lot of time on the construction project as you don’t have to change the equipment one after another. In addition, inbuilt tools like thermal protection in an air compressor monitor the extent of heat and alarm you in case of any internal damage to an air compressor. Usually, an air compressor generates noise while converting the outside air into potential energy. 

However, the compressors having belt drive systems generate significantly less noise than the air compressors having direct drives. If your construction project demands such additional features, you should always check the compatibility of an air compressor with these add on. Moreover, checking the additional inbuilt feature of an air compressor is also reasonably necessary. One can both buy and rent an air compressor. There are numerous service providers that allow you to rent gigantic air compressors for a construction project. 

The above mentioned are some best tips that one can follow to buy or rent an air compressor.  

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