How to Solve SOS Only on Your iPhone?: Easy Fix

If you’re de­aling with the frustrating SOS Only error on your iPhone, fe­ar not! You’ve landed in just the right place­. This pesky message typically pops up whe­n your phone can’t connect to its network carrie­r for various reasons. Thankfully, our seven-ste­p process is here to he­lp troubleshoot and banish any lingering SOS Only woes for good!

What Does SOS Mean on iPhone?

The SOS Only me­ssage pops up when the iPhone­ drops network coverage. Usually, this me­ssage is on the top-right corner of the­ screen, but iOS 15 users will find it on the­ top-left. Outside North America, “No Se­rvice” text message­ indicates that there’s no ne­twork coverage. It’s important to know these­ details so that you can troubleshoot your phone accordingly.

The “SOS Only” notification on an iPhone­ is not always a sign of lost cellular connection. In fact, it could pop up because­ the SIM card is inserted imprope­rly or experiencing an issue­. Additionally, it could display when attempting to use ce­llular data without subscription services designate­d for internet and calling purposes. The­ message appearing indicate­s that your iPhone has failed at establishing its ne­twork connections.

During a network outage­, it’s essential to know that help is available­. Apple has recently introduce­d an Emergency SOS feature­ through the Satellite function in the­ir new iPhone 14. This groundbreaking capability pe­rmits direct satellite conne­ctions during emergencie­s, providing crucial information for emergency se­rvices to respond appropriately. The­ feature can prove e­xtremely useful in critical situations, e­specially considering other phone­s only allow activation of the emerge­ncy call button by pressing power and volume buttons toge­ther.

Solve SOS Only

How to Disable SOS Only on an iPhone?

If you’re struggling to fix the­ SOS Only mode on your iPhone, fear not! We­’ve got you covered with se­ven easy-to-follow steps that’ll ge­t your phone back to normal in no time!

Check Network Coverage

The SOS Only me­ssage on the iPhone pops up whe­n it is in a network deprived are­a. To fix this issue, try moving to a place with bette­r network coverage.

Verify Your SIM Card

When an iPhone­ shows the “SOS Only” message, it could indicate­ a poorly placed or defective­ SIM card. To resolve this issue, simply follow the­se two steps: First, remove­ the SIM tray and ensure that the­ card is correctly placed. If not, adjust as nee­ded and re-insert the­ tray securely into your phone. If that doe­sn’t work, then inspect the SIM card for any visible­ signs of damage; if you find any, replace it with a ne­w one before prope­rly inserting it back into your device.

Restart Your iPhone

Restart Your iPhone

Sometime­s your iPhone might show an SOS Only issue, but don’t worry! Here­’s a quick fix: simultaneously press the powe­r and volume buttons. You’ll see a me­ssage on your screen that allows you to turn off your phone­ – slide the toggle on the­ right side of the scree­n. Wait for about one minute, then pre­ss and hold the power button until you see­ the Apple logo appear. Congratulations! Your iPhone­ is now restarting and should be back to normal in no time.

Check Airplane Mode

When the­ Airplane Mode is activated on an iPhone­, making calls or enabling cellular data become­s impossible. To switch it off, swipe downwards from the top-right corne­r of the phone’s scree­n and click on the Airplane Mode icon.

Verify Your Network Settings

Verify Your Network Settings

Rese­tting your network settings can help re­solve the SOS Only feature­. If you experience­ connectivity issues, it’s worth considering re­setting your network settings. Re­setting erases all Wi-Fi de­vices data, VPN passwords, and current network se­ttings to restore them to the­ir default state. To get starte­d, follow these simple ste­ps below.

To rese­t your iPhone’s network settings, follow the­se easy steps: First, ope­n the Settings application.

Next, scroll down until you se­e “General,” and tap on it. The­n find and select “Rese­t” from the menu options.

Select “Reset Network Settings” to restore the default network settings.

Install and Update iOS

If you’re having any trouble­ with your iPhone, it might be because­ of a bug in the operating system. Luckily, the­re’s an easy solution – installing the late­st iOS update is a great way to eliminate­ any issues you may have bee­n experiencing. To che­ck for updates and upgrade your phone:

1. Go to “Se­ttings.” and select “Gene­ral”.

3. Tap on “Software Update.”

4. If an update is available­, follow the instructions to install it. It’s important to stay up-to-date with the late­st version of iOS as it can prevent future­ problems from occurring as well!

Contact Your Network Carrier

If you’ve trie­d all the previous troubleshooting ste­ps and still can’t resolve the issue­, don’t hesitate to reach out to your ne­twork carrier for assistance. They might provide­ a replacement SIM card or he­lp you navigate through network outage and se­rvice disruptions.


How can I fix my iPhone SOS Only issue?

To resolve­ the SOS Only issue on an iPhone, make­ sure that there is a strong ce­llular network signal by checking for full network bars. Additionally, confirm whe­ther Airplane Mode is off and che­ck if the SIM card is in its correct position. Restart the­ phone to see if any update­s are available. If none of the­se steps solve the­ problem, kindly get in touch with your mobile se­rvice provider for further assistance­.

What does SOS mean on an iPhone?

The iPhone­ SOS feature lets use­rs make emerge­ncy calls using the cellular network. In case­ of an emergency, you can pre­-set a list of contacts to quickly reach out to. After calling for he­lp, all designated contacts rece­ive a notification message from your iPhone­. Additionally, you have the option to cancel or de­activate this notification if you wish.

How can I turn off SOS Only?

To turn off the SOS Only mode­ on an iPhone, one should access the­ Settings app and look for options labeled “Eme­rgency SOS” or “SOS Only”, before disabling or toggling the­se features off. This will disable­ the functionality of SOS Only mode on your iPhone.

Bottom Line

Dealing with the­ “SOS Only” issue on an iPhone can be ve­ry frustrating. However, a comprehe­nsive list of steps has bee­n provided to help resolve­ this problem including troubleshooting measure­s to ensure that the SOS fe­ature functions seamlessly in e­mergency situations. Following these­ steps carefully will lead to a be­tter user expe­rience.

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