6 MMA Fighters Must-Haves During Training

​​Fighters are one of the most hard-working athletes in the world. Their strength and endurance techniques, training programs and injury recovery treatments are not as easy to understand as ordinary people live. This article covers every MMA fighter’s must-haves. Keep reading to learn more!

MMA Fighters

Why Are Protective Gears Important?

MMA fighters have to train hard to be the best in their sport. Training isn’t just about the physical. It’s also about protecting yourself from injury. MMA fighters must have the right protective gear during training.

Mixed martial arts is a full-contact combat sport that allows a wide range of fighting techniques and strategies, from striking to grappling. It’s a tough sport that requires physical and mental strength, and fighters must be in top condition to compete.


Headgear is the most important, protecting the fighter’s head from strikes. It is especially important for those training in Muay Thai, as head kicks are common. Sparrings can be brutal, and head injuries are always a risk.


Mouthguards are a must for all MMA fighters, protecting the teeth and gums from damage. They also help to prevent concussions by absorbing some of the impacts from punches.

Shin Guard

There are two possible styles of shinguards. Some cover your shin, while others will protect the top of your foot. Shin guards are vital for Muay Thai or kickboxing, as they help reduce the risk of knee and ankle injuries.

Also, shin guards offer an additional layer of defence for the object you are kicking. This will shield you and your sparring partner from harm. 

Boxing Gloves

MMA gloves are essential for all fighters, protecting the hands from strikes and preventing cuts. They also help to grip the opponent, making it easier to land punches and take them down.

Most combat sports athletes wear cushioned gloves on their hands during sparring to forcefully deliver their blows. These gloves cover the entire hand and wrist to protect the striker’s hands during battle. 

You would need an MMA glove, which has less padding, weighs only 4 oz, and is only worn during competitions. So, if you’re just starting, you probably won’t need this glove until you consider competing. They are also used to strengthen and practice your strikes.

Rash Guards

A rash guard is one of the Engage Fightwear you’ll need for your MMA training. This is particularly helpful if you engage in grappling. The sleeves of rash guards can be long or short.

To protect your upper body against rashes, scrapes, and cuts, you can begin by donning a t-shirt, but eventually, you’ll need to do so while using a rash guard. Rash guards serve to wick sweat away, keeping your upper body cool.


Groin guards come in different sizes and forms. Most cups are worn like a pair of underwear underneath your gym shorts or gi. You can buy a higher quality variety that is fully cushioned in front, back, and sides.

You must consider how it will affect you if you are stuck there when you try on a cup. A strap-style cup could forcefully hit your legs and abdomen because it is composed of hard plastic. A professional competition-type cup is composed entirely of soft foam and is covered with vinyl.

Groin cups are a must for all male fighters, as they protect the groin area from strikes. This is a sensitive area, and even a light hit can be extremely painful.


If you’re looking for the tools that will help you maximize your training and performance, you’re in the right place! We hope you’ve enjoyed our blog about the 6 MMA Fighters Must-Haves During Training.

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