How to Remove a Bot from Your Discord Server

Discord bots can be fun and useful additions to your server. But sometimes a bot ends up causing more trouble than it’s worth. When that happens, it may be time to remove the bot from your server. Here’s a step-by-step guide to kicking bots to the curb on Discord.

Key Takeaways on Removing Bots from Discord

Removing problematic bots from your Discord server is straightforward when you follow these key steps:

  • Identify which bot needs removing
  • Revoke the bot’s roles and permissions
  • Back up your server beforehand (optional)
  • Kick out the bot by removing it from the server
  • Block the bot from rejoining if needed
  • Tidy up leftovers after the bot is gone

Remove a Bot from Your Discord Server

Why You Might Want to Remove a Bot

There are a few common reasons you may need to remove a bot from your Discord server:

  • The bot is buggy or glitchy. If a bot isn’t working properly, starts spamming your chat, or causes other disruptions, it needs to go. Broken bots just get in the way.
  • The bot is inactive. If a bot goes offline or stops responding to commands, it becomes useless clutter in your server. Time to clean house!
  • The bot has outlived its purpose. You may have added a bot for a specific task or event that is now over. Don’t keep bots around longer than needed.
  • The bot was added by someone else. Members of your server can invite bots without your approval. If an unwanted bot appears, remove it.
  • The bot is inappropriate or annoying. Bots that post offensive content, violate rules, or just irritate members should be removed promptly.

No matter the reason, it’s easy to give bots the boot from your server when needed.

How to Remove a Bot from Discord

Discord Bot Online

Step 1: Identify the Troublesome Bot

First, you need to figure out which bot is causing issues. Here are some ways to identify problem bots:

  • Check new additions if a bot suddenly appeared and started disrupting things. Newly joined bots are often the culprits.
  • Look in the member list for bots. The bot role or name usually gives them away.
  • Examine bots’ activities. Which one is spamming, glitching or breaking rules?
  • Ask members if they know which bot is malfunctioning. Someone may have noticed issues.
  • Review bot permissions. Bots with expanded permissions can cause the most damage if they go rogue.

Once you know which bot needs removing, it’s time to plan the eviction.

Step 2: Revoke the Bot’s Roles and Permissions

Before kicking out a bot, you should revoke its elevated permissions so it can’t cause any more ruckus.

Here’s how to downgrade misbehaving bots:

  • Revoke administrator status. Demote bot accounts from the admin role if applied. This limits damage.
  • Remove extra permissions. Take away any channel or role permissions you granted the bot beyond the base level needed.
  • Un-assign roles. If you gave the bot special roles, remove those too.

These steps cut off the bot’s power so it can’t wreak havoc while you prepare to remove it.

Step 3: Back Up Your Server (Optional)

If you rely on the bot for anything important, it’s smart to back up your server first before deleting the bot. That way you don’t lose channel settings, member data or other info the bot was managing.

Here are two ways to back up your server:

  • Create a server template. Server templates let you restore channels, roles, permissions and more later.
  • Use a bot backup tool. Some bots like Mantaro have backup features to save server settings and data.

Backups give you a safety net in case removing the bot leaves a void. Once backed up, it’s go time!

Step 4: Kick the Bot Out

Here comes the fun part—removing the troublesome bot for good. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Find the bot in your server’s member list.
  • Right click on the bot’s name or icon.
  • Select “Kick” or “Remove from server.”
  • Confirm you want to remove the bot when prompted.

That’s all it takes to give a misbehaving bot the boot. The bot will vanish from your server instantly.

If the bot rejoins later, just repeat the process to kick it out again. Persistent bots may need blocked too (more on that next).

Step 5: Block the Bot from Rejoining (Optional)

When you kick out a bot, it can sometimes rejoin your server using its invite link. To prevent this, you can ban the bot from your server after removing it.

Here’s how to block a bot from rejoining:

  • Go to Server Settings > Bans
  • Click “Add a Ban”
  • Enter the bot’s user ID and select “Ban”
  • Choose whether to delete its messages and duration of the ban
  • Click “Save” to make the ban take effect

Banning the bot permanently prevents it from entering your server again. This ensures the bot stays gone.

Other Ways to Remove Bots

In addition to kicking and banning, a couple other options exist for removing bots from servers:

  • Prune inactive members. If a bot goes offline, pruning inactive members will clear it out.
  • Revoke invites. Deleting a bot’s invite link stops it rejoining if kicked.
  • Report to developers. You can report persistent misbehaving bots to their creators for fixes.

So if kicking and banning fail, try inactive pruning, invite revoking or reporting to remove unwanted bots.

Don’t Forget to Tidy Up

Once you evict a bot, a few cleanup tasks remain:

  • Remove bot assignments and permissions
  • Delete bot welcome messages
  • Replace any useful bot features
  • Prune bot spam messages

Taking these steps cleans things up and fills any gaps left by the bot’s removal.

Your server should then be bot-free and running smoothly again!


With this simple bot eviction process, you can easily declutter your Discord server and keep your community running smoothly. Banishing bot troublemakers has never been easier.

Now you know exactly how to give bot squatters the boot. So next time automaton anarchy strikes your server, you’ll be ready to remove the culprits. Just follow these steps, and your Discord will be restored to bot-free order in no time.


Frequently Asked Questions About Removing Bots from Discord

Do I need any special permissions to remove a bot?

You need the Kick Members permission to remove bots from your own server. Server admins/owners have this by default. If you don’t, ask an admin to remove unwanted bots for you.

Will kicking a bot also ban it from my server?

No, kicking only removes the bot, it doesn’t ban it. The bot can potentially rejoin with its invite link. Ban the bot if you want to prohibit it from ever rejoining.

What happens to a bot’s assigned roles and channels when I remove it?

The bot’s roles and channel permissions will be cleansed when it’s kicked. But you may need to manually delete bot welcome messages and other leftovers.

Can I back up a server before removing a bot?

Yes, it’s smart to create a server template backup before removing a bot managing important data. This lets you restore the server state if needed.

How can I stop a removed bot from rejoining my server?

Banning the bot permanently keeps it out after being kicked. Also revoke any invite links for the bot to prevent it re-entering your server.

What if I remove the wrong bot by mistake?

Don’t worry, just re-invite the wrongly removed bot back using its invite URL. Kicking bots is easily reversible if you make a mistake.

Can someone re-add a bot I banned back to the server?

No, bans can only be overridden by server admins and owners. So banning blocks a bot from your server regardless of who tries to re-invite it.

Will kicking an active bot disrupt my server?

It shouldn’t. Removing a bot instantly deletes it, so there is no disruption. Only long-inactive bots might cause issues if they hold data.

What do I do if a bot I removed was important for my server?

If you regret removing an important bot, you can re-invite it using its invite URL. Or restore your server from a recent template backup.

Is it better to ban or kick misbehaving bots?

If it’s temporary, kick the bot. Bans permanently prohibit bots, so only use bans for repeat offender bots you never want returning.

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