How to Make Your Own Animation Characters [Free & Paid]

From the old times, cartoon characters are gaining popularity and attention from the people. Even now animated characters are considered heroes and most brands have selected them as their recognition characters. 

Educators use animation characters to keep the learning process enjoyable, businessmen incorporate animation into their marketing strategies. If you want to create your own animated characters then you are at the right place. 

Doratoon – make your own animation

If you are a beginner who does not know much about editing or creating animations then Doratoon is the best platform for you. It is an online website that offers its services around the world freely. 

It offers many advanced tools such as you can create your own animation characters or can use ready-made animation clips or characters. It allows you to access 1000+ cartoon characters and 50k + props. 

Doratoon also contains a lot of ready-made templates for the people who just want to create an animation without putting in much effort and time. All you need to do is select a suitable template from the official website of Doratoon and then edit it to the level you prefer. 

Doratoon is not just an animation-creating website but it also works as an editing and personalising tool. You can upload your videos or pictures and then edit them easily. 


Why choose Doratoon?

Keeping the knot from the above discussion we have described some of the reasons why you should use Doratoon for creating animation characters: 

  • Easy to use

Doratoon is a very user-friendly platform and it is suitable for a layman who does not know much about animation or has any previous experience. Additionally, you will find all types of guidelines on its official website. 

  • Budget-friendly

Although there are a lot of animation makers available online, Doratoon is one of them that offers you a free basic plan. By using its free plan you still have access to a lot of templates, characters, and props. Its pro plan is also very reasonable and lets you access all the features unlimitedly. 

  • No need to install

It is an online website and you do not need to install any software or program on your computer or mobile phone. All you need to do is open an internet browser and go to its website. 

  • Hd quality 

If you are creating animation characters for a professional purpose then they must be of high quality. By using Doratoon you can create Hd 1080p quality animations. 

  • Easy sharing

Doratoon supports multi-channel distribution features so after creating your animation characters you are allowed to share them on different social media accounts and other platforms with your friends or colleagues. 

  • Enough icloud storage

Doratoon offers you 100 GB of cloud storage so you can create unlimited animations without worrying about storage. 

  • Unlimited characters and props

Doratoon lets you access bundles of templates, cartoon characters, props, animation pictures, and video clips easily without any hindrance. 

  • Unlimited video length

If you are creating an animation with Doratoon then you are not restricted to creating a specific length of the video. By using its Pro plan you can create the animation for even hours easily. 

Doratoon 1

How to make your own animation characters on Doratoon?


As mentioned earlier Doratoon offers a straightforward process for creating animation characters. All you need to do is follow the given described simple steps: 

Step 1. By using any type of internet browser go to the official website of Doratoon and click on the sign-up button present at the top right corner. Here you just have to provide your email address and a strong password.

Step 2. After signing up to your Doratoon account click on the “workbench” option from the top menu. 

Step 3. On the workbench tab you can either search for a template or if you want to create your own animation character then click on the Create button from the left pane. 

Step 4.  Now you are on the main editing interface. By using top and left options create your own animation character. When you are done save the content by clicking on the export button. 

Doratoon 2

What advanced features Doratoon is providing?

Following are some of the advanced features that you can enjoy by relaying on Doratoon:

  • Readymade templates

Doratoon offers you a lot of ready-made templates in which all the things are already designed. You just have to enter text or do some changes to personalize them. 

  • PPT to video convertor

By using Doratoon PPT to video converter tool you can turn your boring PPT slides into an attractive animation video. 

  • Voice over /AI dubbing

It offers you a voice-over option where either you can upload music files, or you can record yourself. By using this option you can also add dubbing into your animation where your text will be converted into speech. 

  • AI subtitling

It offers you subtitling features where you can turn your speech into text by using artificial intelligence technology. 

  • Timeframe management

On the main editing interface, you have a time frame setting where you can set the objects and decide which thing will remain on screen for what time duration. 

  • Background management

Besides the above described, you can manage the background settings. You are allowed to manage brightness contrast, filters, transparency, and many other things. 

  • AI drawing 

Although Doratoon offers you a lot of readymade templates and drawings, you can also have AI drawing features where you can draw your own animations. 

Wise Words

Creating your own animation is an interesting and fun task if you have a user-friendly tool in your hand. Doratoon does not only let you create your own animation characters but also offers you unlimited templates so you can easily create your animation without any hindrance. 

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