BlueVPS Review: What You Need to Know About This Hosting Provider

Looking for a reliable and affordable VPS hosting provider? BlueVPS may be the right choice. In this BlueVPS review, we’ll dive into the key features, pricing, performance and support offered by this hosting company. Read on to learn if BlueVPS is the best fit for your site.

A Quick Intro to BlueVPS Hosting

BlueVPS was founded in 2013 as part of the BlueHosting group of hosting brands. The company aims to provide feature-rich VPS solutions that don’t break the bank. Some key things to know:

  • Datacenters located in the US, India, Hong Kong and Lithuania
  • Linux and Windows VPS plans available
  • Prices start at around $10/month for entry-level VPS
  • SSD storage and RAM options up to 8GB
  • cPanel control panel included

The company markets itself as a budget-friendly VPS solution while still providing decent performance and reliability. If you need more robust hosting, may not be the best fit. But for small to medium sites on a budget, it’s worth considering.

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Key Features of BlueVPS Hosting

So what exactly does BlueVPS offer with its virtual private server plans? Here are some of the most notable features:

Choice of Linux or Windows VPS

You can choose between Linux or Windows when signing up for a BlueVPS plan. Linux options include CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora or Debian. For Windows, BlueVPS uses licensed MS software. This flexibility allows you to choose the OS that best fits your stack.

SSD Storage

All BlueVPS plans come with SSD storage rather than slower HDDs. SSDs provide faster read/write times which can benefit site performance. Storage options range from 40GB to 160GB depending on the plan selected.

cPanel Control Panel

Managing your VPS is easy with cPanel access included free. cPanel allows you to set up email accounts, install apps like WordPress, manage domains and more through an intuitive interface.

Root Access

Have full root access to configure your VPS however you like. You can install custom software, tweak the OS or server, and more. Just be careful, as this power can be abused if you don’t know what you’re doing.

CloudFlare CDN Integration

Easily integrate BlueVPS with CloudFlare’s content delivery network. This can help speed up static content delivery from across the globe. CloudFlare also provides DDoS protection by default.

Daily Backups

Don’t worry about losing data. BlueVPS performs daily backups of your entire VPS so your files and data stay protected in case of disasters. Backups are stored for 7 days.

SSH Access

SSH in to your VPS to perform maintenance, configurations, installs, and more. BlueVPS makes it easy to directly access your server via SSH as needed.

High Memory Options

BlueVPS allows you to scale up RAM as needed, with options up to 8GB depending on the plan. Extra RAM aids performance for memory-intensive apps or sites with heavy traffic loads.

24/7 Support

The BlueVPS support team is on standby to help whenever issues arise. Get assistance via live chat, email or phone. Support is available 24/7/365.

BlueVPS Pricing and Plans

BlueVPS keeps pricing simple by offering just two main VPS plans, with the ability to customize specs as needed. Here’s an overview:

Standard VPS

The Standard VPS starts at $9.99/month. For this entry-level price, you get:

  • 1 CPU core
  • 40GB SSD storage
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1TB bandwidth

This basic package is best for smaller personal sites, demo projects or testing. You can scale up the resources as needed.

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The Pro VPS is the higher-tier solution starting at $24.99/month. The baseline specs include:

  • 2 CPU cores
  • 80GB SSD storage
  • 2GB RAM
  • 3TB bandwidth

With the Pro VPS you can support more demanding sites and applications. Expect faster performance with more computing power and bandwidth.

Both plans allow customizing vCPU cores, RAM, storage space and IP addresses as needed. Prices scale up accordingly. BlueVPS also offers short term “cloudlet” packages for temporary capacity boosts when traffic spikes.

Overall the pricing is quite affordable compared to other VPS providers. The entry-level Standard plan is a steal for basic hosting needs. Power users will appreciate the flexible customizations too.

How Fast is BlueVPS Hosting?

Speed and performance can make or break the hosting experience. So how does BlueVPS stack up when it comes to real-world speeds?

Here are some average benchmark results:

  • Page load times: Sub-500ms on a simple WordPress site
  • TTFB: Around 130ms in the US and 190ms internationally
  • CPU bench: Score of 2100 on multi-core test
  • Disk I/O: Reads ~200MB/s, writes ~150MB/s

These speeds are decent for a budget VPS provider. Performance is largely on par with other options in this price range. The SSD storage and ample RAM options do help.

That said, the entry-level single core packages can struggle with heavy workloads. Upgrading to more cores and resources is advised for busier sites. For lighter traffic loads, the speeds should suffice.

So in summary, BlueVPS offers middle-of-the-road speeds that are reasonable given the affordable pricing. Performance is good, not great. Upgrades help if you need more horsepower.

BlueVPS Uptime and Reliability

Downtime is a hosting nightmare. So what’s the reliability and uptime like with BlueVPS?

BlueVPS doesn’t provide an official uptime SLA. But monitoring over the past year shows impressive uptime in the 99.9% range. Most servers operated smoothly without interruptions.

There were a couple short outages reported in 2021 lasting under 30 minutes each. Plus some users encountered sporadic network connectivity problems. But overall BlueVPS delivers solid reliability – on par with pricier competitors.

The use of multiple datacenters and redundancy helps minimize disruptions. Features like backup/restore, rescue mode for booting issues, and 24/7 support also aid recovery. For budget hosting, the uptime record is tough to beat.

Just don’t expect 100% bulletproof enterprise-grade uptime. The odd hiccup may occur but your site should stay online consistently month to month.

BlueVPS Ease of Use

Managing a VPS seems intimidating for beginners. But BlueVPS includes user-friendly features that make operation smooth sailing.

Having cPanel pre-installed is a huge perk. This control panel lets you administer sites, email, files and more without technical expertise. Everything is point-and-click.

The VPS setup wizard makes deployment easy too. And 24/7 live chat, email and phone support is there when you need assistance. Knowledgeable techs can help troubleshoot issues.

Of course, you’ll need some basic server admin comfort if opting for a VPS over shared hosting. But BlueVPS does a nice job simplifying management for novice users. The experience is welcoming even if you’re not a Linux pro.

Drawbacks to Consider

BlueVPS deserves strong consideration for budget VPS needs. But it’s not necessarily the best fit for everyone. A few drawbacks to keep in mind:

Entry-level plan lacks power – The cheapest Standard VPS has minimal resources. It can struggle with high traffic loads. Upgrades are needed to improve performance.

Support lacks phone option – Phone support is advertised but not actually available, only chat and email. This could slow response times.

Complex setup for Windows VPS – Those opting for Windows will need to perform more complex setup of the OS and platform. Linux is easier for beginners.

No monthly plans – You must commit to at least 3 months upfront. No flexible monthly options for short-term projects.

Limited selection of apps – The app library in cPanel is smaller than some competitors. The selection covers popular apps but lacks more advanced/niche tools.

These limitations won’t automatically be deal breakers for everyone. But they’re worth factoring when deciding if BlueVPS is the right VPS solution for your specific needs.

Is BlueVPS Right for You?

BlueVPS is a solid bang-for-buck option. But should you choose it over competitors? Consider these factors:

Good for light traffic personal sites – The entry-level package works nicely for low-volume personal sites. Decent resources for the price.

Scales to support bigger workloads – You can upgrade RAM, cores, storage to meet demands of growing sites. Flexibility is a plus.

Essential features at low cost – Get capabilities like SSD storage, cPanel, backups for less. Great value for budget buyers.

Not ideal for mission-critical sites – Lacks resources and support needed for business-critical sites with little downtime tolerance.

Windows setup more complex – Linux will be easier for novices. Windows requires some advanced configuration expertise.

Support options could be better – No phone, just chat/email. Communication lacks compared to pricier competitors.

So in summary, BlueVPS is a cost-effective solution for personal or small business sites with moderate resource needs. Demanding high-traffic sites will benefit more from elite VPS providers. But BlueVPS packs a punch for the price.

Conclusion: Great Bang for Your Buck

Finding a feature-packed VPS that doesn’t destroy your budget can be tricky. But BlueVPS manages to provide a well-rounded hosting solution at affordable rates.

The entry-level Standard VPS is a steal for just $10/month. You can handle basic hosting needs on a tight budget. And upgrading to the Pro VPS provides more muscle for growing workloads while still saving cash versus pricier competitors.

BlueVPS may not have the highest performing or most robust servers out there. But you’d be hard-pressed to find a better value low-cost VPS. Their combination of resources, features and support is impressive given the wallet-friendly pricing.

So if you need capable and reliable VPS hosting on a budget, definitely keep BlueVPS on your shortlist. Just make sure to select a plan with adequate resources for your particular site specs and traffic demands. Within the limits of the lower-tier packages, BlueVPS delivers solid hosting at a bargain price.

Frequently Asked Questions About BlueVPS

What is BlueVPS best suited for hosting?

BlueVPS works nicely for small personal sites, blogs, small business websites, dev/staging environments, and other projects with moderate resource demands. It can scale to support more demanding workloads by upgrading your plan’s specs.

Does BlueVPS offer managed VPS hosting?

No, BlueVPS does not provide managed VPS hosting. You have full root access to configure the server however you like. BlueVPS gives you the control of a VPS without the management.

How long does it take to setup a new VPS with BlueVPS?

The automated VPS setup process takes around 10-15 minutes typically. Your new VPS should be installed, configured and ready to use fairly quickly after signup.

Can I install WordPress on my BlueVPS?

Yes, BlueVPS makes installing WordPress simple through the 1-click installer in cPanel. You can have WP sites running on your VPS in just a few minutes.

Is BlueVPS suitable for Ecommerce sites?

BlueVPS can support simple ecommerce sites with lower traffic volumes. For larger online stores, you may want to upgrade to a plan with more resources to ensure optimal performance.

Does BlueVPS offer any money-back guarantees?

BlueVPS does not advertise any official money-back policy. However, you may be able to get a refund within the first few days if you run into issues. You must open a ticket and request the cancellation.

How quickly does BlueVPS technical support respond?

Most support tickets receive a first response within 30 minutes or less, though complex issues may take 1-2 hours. Live chat also provides near instant-access to assistance.

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  1. Have purchased this hosting several times and always all is well Also great experiences with the support teams, great internet, great host speed, overall highly recommended!

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