The 5 Best Lisk Wallets to Store LSK Securely

As a Lisk investor, securing your LSK tokens in a reliable wallet is crucial. Lisk is a blockchain application platform that allows developers to build decentralized applications on sidechains linked to the Lisk blockchain. The native LSK token powers the network.

With so many Lisk wallets to choose from, how do you select the right one? In this post, I’ll compare the top 5 Lisk wallets so you can pick the best LSK wallet for your needs. You can also read more on; The News Spy Auto-trading app is the next to traditional methods of investing and trading in the term of cryptocurrency.

Lisk Wallets to Store LSK Securely

How I Chose the Best Lisk Wallets

When researching the top Lisk wallets, I looked at several key factors:

  • Security – The wallet must offer robust security features like encryption, private keys, and seed phrases. Security is essential for protecting your investment.
  • Accessibility – The wallet should be easy to use on both desktop and mobile. Having flexibility to manage your LSK on-the-go is ideal.
  • Development activity – Active development is vital for regular updates and bug fixes. I favored wallets with engaged teams.
  • Community reputation – I checked community reviews and sentiment toward each wallet. Highly-rated wallets made the cut.
  • Cost – Free open-source wallets provide the same core features without fees. Paid wallets weren’t considered.

By comparing Lisk wallets across these criteria, I have identified the top 5 best Lisk wallets for securely storing LSK.

1. Lisk Hub – Best Overall Lisk Wallet

Lisk Hub wallet

Lisk Hub is the official Lisk wallet developed and maintained by the Lisk Foundation. It offers a polished user interface and a comprehensive feature set, making it the best overall Lisk wallet.

Key Features

  • Supports LSK tokens and custom Lisk tokens
  • Easy-to-use interface accessible on desktop and mobile
  • Send, receive, and exchange LSK seamlessly
  • Voting for Lisk delegates and sidechain registration
  • Customizable dashboard to monitor account activity
  • Secured with passphrase and encryption

As the official wallet, Lisk Hub is frequently updated with the latest features and security measures by the Lisk development team. Everything is designed specifically for the Lisk ecosystem.

Lisk Hub also enables simple sidechain registration and voting for Lisk delegates from the wallet interface itself.

For those just getting started with Lisk, the wallet provides an intuitive onboarding process to set up your account and secure it with a passphrase. Advanced users can also customize the dashboard with various tracking options.

With versatile features, robust security, and multi-platform accessibility, Lisk Hub is undoubtedly the best overall Lisk wallet available today.


  • As an official wallet, security issues could broadly impact LSK holders
  • Limited to the Lisk ecosystem; no integration with other chains

2. Guarda Wallet – Best Multi-Currency Wallet for LSK

Guarda Wallet

Guarda Wallet is a leading multi-currency wallet that also supports LSK tokens. If you own other coins besides Lisk, Guarda is the best option to store them all securely in one place.

Key Features

  • Store LSK along with hundreds of other coin types
  • Available as web wallet, desktop app, mobile app and browser extension
  • Purchase LSK directly within the wallet
  • Customizable interface with light and dark modes
  • Cross-platform functionality to access coins anywhere

Guarda enables effortless management of LSK alongside all your other cryptocurrencies. You can buy, sell, send, receive, stake and exchange coins all from one intuitive interface.

The wallet is accessible across nearly any device, including the Guarda smartphone apps for Android and iOS. This flexibility makes Guarda the top choice for managing LSK on-the-go.

Guarda also offers advanced features like staking certain proof-of-stake coins and exchange services to swap between supported currencies.

For those new to crypto, Guarda provides an easy way to both store LSK securely and experiment with other leading blockchain tokens without needing multiple wallets.


  • Higher risk of security vulnerability due to broad functionality
  • Higher fees for some additional services like exchanging

3. Nano S – Best Lisk Hardware Wallet

Nano S - Best Lisk Hardware Wallet

For maximum LSK security, a hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano S is recommended. Hardware wallets store private keys in a physical device disconnected from the internet.

Key Features

  • Stores LSK and other coins offline in a physical USB device
  • Supports over 1500 cryptocurrencies
  • Secured with PIN code and recovery phrase
  • Easily confirm transactions on device screen
  • Integrates with software wallets like Lisk Hub

Hardware wallets add an extra layer of protection by keeping your LSK offline where it can’t be remotely hacked. Even if your computer is compromised, your LSK remains safe on the external device.

The Ledger Nano S is widely considered the best Lisk hardware wallet. You can use it in conjunction with Lisk Hub to hold tokens offline while still interacting with the blockchain.

Setting up the Nano S is straightforward – simply connect it via USB and configure it with a PIN and recovery phrase. The device screen allows you to manually verify transactions before approving.

For serious LSK investors holding a sizeable position, a hardware wallet is strongly advised to guard against theft and loss. The Nano S provides robust offline storage at a reasonable price point.


  • Requires a separate software wallet like Lisk Hub
  • Setup process less intuitive than software wallets
  • Costs money ($59) unlike free software wallets

4. Liskish Wallet – Light Lisk Wallet

Liskish is an open-source light wallet for Lisk that’s available on both desktop and web. It’s a great option if you want quick access without downloading the full blockchain.

Key Features

  • Light wallet doesn’t require full blockchain download
  • Encrypted cloud backup for accessing wallet anywhere
  • Supports voting and custom assets
  • Clean material design interface
  • Active development by community members

As a light wallet, Liskish enables you to start transacting LSK almost instantly without waiting for blockchain syncing. It also backups your account encrypted to the cloud, allowing cross-device access.

The interface is intuitive and includes options for voting delegates or adding custom Lisk tokens.

Liskish is actively maintained by Lisk community developers. It’s a nice complement to the official Lisk Hub wallet with its speed and convenience.

The lightweight nature may appeal to users who value speed and usability over the added security of running a full node. Liskish makes transacting LSK quick and simple.


  • Reduced security from not running a full node
  • Limited features compared to Lisk Hub
  • Relies on servers so subject to downtime

5. Lisk Mobile – Best Lisk Wallet App

The Lisk Mobile app provides a convenient way to manage LSK from your smartphone. It’s designed by Lisk specifically for iOS and Android mobile usage.

Key Features

  • Native mobile wallet app for Lisk
  • Send, receive and store LSK on your phone
  • Biometric/PIN login for security
  • Customizable notifications for transactions
  • Supports Nano S and other hardware wallets

Lisk Mobile makes accessing your LSK seamless from anywhere. It takes advantage of native device features like biometrics and notifications to improve the mobile experience.

The app enables all core functionality like sending or requesting payments. It also supports connecting hardware wallets via QR codes for optimal security.

As an official Lisk product, the wallet stays up-to-date with the latest features tailored specifically for phones and tablets.

For LSK holders who prefer managing their portfolio on-the-go, Lisk Mobile is the best mobile-centric wallet solution.


  • Only available on iOS and Android
  • Less functionality than the desktop Lisk Hub wallet
  • Official apps tend to be targeted by hacks

How to Choose the Best Lisk Wallet

When picking a Lisk wallet, consider how you plan to use it.

Here are a few scenarios with my recommended wallets:

  • Maximum security – Hardware wallet like Ledger Nano S
  • Official wallet with full features – Lisk Hub
  • Use LSK alongside other cryptos – Guarda Wallet
  • Quick access on mobile – Lisk Mobile
  • Light wallet – Liskish

Evaluate your priorities like security, accessibility, and functionality. Select the Lisk wallet that best fits your needs.

For most users, I suggest Lisk Hub to fully experience the Lisk ecosystem. The official wallet is beginner-friendly but powerful for veterans.

Portions of your holdings could also be stored on a hardware wallet like the Nano S for supreme security.

How to Set Up a Lisk Wallet

The basic process of setting up a Lisk wallet involves:

  1. Download – Get the wallet software from the official site. For mobile, download from the iOS or Android app stores.
  2. Create account – The wallet will generate a private key and passphrase to secure your account. Save the passphrase somewhere safe as it enables access.
  3. Backup – Ensure you have backups of both your private key and passphrase to avoid losing access. For example, Guarda provides an encrypted cloud backup.
  4. Verify – Send a small test transaction to your new wallet address to confirm everything is working properly before depositing larger amounts.

Once your wallet is set up and tested, you can begin securely transacting in LSK! Just be sure to follow good security practices like enabling 2FA and not sharing your passphrase.

Lisk Wallet Security Tips

Here are my top tips to keep your LSK secure in any wallet:

  • Use a strong passphrase with random words/numbers and store it somewhere safe like encrypted on a USB drive. Never share your passphrase!
  • Enable any available extra security options like 2-factor authentication (2FA). This adds another layer of protection for your wallet account.
  • Only download wallets from official sites and check the domain is correct. Beware phishing sites!
  • For large holdings, use a hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano S for supreme security against theft and loss.
  • Backup your wallet – whether it’s the recovery phrase, private key or entire wallet file. Essential to avoid losing access.
  • Always confirm the full recipient address and amount before sending LSK. Double check transfers!

Following basic security best practices will help keep your LSK tokens safe. Never share private keys or passphrases.


Securing your LSK investment should be a top priority. I hope this comparison of the best Lisk wallets has helped you make an informed choice.

Lisk Hub stands out as the premier Lisk wallet, offering a full-featured experience optimized for the LSK ecosystem. But wallets like Guarda and Liskish have their advantages too for managing multiple coins or emphasizing speed.

Choose the Lisk wallet that best fits your priorities. And be sure to implement prudent security practices like backups, encryption and hardware wallets for larger holdings.

As Lisk continues to advance as a leading dApp platform, storing LSK securely will be key to benefiting from the developments over the next few years and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lisk Hub wallet safe?

Yes, Lisk Hub is a safe and secure wallet as the official Lisk wallet developed by the Lisk Foundation. It utilizes encryption and passphrase authorization to protect your LSK.

What happens if I lose my Lisk wallet passphrase?

Losing your wallet passphrase means losing access to your funds permanently. This is why it’s crucial to have backups of the passphrase stored somewhere secure in case you forget or lose the original.

Can I use a Lisk wallet on multiple devices?

Yes, wallets like Lisk Hub and Liskish provide ways to use your wallet across multiple devices. Lisk Hub has a backup function to restore your account elsewhere. Liskish uses encrypted cloud storage for multi-device access.

Is a Lisk paper wallet safe?

Lisk paper wallets can be generated securely for offline storage. However, they are more prone to physical risks like damage, theft or loss compared to hardware wallets. For large holdings, a hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano S is recommended over paper wallets.

Do Lisk wallets have exchange functionality?

Most Lisk wallets do not offer direct exchange capabilities between currencies. However, Guarda wallet provides exchange services between its supported coins. And Ledger hardware wallets can integrate with exchange platforms to trade while keeping funds secure.

Can I stake LSK tokens?

LSK cannot be staked directly like a proof-of-stake coin. However, LSK can be used to vote for delegates who validate transactions on the network in a form of “delegated proof-of-stake”. Voting earns a share of delegate block rewards over time.

What’s the best Lisk wallet for iOS or Android?

For iOS, the Lisk Mobile wallet provides the best native experience optimized specifically for iPhone and iPad. On Android, Lisk Mobile is also a good option tailored for the platform. Otherwise, multi-currency wallets like Guarda work across mobile devices.

Is there a Lisk wallet that allows borrowing or lending?

Most Lisk wallets are solely designed for sending, receiving and storing LSK. However, you can lend out LSK on platforms like Nexo and earn interest on holdings while keeping them stored securely in a wallet you control.

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