Concise BCG Matrix of Samsung Electronics Co

Samsung is a household name in the world of electronics, producing smartphones, TVs, smartwatches, and many other products. As a global leader in the electronics industry, Samsung has an extensive product portfolio that includes both popular and niche products. But with so many products on the market, managing them effectively is a major business challenge. This is where BCG Matrix comes to play.

In this blog post, we will explore BCG Matrix of Samsung – a strategic framework that helps companies like Samsung to identify which products are worth investing in and which ones should be phased out.

Keep reading to learn more about how Samsung uses BCG Matrix to manage its product portfolio and stay ahead of the competition.

Introduction to Samsung’s BCG Matrix

The BCG Matrix is a commonly used tool for businesses to categorize and analyze their product lines. Samsung, a leading electronics company, also utilizes this matrix to determine the profitability and growth potential of its various products.

This article delves into the different categories of Samsung’s BCG Matrix, including stars, cash cows, question marks, and dogs. By analyzing the current state of Samsung’s product line, this tool provides insights into future growth opportunities for the company.

It is important to note that Samsung continues to innovate and experiment with new technologies to remain competitive in the industry, which will have a significant impact on its BCG Matrix moving forward.

BCG Matrix Analysis For Samsung

BCG Matrix of Samsung


The stars are the products or business units that have a high market share in high-growth industries. These stars are the shining gems that Samsung aims to keep polishing in order to maintain a leading position in the market.

During the BCG Matrix analysis of Samsung, its smartphones fall under the Star category of the BCG Matrix. These products are part of evolving industries that offer growth prospects to the company. Samsung is focused on developing their smartphones in the market to gain a larger market share and increase profitability.

The company’s strategy of experimenting with new technologies and coming up with phones with advanced features has helped them stay ahead in the competition. The Galaxy smartphones have been a success for Samsung, making it a star product for the company.

Another star example of these stars is the LED and OLED TV products, which are gaining good traction from the global market.

With continued efforts to evolve and innovate, Samsung’s smartphone business is poised for further growth and success in the future.

Cash cows

According to the BCG Matrix of Samsung, cash cows refer to products that are in low-growth markets but have high market share. Samsung home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, and cooking appliances are considered cash cows for the company.

Although the market for these products is not growing, they continue to bring in more income than the money invested in them. This makes them important components of Samsung’s product portfolio.

As a mature industry, these products are essential for generating revenue and maintaining a strong market position. Samsung’s focus on high-quality and reliable appliances has helped them to establish a significant market share in this category.

It is crucial for Samsung to maintain their operations in this segment to generate steady cash flow and invest in future growth opportunities.

Question marks

In Samsung’s BCG Matrix, the Question Marks quadrant represents products in high growth markets with low market share. Samsung’s Printer products fall under this category as they have a low market share, but the market for smartwatches is growing strongly. While Samsung is one of the most active companies in the electronics sector, it still struggles to establish a significant presence in certain markets.

However, if Samsung successfully promotes these products, they have the potential to become future Stars or even Cash Cows.

As Samsung continues to invest in product innovation and market research, it can identify ways to capture a larger market share in these high growth markets, ultimately driving future growth opportunities for the company.


In Samsung’s BCG Matrix, Dogs are the business units that failed to achieve success due to slow industry growth. For Samsung, there are a few units that fall under the Dog category. These are products that have a low market share and slow growth rate, making them less attractive investments.

An example of such a product from Samsung is their Smartwatch, which failed to create the desired impact after launch. Another product is Samsung’s digital camera.

However, the good news is that Dogs usually do not require huge amounts of investment to produce or maintain, making them less of a liability for the company.

While the Dog category may not have great potential for growth or profit, it can still be a valuable part of Samsung’s overall business strategy.

Samsung’s BCG Matrix Analysis: Insights on Future Growth Opportunities

Samsung’s BCG matrix analysis provides valuable insights into future growth opportunities for the company. As mentioned in the previous sections, Samsung’s mobile phone business is a star, indicating a high growth rate and a high relative market share. Hence, Samsung should continue investing in this area to further increase profits.

However, the company’s electronic components business is a cash cow, implying low growth but a high market share. Samsung should maintain this business unit to generate consistent cash flow.

At the same time, Samsung’s display business is a question mark, indicating high growth potential but a low market share. Therefore, Samsung should invest in this area to increase its market share and become a star.

Additionally, Samsung’s digital camera business is a dog, implying a low growth rate and a low relative market share. Hence, Samsung should either divest from this business or invest to turn it into a cash cow.


The BCG Matrix is an effective tool for companies to classify their business units or products, and Samsung’s BCG Matrix reveals that the company is investing heavily in new technologies to win over customers.

The analysis shows that Samsung has a well-balanced portfolio with a mix of stars, cash cows, question marks, and dogs. The company’s stars are products that have a high market share in a growing market, whereas the cash cows are those products that have a high market share in a mature market.

Samsung’s question marks are those products with low market share in a growing market, and the dogs are those products with a low market share in a mature market.

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