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In 1998, Serge Brin and Larry Page established Google in California, the United States. During their time at Stanford University, the duo created a vast technological firm as a study project. As a result, the brand has grown tremendously since its inception and has become a trusted brand in the media. Sundar Pichai, the new CEO, has been in place since October 2, 2015.

The internet has been transformed by the global search engine. It’s made things a lot easier. A mouse click is all it takes to access information today. Through its game-changing initiatives, Google continues to display evolutionary progress.

The global economy has been dramatically changed as a result. It is now possible for businesses, customers, consumers, and anybody else to get access to company information at any time. Google also sticks to the motto “Do not be evil,” which means that the company works to improve information and use best practices that help people find and search for information.

For the purpose of this article, we are going to discuss in detail the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and other internal factors that have contributed to the success of Google. So if you are the kind searching for Google SWOT analysis, kindly stay tuned and keep reading this post.

Summary table showing the key points from the Google SWOT analysis:

Topic Key Points
Google’s Strengths
  • Market leader in search engines
  • Ability to generate high user traffic
  • Revenue from advertising and partnerships
  • Leading mobile and Android technologies
Google’s Weaknesses
  • Declining ad revenue spending
  • Secretive ranking algorithm
  • User privacy concerns
Google’s Opportunities
  • Android operating system
  • Expansion into non-ad business models
  • New products like Google Glass and Play
  • Growth in cloud computing
Google’s Threats
  • Declining market share
  • Controversies over gender bias
  • Collaboration concerns in China
  • Antitrust investigations
  • Censorship policies
  • Competitors like Facebook and Amazon
  • Disputes with China


swot analysis of google

In-depth SWOT Analysis of Google Company


The Market Leader in Search Engines

With dominance in the world’s web search market, Google has a significant advantage over its competitors in terms of strength. Google dominates the internet search industry with over 65% of the market dominance, and its competitors can’t even get close.

The Ability to Generate User Traffic

Google has become one of the largest and most powerful companies because it is known for being able to bring more people to the internet.

In fact, Google receives more than 1.2 billion different searches every month, making it the most popular search engine in the world. Due to this, it has an advantage over the competitors.

Earnings from Display and Advertising

Part of the company’s revenue strategy relies on collaborations with third-party sites to generate large revenues. This has proven effective in terms of capturing resources and increasing the available The company’s success has been strengthened by this idea.

The introduction of Android and mobile technology

With Android and other mobile technologies, the company has become a direct competitor of Apple in the market for similar devices and systems.

Google’s Weaknesses

Google’s success is impeded by weaknesses that limit the company’s ability to grow. As defined by the SWOT concept, a company’s weaknesses are any internal factors that reduce efficiency, impede growth, or generate operational difficulties for technological businesses. The following weaknesses affect Google’s ability to grow as expected.

Reduced Spending on Ads

The business’ profitability has suffered due to a drop in advertising revenue over the last few years, notably in 2013. The economic slowdown and marketing tactics by competitors have both contributed to this.

As Apple has already begun, Google will have a tough time incorporating search engine income into its electronics.

The secret Google ranking algorithm

Is there a reason why some web pages and articles are more popular than others?
First-page rankings can be beneficial since you’ll be more likely to get advertising revenue from those who click on your link.

The only way to get to the top of the search engine rankings is for Google to reveal its secret formula for success.

Data-gathering frightens users.

User data is the company’s greatest strength, but it is also the company’s biggest weakness.

Customers are concerned about how much information Google has access to through the service.


The Android Operating System

With its innovative research in supplying the Android OS, Google has become a direct rival to both Apple and Samsung in the smartphone market.

Expansion into non-advertising business models

As previously mentioned, if Google wants to be more profitable, it needs to find new sources of income outside of advertising. There are signs that the business is doing that. This is seen by its increasing reliance on commercial transactions on sites like Google Books, Google Maps, and others.

Google Glasses and Google Play

When released, Glass and Play might be a real game-changer for the search giant, and Google should seize this chance. Indeed, this could be the firm’s stepping stone into the new realm of nano-computing.

Cloud Computing

Google has a massive advantage in the cloud computing space. This is owing to its extensive background in storage and cloud technologies. If nothing else, the cloud-computing paradigm allows it to enter the business sector.

Google’s Threats

The decline in market shares

Market dominance losses are projected for Google’s US digital ad income. This is in accordance with the statistics obtained by marketers. It was 38.8 percentage points in 2017, 37.2% in 2018; and 36.2% in 2019. (2019). This is due to the increasing competition for ad market share among Facebook, TikTok, Amazon, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Gender Bias

A Google memo published by its employer, James Damore, highlighting its diversity policy has sparked a strong debate regarding the issue of gender bias and free speech in the company.

Google has received considerable criticism over its alleged collaboration with China over a censored search engine project

Antitrust Controversies

Years of antitrust investigations by US and EU politicians have brought Google into the spotlight. Google is challenging a 5 billion Euro punishment levied by EU antitrust officials.

Censorship Policy

Google’s censorship strategy has caused controversy, yet the company has done little to calm it. As a result of the political and ideological leanings of the organization, a large number of sources have begun to leak information about it.


Facebook and Amazon are Google’s main competitors, and they pose the most serious danger. Google is being overtaken by both of its competitors. Their new features and growing popularity might take away from Google’s position as the world’s leading search engine.

Disputes with China

Due to escalating geopolitical tensions, Google was compelled to abandon its ambition to offer cloud services in China. If the political difficulties extend to other parts of the world, Google’s worldwide operations may be affected.


The SWOT analysis of Google identifies the search engine’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Due to its immense popularity, Google is able to generate an enormous income.

The search engine continues to expand and improve its technology each year. If Google fixes its flaws and dangers, no rival can surpass or even match this company’s performance. Kindly drop a comment below to share your thoughts about Google’s success and its flaws. Thanks.


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