Complete Report of Aritzia SWOT Analysis

Aritzia is an iconic fashion brand known for its high-quality and stylish clothing. But how well does the company really perform? In this blog post, we’ll be taking a closer look at Aritzia swot analysis to get a better idea of how the company stands in the competitive fashion industry.

Here is a summary of the key points from the Aritzia SWOT analysis in an easy-to-scan table format:

Aritzia SWOT Analysis
  • Established brand presence
  • Commitment to diversity
  • Omnichannel retail presence
  • Significant e-commerce growth
  • Quality fabrics and craftsmanship
  • Versatile clothing designs
  • High price points
  • Limited product range
  • Limited store locations
  • Limited size range
  • Expand globally
  • Grow sustainable clothing line
  • Develop e-commerce capabilities
  • Increase workforce diversity
  • Utilize digital marketing
  • Offer loyalty programs
  • Pricing challenges
  • Reliance on exclusive brands
  • Global economic conditions
  • Competition from other retailers
  • Maintaining competitive pricing


Aritzia SWOT Analysis



Aritzia is a Canadian fashion retailer that specializes in high-quality women’s clothing and accessories. Founded in 1984, Aritzia has grown to become one of the biggest fashion retailers in North America, with over 90 stores across Canada and the US.

At their store customers can find exclusive brands such as Wilfred, Babaton, TNA and others. The brand is best known for its commitment to sustainable practices and caring for animals. In 2016, it was awarded the PETA Fashion Company Award for its animal-friendly approach to fashion.

It’s unique business model allows customers to easily experience products in-store as its chain of stores spans across North America. With a dense network of boutique stores located in prime locations, they have effectively targeted the modern woman who seeks fashionable apparel at an affordable price point.

SWOT analysis is a strategic methodology used to analyze an organization’s Strengths & Weaknesses and Opportunities & Threats (SWOT). By analyzing these factors, they can identify areas where they can further improve their business or capitalize on existing growth opportunities. Through this SWOT analysis, Aritzia can develop strategies that will help them remain successful despite economic downturns or changes in customer preferences.

Full SWOT Analysis of Aritzia Store

Strengths of Aritzia

Aritzia is a leading global fashion retailer that offers high-quality clothing, accessories and lifestyle items to its customers. The company has several strengths that make it stand out from the competition.

It has an established brand presence in North America and globally, with a strong following among younger generations. They are committed to promoting diversity in the workplace and making sure that all employees feel welcome. It sells its products through both shops and online store, giving them complete control over their customer experience and product selection.


Also, it has seen significant growth in its e-commerce expansion over the past four years with an increase of 36%. This indicates that customers are appreciating the quality of their products as well as convenience of shopping online with Aritzia.

Quality fabrics and craftsmanship

Aritzia is focused on providing timeless, well-made clothing for the modern woman. Their clothing is made using quality fabrics and craftsmanship, ensuring their pieces are built to last and will remain in style for many years. They also have a wide range of sizes so that every woman can find something that fits her perfectly.


Aritzia clothing is known for its versatility, as it offers a range of styles from casual to workwear and formal attire. The clothes are made to be comfortable and useful, and the pieces can be put together in different ways to make different looks.

Weaknesses of Aritzia

Aritzia has some key weaknesses that can hurt its business.

High Price Point

It is known for its high-end fashion and quality clothing, but this often comes at a steep price that is too expensive for many people. In addition, the company’s pricing structure often places it in direct competition with luxury brands like Chanel and Gucci, further limiting their reach to customers who can afford these items.

Limited product range

Aritzia is known for its limited product range and lack of variety, which can limit its potential customer base. The company’s pricing structure also makes it difficult for customers to find cheaper alternatives in the market.

Limited Stores Locations

Aritzia stores are few and far between; their locations are limited to the US and Canada, with only a handful of locations in each. This makes it difficult for customers to access their clothing and products. Furthermore, many shoppers prefer to purchase items in-store rather than online.

Limited Size Range

Its clothing has a limited size range, making it difficult for those who are not a standard size to find something that fits them properly. The sizes range from xxs to xxl, and the styles are often designed with a more narrow body type in mind.

Other weaknesses include lack of international presence, limited product lines and lack of innovative marketing strategies. These weaknesses can all be addressed with proper planning and implementation in order to help Aritzia reach new heights.

Opportunities for Aritzia

Global Reach

Aritzia has become a popular retailer in North America, but with their current expansion into the European market, they have the potential to reach a much larger global audience. By leveraging their well-established brand and strong customer base, it could grow even further into new markets around the world.

Seize the Growing Demand for Sustainable Clothing

Consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable, eco-friendly clothing, and it has an opportunity to capitalize on this trend. They can focus on creating products with natural materials or from recycled materials, as well as offering more local options that don’t require a lot of transport. This can help them tap into the growing demand for ethical fashion and build a larger customer base.

Expand into E-commerce

They have been a brick-and-mortar store since its inception in 1984, but the company is now looking to expand into e-commerce as well. This move could prove to be beneficial for both Aritzia and their customers, as it would provide more convenience and make the brand accessible to a wider audience.

  • Additionally, they can focus on creating a more diverse workplace in order to attract top talent and create a competitive advantage.
  • Furthermore, they can also make use of digital marketing techniques such as social media, online advertising, and email campaigns to boost sales.
  • Also, the company can explore the possibilities of offering discounts or loyalty programs in order to increase customer loyalty and potentially draw in more revenue. By taking advantage of these opportunities, they will be able to maximize growth potential and remain competitive in the fashion industry.

Threats to Aritzia

Aritzia is a popular clothing retailer, however there are some threats that the company faces in order to maintain its success.

One of the major threats is pricing. It’s items are generally expensive and this can lead to a small customer base. Furthermore, they rely heavily on their exclusive brands which makes it hard for them to compete with other stores.

Global economic downturn

They also relies heavily on international markets, so any global economic downturns can be a dangerous threat to their sales and profits. They must remain vigilant about changes in the global economy and develop strategies for adapting to any potential downturns.

Competing fashion companies

Aritzia faces competition from a wide range of clothing companies and retailers, both in their home country of Canada and abroad. This means they have to work hard to keep up with trends and offer value to their customers in order to remain competitive.

Maintaining competitive prices

They faces the challenge of maintaining competitive prices while still producing quality products. This can be difficult to balance, especially when considering the cost of materials and labour that go into each piece. Additionally, economic factors such as inflation and currency exchange rates can also affect their bottom line.


Aritzia SWOT Analysis has revealed that the company is in a good position with strong brand recognition and awareness, as well as growing customer base.
The high prices of their products are a weakness, however, they remain committed to delivering everyday luxury through quality product and engaging service.
Overall, Aritzia is well-positioned to continue their success in the retail industry into the future.

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