Speedster: Splitting A PDF Document In A Flash

Many people are indeed having problems with their PDF documents. Either splitting, converting, merging, compressing, and many others. Whenever they hear that this would be their task, they would immediately turn their frowns on because for them. It would be so hard. Luckily, a particular website is made to assist all those kinds of people.

PDFBear 2

That specific website is called PDFBear. They have tons of tools that would help you with all your PDF needs. But the thing that makes this site what it is today is the speed of its processing. Whatever it is that you wanted to do with your PDF documents. It will only take a few minutes to process, and once done. You’re good to go!

Learning The Basics And All The Requirements Needed Before Starting The Process

Learning to split PDF is not hard because all you need to follow are these four simple steps. Don’t worry. You might already know it because it is as simple as making any social media platforms’ updates. Since this is now the technology age, there is no doubt that almost everything has already been made easier. So stick around for those.


Before you do anything harsh and jump directly into the process, please ensure that you have these two essential requirements not to have any problems. The first requirement that you need to have is your devices or personal computers where you’ll get all your documents, and the next thing is a stable internet connection to avoid any delays.

Splitting All Your PDF Documents Into Four Easy Steps

Once you made sure that all requirements are ready, you can now proceed in the process of splitting your PDF documents. Now, the first thing that you need to do is get your form and upload it on the website so that the splitting would start and would be done in a jiffy. If you’re having problems with that, you can also drag them and drop them.


Don’t worry. You will see an empty box provided by the website. There you will need to drop all the PDF files that need to be split. Once done, you can now proceed to the second step, when you will be asked to choose the pages that need to be separated. You would be able to do that by clicking the documents that you have uploaded.


After selecting the specific page that you need to split, the system would process everything for you. All you need to do is wait for a little bit because this will not take too long. This will take a few minutes to process and once done. You can export all of those pages into an individual PDF file. This is to organize things.


For the last and final step, the only thing that you need to do is save and download all those finished products to your personal computer or devices. You now have a PDF document that has been split into the correct pages. You can now share your experience with all your friends so that they would be assisted by PDFBear as well. Be a good friend!

More Functions And Features That You Should know No Miss

If you are wondering, the primary function of splitting a PDF document is to create another PDF file from the original PDF document. This will make you have multiple copies in case you will need more than one in any event. You can also extract some pages individually and export them into new PDF documents.

The Greatness Of Their Security Privacy That You Can Never Deny

That is one reason why this website has made a name of its own in this industry. That is because they give importance to all the people, their customers, and their information. They have created a feature that will make you feel safe whenever you are using their website.


That feature works by deleting all the documents that you have uploaded on their site after an hour. This means once you have already processed and have finished splitting and you happen to leave without deleting all your documents, you don’t need to worry because everything will be deleted after an hour.


Splitting a PDF sure is not a fun thing to do. Especially when you are using an old school tool that does not provide the best performance that all of their customers deserve. So, if you have any difficulty with your PDF documents, you know where to go. Just go ahead and visit PDFBear, and they would welcome you with open hearts!

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