MSI Immerse GH20 Review: Lightweight Body and Audio Jack

MSI Immerse GH20 Review

It is common to talk about the most sophisticated models with an incredible amount of functions. But the available peripherals are no less interesting when you need convenient devices without excesses and overpayments. For instance, the MSI Immerse GH20 basic computer headset doesn’t try to look big and advanced for less money. The emphasis is on simplicity, minimal weight, and convenience. This headset is considered one of the best Xbox gaming headset under 100.


Design and ergonomics

It is pleasant to combine the design and MSI headsets together. Note the slightly tapered edge and the U-shaped glossy cutout on the cups, along with the brand logo. The entire case is covered with hard matte plastic without any texture. The material is unpretentious and not squeaky at all – the build is on par.

This is a really compact headset weighing only 245 grams. The single-plane rotating cups fit well against your ears, ensuring passive isolation. But at the same time, they don’t squeeze your head after hours of use. The fit is also soft due to the cushion on the headband.

A notable drawback: the ear cushions are not removable, which means that once the leatherette wears out, you will have to replace them.

The adjustment range of the headband is enough for versatility. The headband guide and all critical parts are metal, so there are no reliability problems.

Connection and control

As noted above, the Immerse GH20 is a basic headset which only has an audio jack. A non-detachable 1.5-meter fabric braided cable with a combined audio jack at the end comes out of the left cup. This connection option is suitable for laptops, mobile devices, and consoles. To work with a desktop computer, a kit includes a splitter for two plugs. And exactly the same good braid is included.

Despite the analog interface, MSI thought of remote control with a volume wheel and microphone switch. The adjustments don’t affect the system because of the audio jack connection. And the remote itself is very lightweight and doesn’t pull off the wire.

Sound and microphone


The 40-millimeter speakers are hidden in closed acoustic chambers. There is no adaptation for video games; the headset produces a normal and quite balanced sound with a faint sense of stereo effect. Although due to the lack of an audio card, a lot depends on the connected device.


The microphone is not removable and is located on the left side. A flexible boom with a memory effect allows you to fine-tune the distance to the mouth, and a removable pop-filter gets rid of breathing beats. Recording quality is average: the voice sounds natural, but sensitivity is poor, and the recording comes with uniform background noise from the analog interface.




In situations where you need simple and unpretentious headphones without too many options, the MSI Immerse GH20 is worth a closer look. Nothing unnecessary, just the convenience of a lightweight case and pleasant sound from the music drivers. The only two things that may disappoint, though, are the non-replaceable ear cushions and the non-removable cord, all of which limit the lifetime of the headset.



  • Lightweight and ergonomic design;
  • The adequate grip on the ear cushions;
  • design continuity;
  • Practical hard plastic;
  • detachable microphone pop filter;
  • woven cord braid;
  • PC splitter included.


  • Non-removable cable;
  • Non-removable ear cushions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the frequency response range of the GH20?

The GH20 has a frequency range of 20Hz-20kHz, delivering full lows, mids and highs.

Do the ear cups rotate/pivot?

Yes, the ear cups can rotate 90 degrees to align flat or perpendicular to your head for maximum comfort.

Does the GH20 have RGB lighting?

No, the GH20 does not have any RGB lighting, keeping the focus purely on audio performance.

What kinds of audio connections work with the GH20?

The GH20 uses a standard 3.5mm analog connection for maximum compatibility with PCs, Macs, consoles, phones, etc.

How long is the cable on the GH20?

The cable is 1.5 meters long, giving you enough slack to set up the headphones comfortably.

Can you remove the microphone on the GH20?

Yes, the microphone is detachable in case you only want to use the headphones for music listening.

Are the ear pads removable/replaceable?

Yes, the velour ear pads can be detached and replaced if they become worn over time.

Does the GH20 work with Xbox, PS4, Switch etc?

Yes, the 3.5mm jack means the GH20 is compatible with the Xbox One controller, PS4, Nintendo Switch and any device with a headphone port.

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  1. I got a pair of these free with a MSI notebook with a deal direct from MSI. I really don’t game online so while I use traditional headphones all the time. I never used those that has a boom attached mic. I mostly agree with the review these sound good for gaming and content watching. I found the mic annoying and wish I could detach it. I also found the controls inline would bang around when cord moved. It does add weight to cord which I also found the controls not needed in my opinion. Since these headphones were free and I am ok with the audio quality I decided to carefully remove mic and use them solely as headphones.

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