Looking For The Perfect PDF Converter? Try Out GoGoPDF!

Although Adobe is the original program for these PDF files and processes, we now have technological advancements wherein you can operate your PDFs for free as long as you are online! You do not have to spend a dime for buying this software and invest more effort in installing them. All you need are your PDFs, your device, and an adequate internet speed! 


All-in-one PDF Instrument

GoGoPDF is a web-based platform that can take care of your PDF dilemmas. Yes, PDFs are the most convenient and accessible file formats, but they are not easy to manage when it comes to more detailed editing. An excellent alternative for Adobe programs is the GoGoPDF, a complete, all-in-one PDF converter with more than enough functions. 


You can maximize this tool to perform PDF conversion, PDF compressions, PDF merge, and safeguard PDFs with password locks. Although GoGoPDF is pretty attractive on first impressions, this tool also stands out with functionality. Check out these efficient GoGoPDF tools to handle and manage your PDFs better! 

The Ideal PDF Converter

First and foremost is the ideal PDF converter of GoGoPDF. PDF converters are in demand with the current trend of online-based employments, provided how the pandemic affected workflow and job opportunities. Why are they essential in today’s current situation? Since most electronic files are converted to PDF, you have to learn about these converters. 


GoGoPDF has the right selection for your PDF conversions. You can transform your usual files such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, JPG, and HTML to the portable document format. Also, it allows you to convert your PDF to other file formats. This conversion type is usually challenging unless you have the paid Adobe programs. 


However, GoGoPDF gives it to you for free! Quite the ideal online PDF converter, having this two-way converter allows you to obtain a lighter and more comfortable to print file. On the other hand, you can change your PDF to its most vulnerable format for you to have broader access to editing options. 

PDF Compressor For Large PDFs

Are you having trouble running and uploading your large PDFs? Worry no more as you can overcome this problem using the GoGoPDF PDF compressor! How about for really large PDFs reaching 1GB file size? Again, no worries! GoGoPDF can also manage heavy-duty PDF compressions and reduce PDFs file size up to 1GB. 


GoGoPDF’s PDF compressor is your topmost choice for reducing PDF size as it will not harm your original content. Your file’s content remains consistent, and the quality will not be compromised. Although there may be slight resolution differences, GoGoPDF ensures caliber compression to minimize your size without significantly affecting the original quality. 

Compiling PDFs with PDF Merge

Another excellent function you might find useful from GoGoPDF is the PDF merge. This is the function you can utilize to compile your PDF into a single file. If you have too many PDF files in your folders or desktop that are compatible with one file assembled, you can use the merge PDF function. It is not recommendable to have an overcrowded desktop. 


Organizing your PDFs can somewhat be a nuisance when you do not acquire the ideal tool. Again, if you do not have the paid Adobe software, you can barely assemble these PDF compilations. With  GoGoPDF, you can combine numerous PDFs into a single file and arrange them accordingly, depending on your wants and needs. 

Safeguarding Your PDFs

Now, you might be encountering security problems when using your usual files. Typical electronic files usually do not have extra security functions, unlike PDFs. Thus, it is best to convert your regular files to PDF. How can we attain better security in PDF files? PDFs are naturally designed to have password protection upon the user’s preference and request. 


If you do not have the pricey Adobe, you can take advantage of the GoGoPDF encrypt instrument to password-protect your PDFs for free! It comprises a 128-AES encryption protocol to ensure proper consumer privacy. With your strongly encrypted PDFs, your PDFs are indeed kept safe from unwanted users who try to access your confidential files. 


There are various PDF converter tools available online, but one thing is for sure. GoGoPDF will not disappoint you as it has the complete quality tools you need to perform on your PDFs. It provides both quality and safety to address your PDF concerns and needs. If you need more in-depth PDF editing, you can try out their 14-day free trial. 

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