How to win a game quickly in Bloodhunt

Welcome to my guide on how to get those victory royales quickly in the vampire battle royale game Bloodhunt! As an avid player since the game’s release, I’ve picked up plenty of tips and tricks for securing wins in Sharkmob’s immersive, Gothic-inspired take on the battle royale genre.

Whether you’re a new player looking to get started or a seasoned veteran hoping to improve your skills, this guide will provide useful strategies to help you dominate the competition. We’ll cover key factors like optimizing your loadout, picking the right spawn location, utilizing parkour movement effectively, and more.


So grab your weapons, stock up on serum, and let’s jump right into how to win games fast in Bloodhunt!

How to Win a Game Quickly in Bloodhunt

Choose a Clan That Matches Your Playstyle

The first step is picking one of the seven vampire clans available in Bloodhunt, each with their own unique abilities. Your clan choice can significantly impact your likelihood of earning quick victories.

Some clans cater to aggressive, high-octane players who want to hunt down enemies rapidly. The Saboteurs and Enforcers are great options here, with abilities like teleportation and berserk modes respectively.

Alternatively, more methodical players might excel with clans like the Siren, whose healing songs support allies, or the Alchemist, who can set traps and transform into mist.

Take time to test each clan’s powers in the training mode. Figure out which one complements your personal playstyle best. This will set you up for success in earning those rapid wins.

Optimize Your Loadout

You’ll also want to customize your weapon, mod, and artefact loadout wisely to match your clan pick and playstyle.

For aggressive clans, focus on close to mid-range weapons like shotguns, SMGs, and assault rifles. Equip mods that boost mobility and weapon handling. Powerful offence is key.

Defensive clans benefit more from long range options like sniper rifles and crossbows. Pick mods that enhance perception or provide additional support abilities. Your priority is staying alive, not frags.

And don’t neglect your artefacts! These consumable buffs can give you crucial advantages. Speed and jump boosts help you traverse the map faster while lifesteal artefacts grant sustainability. Use them wisely.

Learn the Best Initial Spawn Points

Memorizing the optimal spawn locations is a huge factor in quick victories.

Some key early game spots provide access to quality loot and position you closer to the safe zone. The rooftops near Gardenview and Promenade offer height for scouting and ambushes. The underground parking garages have ample weapons and serum.

Avoid spawning on the outer edges of the map unless you enjoy long, dangerous journeys into the zone. Try to spawn centrally so you can loot up and start hunting enemies faster. This prevents wasted time at the match’s start.

Master Parkour Movement

Bloodhunt’s verticality and roof-running mechanics mean mastering parkour-style movement is essential for rapid victories.

Work on sliding, lunging, and climbing between surfaces fluidly to traverse quickly. Use your jumps strategically; you can leap much further horizontally than vertically in Bloodhunt.

Practice stringing wall runs, slides, and jumps together to move rapidly. The parkour mechanics take time to learn but are extremely rewarding. They allow you to take enemies by surprise and navigate the map optimally.

Pick Engagements Carefully

Rushing recklessly into battles is a surefire way to get sent back to your coffin prematurely. Be smart about when and where you choose to engage.

Catch isolated enemies first before they can group up. Ambush them from unexpected angles like rooftops or windows for a swift takedown.

Avoid charging into open streets or spaces you can’t retreat from. Draw overeager foes into confined areas where you control the engagement space.

With good positioning and the element of surprise, you can quickly pick off lone wolves before they even know what happened.

Utilize Your Clan Abilities

We’ve touched on the clans and their powers already, but using your abilities effectively is so important for rapid victories. They can turn the tide in close battles.

Time active skills like Saboteur teleports or Siren heals for critical moments when you or allies are weak. Don’t waste them needlessly.

Passive abilities like Alchemist traps or Reinforcer damage buffs should be utilized frequently. But again, with purpose – set traps strategically in busy areas.

Ultimates are game-changers. Track enemy ult usage so you know when to be wary. Save your own for big ambushes – a Berserker or Muse ult can wipe whole squads if timed properly!

Be Opportunistic Late Game

The end game is where things get really tense. Be clever and opportunistic about how you approach this final showdown.

Patience is key – don’t expose yourself needlessly. Watch for other players battling it out and third party weakened survivors.

Save mobility consumables like jump boosts to quickly traverse the small final circle. Their extra mobility can help you outmaneuver foes.

If you get downed, don’t instantly give up! Crawling into grass or buildings can obscure you until teammates revive, or the circle takes out your enemies. I’ve clutched many games playing dead!

With these tips, you’re well equipped to start racking up those rapid royale victories in Bloodhunt. It takes some practice, but soon enough you’ll be an unstoppable force of the night! Now get out there and claim your throne atop Sharkmob Tower. See you in Prague!


Dominating the competition in Bloodhunt requires the right blend of mechanical skill, game sense, and strategic play. By optimizing your loadout, movements, ability usage, and engagement tactics, you can consistently claim victory before your poor victims even realize what’s happening.

Master the parkour mobility to move rapidly through Prague’s vertical map. Strike from unexpected angles and pick your battles wisely. Leverage your clan’s unique powers to gain every advantage possible. Remain cunning and opportunistic, leaving no room for comeback.

With these tips, you’ll ascend to the peak of Bloodhunt’s food chain in no time. Just beware of becoming overconfident and careless at the top – there’s always a faster, hungrier predator ready to snatch your crown. Stay vicious, and happy hunting!


How do I pick the optimal spawn location?

Focus on spawning at central rooftops or underground parking garages that provide quick access to loot and closer proximity to the safe zone. Spawn points like Gardenview rooftops or Old Town garages put you in a strong early position to start hunting. Avoid far edges of the map which force you to spend more time traversing to better positioning.

What weapons work best for aggressive clans?

For clans with offensive abilities like Saboteurs and Enforcers, you’ll want short to mid-range weapons that allow pushing and hunting enemies. Shotguns, SMGs, and assault rifles give these clans the deadly stopping power they need to secure quick kills. Equip mobility and handling mods to enhance your aggressive capabilities even more.

How can abilities help in the late game?

Your clan abilities can provide huge advantages in the tense final circle situations. Use mobility boosts from Saboteurs and Sirens to swiftly reposition. Set Alchemist traps or Reinforcer buff zones in chokepoints. Save ultimates to ambush groups when the circle collapses. Abilities make a big difference, so use them thoughtfully and reactively at the end when fights get chaotic.

What should I do if I get downed late game?

Don’t give up hope if you get downed with the circle closing! Look to crawl into concealment like tall grass or buildings so you’re hidden while teammates revive, or enemies die to the gas. With Bloodhunt’s respawn mechanics, a game isn’t over until you’re fully dead. Play smart while bleeding out and you can still clutch from the brink.

How can I use the environment to my advantage?

Bloodhunt’s vertical map design rewards players who learn to leverage the environment. Use rooftops and windows for ambush attacks from above or for scouting. Lure enemies into buildings where tight spaces benefit your short range weapons. Parkour smoothly between objects for unpredictable movement. And don’t forget vampiric abilities like scaling walls or turning into mist! Mastering Bloodhunt’s environment gives you a real edge.

What tactics should I avoid?

Recklessly rushing into open areas or grouped up enemies head-on results in quick deaths. Avoid unnecessary combat until you have the advantage through abilities, positioning or numbers. Charging alone into unscouted buildings leaves you vulnerable to campers. Overusing abilities randomly will leave them unavailable when truly needed. And take care not to overextend into gas or unsafe territory – restraint and patience often pay off.

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