How to Wear Fedora Hats without Showing Over Indulgence in the Crowd?

Fedora hats are a menswear staple, but history exposes a different story. Fedoras were famous among women and symbolized the beginning of the women’s rights movement. However, things have changed over time. Politics does not play a part in how female fedora headdresses got viewed today. However, fedora hats have reached a secure place in the fashion industry as a fashion accessory. 

A brief look into the history of fedora hats

Surprise! Fedora hats began their journey with women. If you look at the history of headwear, you will see that the fedora style came with the plays written by the Victorian age writers, which aptly used fedora as a women’s accessory. Stage actresses wore felt headwear while portraying their role and women fedora hats gained popularity. Later, fedora hats became a favorite fashion element popular among the gangsters. With it, the ladies fedora hat lost its significance. 

Are fedora hats still in style? 

The sure-shot answer to this question is yes. The soft brimmed stylish headwear with an indented crown has grown in popularity among fashion influencers and celebrities over the years. If you are not a hat lover, you still have heard about fedora hats in the market. You have no idea as to the variety in which fedora hats are available in terms of color, shape, appearance, and style. From the floppy brim to wide brim to narrow brim, the list is never-ending. The softness of wool and felt, sturdiness of straw, and the distinguishing appeal of the fedora hat, play a role together. 

Tips for wearing fedora hats like a professional 

Now that you know so much about fedora hats, it’s time to wear one. There is no need to go for traditional wool or felt-style fedora hats. You have multiple other materials available in the market. You have some lovely braided hats coming from straw that are breathable and lightweight. You can start with these and then move up in the hierarchy. These braided straw hats are great for the summer season. More so, you must know one thing. Fedora hats are all-season headwear and a go-to style accessory. 

  • Look for female fedora hats. You have multiple designs with softer and wider brims that help you with the perfect balance between classic and floppy fedora hats. If you love outdoor activities, you might get extra coverage when you go for an indented crown and wide brim fedora hats. They will give you shade and make you look fantastic. 
  • The classic fedora hats are available in neutral shades like tan, ivory, grey, and black. However, women think of brighter hues and attractive patterns to suit the face when thinking of fedora hats. It’s a great way of breaking the monotony of a monochrome outfit. 
  • Thinking of how to look great with a hat? Easy enough. Think of your hairstyle. Think of how you want to keep your hair? Do you want to tie it up or let it down? 

Remember that fedora hat women are not only considered for casual wear but are equally appropriate for formal outfits too. You can go for a boho-inspired low side or side braid to look super elegant. When wearing fedora hats, you have to be confident in carrying them in the crowd. That is what will make you different in the lot. 

If you want to combat the hassle of ordering the wrong size, it’s better to measure your head and understand your face shape. First and foremost, you must measure your head with the help of a measuring tape, or you can use the size chart available in the hat store. When thinking of headwear, you must know about your face shape. If you have a round face, you must select almost any option available in a fedora hat. However, if you have an oval face contour, you should go for wide brim fedora hats. On the other hand, if your face structure is square, you can choose a narrow brim fedora hat with a tall crown. These characteristics will flatter your face shape and make you look distinct in the crowd. 


Which outfits will go with fedora headdresses? 

Wondering how you will make the fedora hat look outstanding with your outfit? Experts are here to help you with a few tips. If you are heading towards the beach, it’s best to go for a straw fedora hat and pair it with a modern bikini or a swimsuit. You may also go for short shirts or short dresses, whichever makes you feel comfortable. If you are heading towards a girl’s day out, you can wear neutral-colored fedora hats that look great with different kinds of denim, whether skinny, fled, distressed, or lost. You may also wear a loose cardigan with a t-shirt, and well-fitted trousers with a sophisticated fedora hat to compete with the fashion crowd. It all depends on what you want to achieve from the hat. If you are conscious enough of your style, you can rock any look. 

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