How to prolong the battery life of a PC

In this article, we are going to share some useful information on how you could optimize the life of your PC’s battery, so it will help you to maximize its life until you decide on upgrading to another PC, these tips rely on personal experiences and a series of research. Allow them to take a look.

My laptop is a desktop now! It shuts down once unplugged! God, oh, thank goodness, my PC battery remains unplugged for half an hour! Why now is the misbehaving of my pc battery? This word and the more from PC owners is a sign that the battery gives them hard time, but that’s not how it used to be us, when you read this post, either you’ll be between these people categories or you won’t be into the battery categories.

Laptop Battery

Tips on improving battery life for your laptop / PC

1. Switch off Wireless when not in use

k When the wireless connection of your PC is idle, you have to ensure it is switched off when idle by navigating to the device settings of your PC, and locating the Bluetooth or WiFi icon to switch it off If you are idle, it can be a great way to improve PC life. Bluetooth, WiFi or wireless display in some situations all was in the same way.

2. Use the Saver Mode of Battery

The Battery Saving Mode is very significant in terms of battery optimisation. You can activate your Battery Saving Mode to stimulate your PC when the battery reaches the desired level. Although most PCs will activate it automatically at 20% battery life, it is possible to set it to 31%. Battery Saving mode is very important in relation to the battery optimisation.

3. Shut down your PC when not in use

The concept of hibernating your PC proves useful when it is possible for your PC to use less battery while still maintaining your activities intact. However, this option can be misused and can delay battery life on your PC, most people tend to leverage this fact on a pc for a longer period instead of simply shutting it down.

4. Use Less Strong Graphics Cards on Low Tasks

Some external video cards like Nvidia and others consume a great lot of power. When running tough programs, mainly games and graphic works, this graphics is useful other than that the graphics cards should not be used for running less challenging programs like Word processors and printing.

5. Update to the latest version of your OS

Developers will be announcing new and updated Operating System versions to mostly fix bugs found in the previous version that can fix certain power-related issues, advising you to upgrade your Windows or Mac OS to the latest version as these updates will increase your PC power and improved ability.

6. Disconnect unused peripherals

Removable Hardware peripherals such as CDROMs, USB Dongles, DVD Rom, Flash drives, etc can provide unnecessary work if left inserted when not in use. Whenever you boot or reboot the PC, these external drives take up power quota from your PC, because at the present time they are not needed and you should remove them/unplug them from your PC.

7. Do not overcharge

Although the Lithium-Ion battery which is mostly made of PC’s battery is configured to stop charging when it is fully charged, manually, you can help this process by disconnecting your PC from the delivery when it is fully loaded, this will lead to more efficient battery performance.

8. Do not place your computer on soft surfaces

If your PC is placed on a soft holding or surface, it does not just affect the battery, but also heat your PC’s motherboard, soft surfaces such as a bed, coatings, etc. restrict the air in and out of your PC, which means it will heat regularly and cause a bad effect on your battery and motherboard.

9. Stop placing it on bare lap Missing “Laptop” Word

The name “laptop” was given to PCs because it is properly positioned on laps, but this approach is very harmful to us and the PC. If you put the PC on the laps, you will also block the air outlets because your laps are soft, so heating up your laps, the PC motherboard, your thighs and your PC battery will not smile in this state.

10. Should you discharge your PC/Laptop Battery to zero pre-charge percent?

This question is in the mind of many people as most battery instruction booklets advise, but this no longer applies since the majority of the PCs battery is made of lithium, so the discharge is up to considerably low before the charge degrades the battery’s overall performance.

Note these suggestions as they will drastically increase your laptop/PC battery life and the actual quality of your PC. You might only need to replace your PC battery if the current one has gone beyond regular maintenance, if you apply these suggestions, your battery replacement will certainly last longer.

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