How to Get Directv on Samsung Smart Tv

Are you wondering how to download DirecTV app on Samsung smart tv? With the help of this guide, you’ll be able to get up and running with Directv on your Samsung TV in no time. We’ll start by introducing you to the basics of Directv and Samsung TV, then we’ll walk you through the steps for getting Directv on your TV. We’ll also provide some helpful tips for connecting your devices, setting up the remote, and streaming live programs. So, let’s get started learning how to get Directv on Samsung TV!


To get the Directv app on your Samsung TV, simply press Home to open the Smart Hub, enter “DIRECTV STREAM” in the Search box, choose DIRECTV STREAM, then Install. Once installed, select the app to open it.

Understanding the Basics: What is Directv and Samsung TV?

Directv is a satellite TV provider that offers a wide array of programming. With Directv, you can watch your favourite shows and movies, record shows and movies, pause and rewind live TV, and more.

Samsung TVs come with the Smart Hub feature, which allows you to easily access and download apps. With Directv, you can easily access and stream all the entertainment you love directly to your Samsung TV. To get started, all you need is an internet connection, a Samsung TV with an HDMI port, and the Directv app. You will also need an DIRECTV universal remote control to control up to four devices, including DVD/Blu-ray players, DVRs, gaming consoles, soundbars, and TVs.


How to Get Directv on Samsung Tv

Steps to Download Directv App on Samsung Smart Tv

With just a few steps, you can easily get Directv on your Samsung TV. First, press the Home button on your Samsung TV remote. This will open the Samsung Smart Hub. Then, enter “DIRECTV STREAM” in the search box and select the app. Finally, install the app and select it to open it. Now you’re ready to start streaming all the entertainment you love with Directv on your Samsung TV.

You can even use your Samsung TV’s remote control to navigate the app and search for your favourite shows and movies. Plus, with the help of your Samsung TV’s built-in voice recognition, you can find what you’re looking for with a few simple words.

So what are you waiting for? Get the DIRECTV App and start streaming on your Samsung TV today!

Connecting Devices: What You Need to Do and How to Do It

Connecting devices to your Samsung TV can be a bit tricky. Fortunately, the process is relatively straightforward.

First, you will need to connect your device to the TV using an HDMI cable. This cable should be plugged into the HDMI port on the back of your Samsung TV and the other end should be plugged into the device you want to connect.

Once you have everything connected, you will need to make sure that the settings on your TV are correct. You will need to set the input source to HDMI. This can usually be done by pressing the “Source” button on the remote and selecting “HDMI” from the list of available inputs.

After connecting and setting up all of your devices, you’ll be able to watch your favourite shows or movies on your Samsung TV. If you encounter any issues, refer to your user manual for troubleshooting instructions.

Creating an Account with Directv for Your Samsung TV

Creating an account with DIRECTV is simple and easy. All you need to do is go to the DIRECTV website and sign up for an account. Once you’ve created your account, you will be able to access all the features of DIRECTV, such as DVR recordings, On Demand programming, and live streaming. With DIRECTV, you can watch your favourite shows and movies on your Samsung TV. Additionally, if you have multiple TVs in your home, you can stream content from one device to another. This makes it easy to enjoy content without having to switch between TVs.

Setting Up the Remote for Your Samsung TV

Setting up the remote for your Samsung TV is a snap. All you need to do is select the device you want to control, like your DIRECTV box or DVD/Blu-ray player, and then press and hold the Setup button on the remote for three seconds. A confirmation message will appear on the screen. Then, follow the step-by-step instructions for setting up the remote. Once setup is complete, you’ll be able to use your remote to control all your devices.

Troubleshooting Tips for Connecting Devices with DTV and your Samsung TV

If you are having trouble connecting devices with DTV and your Samsung TV, there are a few tips that can help.

First, make sure that both the TV and the receiver are on the same Wi-Fi network. If they are not, you may need to connect them manually. Additionally, you may need to reset your receiver by unplugging it, waiting a few seconds and plugging it back in. You should also make sure that all of your cables are securely connected and that you have the latest version of the app installed on your device. If these tips do not resolve your issue, contact DIRECTV customer service for additional help.

How to Stream Live Programs with DTV on your Samsung TV

Streaming live programs with DIRECTV on your Samsung TV is fast and easy. All you need to do is open the DIRECTV app and sign in with your account. Once you’re signed in, you can browse through the available programs and select the one you want to watch. You can also use the search feature to find a specific program or channel.

Once you’ve found the program or channel you want to watch, simply click on it and start streaming. You can also use the DIRECTV app to access On Demand programs and browse the guide for upcoming programs. With the DIRECTV app, you can keep up with your favourite shows, sports and movies anytime, anywhere.


The steps to getting Directv on your Samsung TV are simple and straightforward. With the right equipment and an internet connection, you can easily enjoy all the best programming that Directv has to offer. Be sure to follow the instructions above and you’ll be watching your favourite shows in no time!

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