How to Fix Discord Failed to Update

Although it’s not new that Discord is a suitable communication platform, but still users frequently encounter some minor issues, such as Discord update failed. If an application becomes trapped in a loop, it can become a problem which can causes a severe headache. Typically, this issue is caused by a bug in the app. Therefore, what will you do if this occurs to you?

Discord Failed

Let’s start like this;

Whenever a Discord update fails, the very first thing you should do is to remain calm. The second step you should take should go like these:

Reboot your router if necessary. This is the simplest method. You must either change your internet connection or restart your router.

Reboot your computer. Regardless of whether you’re using a PC or a Laptop, you should restart it.

Assuming there is no issue or difficulty, this method by itself will resolve it. And if this doesn’t work, I will suggest you to try next steps.

The Update Can Failed Due to the Following Reasons:

Below are among the most frequent reasons why it failed to update

  • Somehow, there is a deficit in administrator privileges that results in error in update installation.

  • A service interruption has occurred. As a result, the updates is unable to complete download. And lastly, the failure can result in a loop that is confusing.

  • As previously stated, a system crash is possible to occur. Certain systems are unable to handle the latest updates, likely to cause issues with one another. If this occurs on your devices, it’s comes as no surprise that your Discord will remain unresponsive.

Useful Tip

Before you try any of the solution below, there are a few quick fixes you can make:

When the Update Failed alerts appears, try restarting your device first. This is particularly useful for devices running the Windows or macOS operating systems. Those are the OS that frequently experience bugs. Once the flaws occur, you can effectively resolve them by rebooting your device.

Some other option is to restart your Wi-Fi. It has something to do with the internet access. As previously stated, a slow internet connection may result in an incomplete download and which will result in update failure. As a result, you have two options: find a better network or reboot the Wi-Fi router.

Try to reinstall the Discord

If none of the previous method have direct impact, you can also try to reinstall Discord. However, you must first delete the contents of the AppData folder. Almost every user agree that this process alone resolves the Discord update failure issue.

The suggestion is that certain features within the app could crash other features (due to the numerous updates). The preferred method is to uninstall the software and then reinstall it. Follow the step below to uninstall it:

  • Activate Task Manager. Select ‘End’ for all Discord-related tasks.

  • Combine the R and Windows buttons at once. On the screen, you should see the command box Run.

  • Inside the box, type ‘appwiz.cpl’ and then press Enter.

  • An application manager will show up. Within it, look for Discord.

  • After you’ve located it, just right-click on Discord and select ‘Uninstall’.

  • Hold down the Windows button and the R button simultaneously.

  • Enter the string ‘% appdata% ‘. It will display all application folders with their respective contents, which include the cache.

  • Locate the Discord folder. Delete it. What will you do when you’re unable to locate it? It’s possible that the folder is hidden. Select the option ‘View’ from the top bar and ensure that the option ‘Hided Items’ is ticked or checked.

  • After uninstalling and removing the app, you can download and install the updated version. Locate and install the most recent Discord software.

  • Reboot your device once the installation is complete.

  • Launch the Discord app.

Discord Administrator

Another option for resolving the Discord update failure is to run the application as administrator. This strategy is also applicable when encountering a JavaScript Error. This technique works flawlessly for some users. However, there are specific procedures and steps that must be followed:

Run Task Manager. Select ‘End’ for all Discord-related tasks.

You must gain access to the Desktop. Locate the Discord shortcut

Once you’ve located the Discord logo, just right click it. Look for  ‘Run as Administrator’ option.

Once you’ve identified the feature, click on it. It will allow it to run as admin

The Discord software will be launched. The update will now proceed without crash.

Reinstall Discord

This is just another supplement to the first tip. The tip is to download a new version of the application which may resolve the problem. However, you must first uninstall the existing one. Once you’ve completed it, you can take the necessary actions:

Visit Discord’s official website. Find and download the setup installer

Once you’ve downloaded the installer, double-click on it to run it. On your screen, the instructions will appear. Kindly go through it.

Your windows Defender should be disabled.

If you’re running Windows 10 OS and Discord is refusing to update, I will suggest you to disable Windows Defender. Windows Defender is the anti-virus for Windows. Occasionally, this Windows Defender will recognize the update as a threat and prevent it from occurring. That is why it must be disabled.

But how will you accomplish this?

  • To begin, press the Windows key. Enter Settings and then allow it to run.

  • Select an option Security and Updating

  • Select Windows Security, followed by Virus and Threat protection and finally Manage Settings.

  • You will see a Real-time Protection option. Verify that it is turned off.

  • Save the configuration and then exit

  • Install the Discord app.

Discord Support

The previous processes are said to be quite effective at resolving the issues. However, if you continue to encounter issues, the only option is to reach Discord support. You must check the official site and contact them directly. Generally, you will be required to submit a ticket.

These are some possible solutions to your problem. Choose one of the steps outlined above to resolve your Discord update issue and see which one works best for you.

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