Haste Brings Microtransactions to the BSV Blockchain

Joe DePinto, CMO and co-founder of Haste, met up with Becky Liggero Fontana for an episode of CoinGeek Backstage which was recorded at the recent CoinGeek Conference in Zurich. Joe shared his thoughts on how he intends to use his company to help get Bitcoin SV into mainstream use on a global scale. 

Joe believes a big hurdle to getting people involved daily with the blockchain is to give real-life use without having to explain all the technical aspects. More people will gravitate towards incorporating it if they don’t have to go through all the boring information. Haste has created an ILP (instant leaderboard payout) arcade on its platform for a truly unique experience. These games use microtransactions for the gamers to enhance their experience without realizing they are using the blockchain. More importantly, it enables players all around the world to earn real-time peer-to-peer payments for simply placing on a game’s leaderboard. 

“We created these games that just use microtransactions in a way that I could explain to my friends, my parents, without having to go down the 4 hours you know, basic explanation of a blockchain and what Bitcoin is which is stuff that we’ve learned. But with my friends, we’re at the bar talking about this I can see their eyes glaze over after like 2 minutes” explained DePinto.

BSV Blockchain

Haste’s approach is to simplify the understanding. Imagine going to your local arcade and dropping 25 cents into your favourite gaming console such as Galaga. You post the high score on the leaderboard and then you get paid 2.5 cents every time another player plays the game but does not beat your high score. Now think about holding a top score in a global online arcade where millions of daily players are playing the game but are unable to beat your score, and you’re earning 2.5 cents per play. It’s as simple as that.

Haste is also giving players the chance to win tokens for play. HST are fungible tokens that are native to the BSV blockchain and are earned by simply playing games within the Haste Arcade.  Each day, 43,835 HST tokens are issued to gamers that post gameplay transactions to the blockchain, all of which are done on a pro-rata basis.

He goes further to explain that microtransactions are only possible on the BSV blockchain because it is the only blockchain capable of handling the needs of users on a large scale. It also must be on a cost basis that is workable for smaller transactions which BSV does. Scale, speed, cost, and simplicity are all features of the BSV blockchain that makes it an easy choice for Haste to build upon.

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