Don’t Know How to Switch Out Bands on Apple Watch? Read on For The Three Simple Steps!

Apple Watches are a stylish accessory in trend these days. But do you know how to switch out an Apple Watch? Changing an Apple Watch band is a snap if you know the 3 magic steps. We are here to untangle the process together but before that let’s see if you know a few things about your Apple Watch:

  • What size is your Apple Watch band? The band size must match the watch size. The Apple Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, SE, and 7 watch bands and the 1st generation Apple Watch band can be swapped if there are no compatibility issues.
  • What watch sizes match each other’s bands? If you have 41 mm, 40 mm, and 38 mm watch sizes then you can wear their bands interchangeably. The 45 mm, 44 mm, and 42 mm watches also match each other’s bands.
  • What about Braided Loops and Solo Loops? These are solely designed for Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6, 7, and SE.

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Switch Out Bands on Apple Watch

How to Switch Out Bands On Apple Watch: Step to Be Followed

1. Remove The Band

  • Put the Apple Watch face down on a clean flat surface like a soft, padded mat or a micro-fiber, lint-free cloth.
  • If you are having a Link Bracelet, press its quick-release button to separate the band into two pieces.
  • Then press and hold the band release button.
  • Slide the band across to remove it from the Watch.
  • But what if the band doesn’t come out? Hold the band release button again and this time make sure you are pressing it down.


2. Install The Band


  • Hold the watch band so that the text on its back is facing you.
  • Title the watch band horizontally so that it aligns with the band slot on the watch.
  • Slide the band gently into the slot till you feel and hear a click.


If you don’t hear a click, remove the band and repeat the process.

3. Fasten The Strap

The Apple Watch is known for functions like wrist detection, haptic notifications, heart sensors, and other features that require close skin contact. To function properly the Apple Watch must be fastened to your wrist tightly. But a good fit also ensures that your skin can breathe so it’s neither too tight nor too loose. Also, wear the watch on top of your wrist. Wearing it on the bottom won’t give you any accurate data.

The Bottom Line: How to Switch Out Bands on Apple Watch

The answer to how to switch out bands on Apple Watch has three simple steps: remove the band, fit the new band in, and fasten it! If you own a Braided Solo Loop or a Solo Loop, you simply have to pull the band’s bottom and stretch it over your wrist to put it on and off. And what about the Milanese Loop? It can be opened by sliding off its magnetic closure through the lug or band connector.


1. Where is the Apple Watch band release button?

The button that releases the band on an Apple Watch is on the back of the device. If you press and hold the button for a few seconds and slide the band to the side, you can easily remove it from your Watch.

2. Do all Apple watches have removable bands?

The Apple Watch bands are interchangeable which means you can easily swap and change the bands for each of your looks. However, you can’t use bands from other companies as Apple has its own proprietary system for connecting the band to the Watch.

3. Why can’t I get my Apple Watch band off?

To take off the band from the Apple Watch, you have to press the release button and slide the band across. If the band doesn’t slide out, make sure you are holding down the band release button, and also the text on the band must be facing you. Slide the band until you hear a click and you have successfully removed the band from the watch.

4. What do I do if my Apple Watch band is stuck?

Try wobbling the band while sliding it across. Get an old toothbrush to remove the excess gunk, lotion, dirt, or dust stuck in the band slots. You could also try to run the watch under warm water directly over the release buttons for around 10 to 20 seconds.

5. Do Apple Watches come with a band?

The Apple Watch Sport collection ships its products with one adjustable 3-piece fluoroelastomer band of two different sizes. The Apple Watch Edition comes with a magnetic charging case that can dock and display your watch while charging.

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