The Best Anker Phone Chargers And What Is Different In Each

Let us be very honest; phones have taken over our lives in a way that no other device has. For many people, phones have become extensions of our own selves. Just imagine how you spend your day.

Anker Phone Chargers

Whenever we see beautiful sights, we stop to take pictures of those sights from the cameras of our phones. Alongside, whenever we want to communicate with someone, we use our phone to call or text or even video call them. Besides, many people also use phones to note down what has been happening in their day as a journal.

Basically, like our mind stores information about us for our future use, our phones also store information about us for our future use. Want some more evidence backing that statement up? Millions of people subscribe to Xfinity internet plans just so they can have their phones connected to the internet using the Xfinity Mobile service.

Like you need your mind with you all the time, you need your phone with you all the time as well. However, there is one challenge you face. You need to charge your phone. If you do not want to be restricted to the space around your socket at your home for hours on end, you need a fast charger. The charger does not only need to be fast but it also needs to be of quality as you do not want your phone battery to be damaged in any way! After all, a damaged phone battery will require charging more often! The need of the hour is for everyone to have a quality charger that suits their needs and preferences. If you do not have a working charger or you think you can find something that fits your requirements better, this article is ideal for you! We say this with so much certainty because we know that, in this piece, we will be discussing some of the best mobile chargers from the top-notch charger company, Anker. 

Anker PowerPort 3

Boasting a sleek design, the Anker PowerPort 3 is a compact charger. Alongside, not taking too much space and not running the look of a modern room, it also is relatively fast as it charges at as many as eighteen Watts. One great and interesting feature of the charger is that it alters its speed when it is connected to an older mobile phone that may not be able to take in the same kind of current that newer mobile phones can. Besides all the above characteristics of compactness, speed, and adaptability, this charger is also affordable. In fact, we would call it super affordable as the item only costs twelve dollars! Wow, now that is a great deal!

Anker Nano Pro

From reading this article, you might start thinking that we are actually paid to market the Anker company. However, trust us when we say that that is not the case and many of that company’s chargers have made it to our list of favorite chargers because of one simple reason: Anker just makes good chargers! The Anker Nano Pro is even better than the Anker PowerPort 3. Why do we say this? We say this because it has two USB ports instead of the PowerPort 3’s single USB port. Alongside, each of the USB ports is more powerful compared to the USB port of PowerPort 3. This is because while the latter’s ports only provide eighteen Watts of power, each of the ports of the former can provide twenty Watts of power. 

As so many chargeable devices keep popping up from time to time, The Anker Nano Pro’s dual ports are very advantageous to many as they allow two devices to be charged at the same time. After all, like your dependence on smartphones mandates that you charge them in a fast manner, your dependence on other devices like smartwatches also mandates that you charge those other devices in the speediest way possible.

Anker PowerPort Adam PD 4

Talking about multi-port chargers, there is no way we can forget about the Anker PowerPort Adam PD 4. The charger has a total charging capacity of 100 W. It has four ports and it is obviously your choice how many devices you want to connect to it. In the case that you will use only one port, you can even charge a laptop! In the case that you end up using all four, obviously, the power will be distributed. That said, this charger is a bit pricey as you have to pay about a hundred dollars for it. 

Wrapping Up

We are optimistic that this article has helped you decipher which Anker charger best fits your needs.

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