6 Ways To Take Care Of your Headphones

Whether you are wearing headphones to protect yourself from noise or listening to music, you don’t want pieces that come apart after a few uses, do you? If you want your headphones to last for years, you need to take good care of them.

headphones to protect

How do you do this?

Here are tips to follow:

Mind the cable

Although most modern headphones are Bluetooth powered, there is still a good number of us that love and use cabled headphones, and there is nothing wrong with it. If you have had several cabled headphones, you must have realized that cables are often the first things to go out, so these are the things you should give utmost care to.

A good rule of thumb is you should avoid pulling the cable as you will tear it. When it comes to storage, always wind the cable before storing it as you will not only have an easy time doing it, you also will keep it coiled, which is vital for its long life.

When buying headphones for mowing or any other task, it’s always wise to buy those with detachable cables as you will have an easy time storing them.

Protect the connections

Any connection on your headphone is a potential point of failure, so you should protect it, so it doesn’t get easily damaged. The areas you should pay attention to are plug, earpiece, in-line splitters, remotes, volume sliders, and others.

How do you protect the weak points?

Simple. When disconnecting the headphones, pull directly on the plug instead of yanking the wire out. When removing earbuds, pick out the earpieces directly instead of pulling on the cable around splitters and in-line devices. You also shouldn’t let headphones dangle off the end table.

Keep the headphones clean.

Like the other appliances, you need to keep your headphones clean all the time. If you have in-ear headphones, pull off the covers and get rid of any debris from them. Wash the earpiece with a mild detergent and water.

If the headphone covers have a mesh screen containing dried earwax, dampen the screen with hydrogen peroxide to soften the wax.

If it’s been long since you cleaned the pieces, chances are dust, and earwax has gone to the inner parts. If you have done the cleaning and still the pieces aren’t loud, try blowing into them. This not only gets rid of the dust, but it also helps with realigning a crooked speaker.

Always unplug the headphones after use.

How many times have you left your headphones attached to your laptop or phone? Countless times, right? For your pieces to last for a long time, you need to stop this as it can lead to unforeseen damage.

For example, someone can pull the cord suddenly from the jack, or the cord gets tangled, causing the copper cord inside to break.

When you unplug your headphones after use, you will protect the audio connector and the delicate areas where the cord connects to the jack, so you have long-lasting pieces.

Keep the volume low

At least 90% of people using headphones want to listen to their music at their highest volume possible, but do you want to follow suit?

Don’t do it as the high volume can not only damage your hearing, so you suffer from noise-induced hearing loss but also risk blowing up the speakers and the eventual damage to the headphones.

A good rule of thumb is to listen to your music at a low volume that you are comfortable in. If the person next to you can hear the volume, it’s too loud, and you should turn it down.

Invest in high-quality headphones

Finally, it goes without saying that good quality pieces tend to have a long life. When buying the headphones, don’t be a cheapskate as cheap pieces have a poor sound quality and, at the same time, don’t last as long.

Do you want durable headphones? Invest in quality.

When in the shops, look out for models with thicker cabling, right-angle plugs, and overall well-built design.

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