Track IMEI Number for Lost device & Locate Your Kids

How to Track IMEI Number for Lost device & Locate Your Kids Instantly


A user gets Goosebumps if he/she has lost the cell phone. The reason is crystal clear, what makes the user worried the most. Well, it’s the data on the mobile phone that no one wants to expose in the wrong hands. Robbers can use such sensitive information for many purposes, which likes a nightmare that no one wants to have ever.


According to a recent report, 23000 android phones are lost every month around the world. The worst things can get started when there is no PIN code on your mobile phone, and robbers easily unlock the screen to check the stuff. Such incidents made the companies to provide a better solution to get the lost phone back without making so much effort.


Track cell phone IMEI number is also an easy way to check the live-location of your child. Of course, parents often want to know where their kids are and where they spend most of the time outside. Using IMEI number, the end-user can easily track the exact location plus history, and it makes the kid’s monitoring easy.


Let’s get started to check IMEI tracking plus android spyware in detail for both lost device and kid’s monitoring purposes. 


IMEI Number – The Definition


IMEI refers to the international mobile equipment identity, which is consisted of 15 digital numbers to use as an identity certificate for cell phones. A user cannot change this number and must write it to track the lost phone or kids.


How to find out the IMEI number of an Android Phone?


Find out on Mobile Phone box

Open Settings to check IMEI Number

Dial *#06# to find out phone IMEI No.

Discover it on Mobile Phone Battery


How to Find Lost Phone Using IMEI number?


IMEI number helps a lot to find every single movement of the target phone. To get help when needed, all you need is to follow three steps.


1 – Open Play Store & Download IMEI tracker.

2 – Add a Phone Number Whom you can trust if your device gets lost.

3 – Installed App will send live-location after you send the “getlostphone” command from the other devices to your lost phone.


How to track your kid’s location with IMEI Number?


Parenting has become difficult as technology has taken over the real-life activities, but it also helps us in different ways. For example, it lets us monitor the live location of our kids. Yes, we can check their location using the IMEI number. How?


Let’s have a look:


1 – Get Physical Access to your kid’s Android device.

2 – Open PlayStore AND download the IMEI tracker tool.

3 – Setup the App.

4 – Enter Your own Mobile Number to get location Updates.

5 – Track the Live-location of the target android phone Remotely.


Why Should Parents track their kids’ Location?


Daily News reveals how much our youth has been involved in unlawful activities. Parents want to protect kids by checking where they spend time and what community they are sitting with. Such facts reveal the surroundings of your child and can prevent dangers. Even our kids make online friends, which are sexual predators in reality, and they meet them in person, which can become a nightmare.


Let’s check out the reasons what make kid’s monitoring important.

1 – Our youth can visit unsafe places to enjoy the adventure, but it can harm them.

2 – They can meet with Online friends and get involved in unlawful activities.

3 – Location Tracking enables the parents to provide help to kids if they are in an emergency.

4 – Our teens & kids like to bunk schools and college, but now, you can trace if they go to school or some other place.

5 – They can go to clubs or any adult place.

6 – Working parents can check out their live-movements if their children enter or leave the home.

And Many More!


Looking for a Reliable & More Easy Solution for Location Tracking?


People want an easy solution for every problem, and now, in this technology era, they only are a few clicks away method to get help. That’s why we have come with the android spyware, which does not require an IMEI number to track the target phone.


How Does It Work?


Well, you can do it by installing an android tracking app in the target device. The end-user needs to access the target android device physically for once. After installation, all the online activities of the target phone will be displayed on a user-friendly control panel where the end-user can click on the location feature to get live-movements of the target device along with many other advanced features.


Wrapping Up

Tracking the IMEI number can let you track the location of your lost phone and also your kid’s movements. We have shared some reasons that show the concern of parents is right for their children’s safety and make the kid’s monitoring vital. You can also use android spyware to get location history plus the other location-based services, like Geo-fencing, etc.

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