How to record your Android screen

Cellphone devices are on the rise, phones, and tablets connected to the internet for personal and professional activities. Android OS is the largest operating system since the last decade. More than 90% of mobile devices worldwide are of android OS.

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Therefore, people, these days are trying their best to do surveillance on cellphone devices to get to know about the information and data on the target device. Therefore, people want to record the screen of cellphone devices for digital parenting, employee monitoring, and to know about the secret activities of their loved ones. If you are one of those who want to record the screen of a mobile device then you need to use the screen recording app.

What is screen recorder software?

Google has initially added features of screen recorder on the latest Android 10 beta, but at the final moments, it was removed. It may come up with OS version 11, but until then you need to use a screen recording app of the third-party applications.

The feature we are going to discuss at the moment is packed with a cellphone tracking app. You can install the application on your phone and after the setup; you can use the online dashboard and activate the feature to record the screen of your target device. Apart from the recording of the screen you can use plenty of features of the mobile monitoring app and upload the information running on the target device.

The application is easy to install and user –friendly to navigate on the target device. Every feature is developed and works with complete accuracy and efficiency and provides you instant results. For more details, you can discuss all the issues and questions via live customer support chat.


Cellphone screen recorder is compatible with contemporary phones and tablets running with the Android operating system. You can use it on the latest versions on OS 10 and above. It works secretly on the target device and lets you track the target cellphone without them knowing.

How to get the best screen recording software for Android?


Though plenty of screen recording applications are floating on the web, you have to have the best one in the business. Therefore, you need to get your hands on TheOneSpy track a phone webpage, because it is not just a typical one –feature application that enables you to record the screen of android only. It enables you to track the activities that happened on the phone to the fullest. Therefore, visit the webpage and get the subscription of a cellphone surveillance app.

In response, you will receive a password and ID. Now you can check your inbox and get the credentials. Moreover, get physical access to the target device and start the process of installation. Complete the process of installation and activate it on the target device. Now you can use the credentials that you have got at the time of subscription and activate the web control panel of the android monitoring app. Further, get access to the features like screen recorder tool and get the job done.

Use screen recording software to record the screen of Android


Users can remotely get access to the target device using a mobile tracking app feature like a screen recorder. Once you have activated it on the target device it will start recording the screen of a cellphone in terms of back to back short videos and send the recorded videos on the dashboard.

It has plenty of sub-features such as camera screen recording, chrome screen recording, default browser screen recording, Gmail screen recording, SMS screen recording, and IM’s screen recording. However, users can also use features like on-demand screen recording.

All of the features enable users to record the Android phone screen when all the activities are happening on the target device. Users can get access to the online web portal and watch all the recorded videos and get to know what target person is doing on the phone screen. You can get to know by watching the recorded video what target person is doing on Gmail, browsers, SMS, social messaging apps, passwords, and many more.


TheOneSpy is the best platform that provides you the best screen recording on Android and you can get to know about all the activities on phone to the fullest.


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