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If you are a parent or a guardian who is worried about your child’s future and education then this article is for you. Mathematics is considered as one of the most difficult subjects in the world, students run away from it, teachers have a hard time making kids understand, parents tense up as Maths, even though hard, but is also quite essential and can’t be ignored.

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So what can be done here? What’s the solution? Any subject can be taught if the teaching method is right enough. Students find Maths hard when they are kids and lose interest in learning it. The key factor that teachers need to focus is to maintain curiosity and engrossment. If these factors are achieved then no student will have a problem understanding the subject in a lucid manner. But what if you are not able to find such a teacher?


A lot of parents are not able to pay high tuition fees required for quality education but that doesn’t mean that they should keep their child away from it. You can always go for Math apps for kids, yes there are a lot of math training for kids available online that can help your kid to develop a better understanding of the subject and not run away from it. So here are some of the best Math Apps for kids that parents can introduce and start quality education right from home. Have a look:

Best Math Apps for Kids

●       KidsMathApp

KidsMath App

KidsMath App is one of the best math apps for kindergarten in the market at the moment. It was launched recently and has a lot of advanced features which are not usually seen in other such apps. Easily available on Google Playstore to download, is a lightweight app which can even run on older Android versions without consuming much of resources. This application is especially designed to help kids learn the subject through games and other types of indulging content.

The course embedded in it aims to simplify the basics of Maths like Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication. It also has dark and light modes in the app itself, if it is not supported in your Android version then too you can use it to ease the strain from your kid’s eyes by switching it according to the time of the day and the light in the room.

A specially chosen music also plays in the background to keep the attention on the subject, if you or your child feels that the music is distracting or becoming a problem in concentrating on the subject then you can also turn it off. The best thing about this app is that it is free of cost. All the modules can be enjoyed online without any restrictions.

●       Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy Math Game

Another amazing and free app on the list of best Math apps for kids is Prodigy Math Game. It has been in the industry for some time now and has amassed around 50 million students as its users. The course uploaded on it is closely designed to help kids learn the same level as they learn in school. Almost all the basic topics are available on the application and kids till 8th grade standard can use it to master their weaknesses.

As the name suggests “Game”, this app uses the methods of games like RPG to help students keep their attention. They have to answer correctly in order to defeat in-game characters. The best thing about this app is that it can be used as a reporting and education tool even by the teacher. Amazing isn’t it? The teachers can upload and modify the content according to the curriculum and also check on the progress of their students.

●       doodlemaths


The last app was more inclined towards interaction between teachers and students while this one is designed to report directly to parents about the progress of their kids. The parents will be provided with a dashboard which will be filled with stats regarding the course and how their child is progressing. This best free math apps is also designed with adaptive learning technology that can adjust the modules and speed according to the kid’s personal growth rate. The app basically takes in the learning according to the set standards in the US and UK.


●       Elephant Learning Math Academy

Elephant Learning Math Academy

The next app is quite intriguing in itself. The growth observed with this app is unprecedented but only if discipline and consistency in learning lessons is observed. The parents are informed about the reports and growth of their child on a real time basis rather than at the end of the day report or weekly report. The modules are closely designed with the school’s curriculum and put more emphasis on learning the concepts and not just mugging up the procedures. It is easily available on Google Playstore for Android users and Apple’s App Store if you use an iPhone. This is one of the best apps kids from age 2 to 16 years can opt for.

●       CK-12


Another free of cost application app that you can consider before purchasing any other costly apps is CK-12. A US made app from California is developed and hosted by a non for profit organization that works on increasing the open source and free educational material that is accessible by all without any boundaries. If you are worried about higher education costs and courses then you can stop giving them more of your time and energy.

This app is designed to prepare its users for STEM subjects by offering lots of free lessons. We all had topics strategically divided in chapters in our textbooks for easy learning, the app has a much more detailed and divided version according to difficulty levels and interactive content. You will have video lectures, experiments, practical experiments, simulations, flash cards, textual articles, image galleries for enhancing the depth of understanding.

So these were some of the best math apps for kids that I wanted to share with you. No matter who the teacher is or how great their methods are, the parents will have to ensure discipline to at least make the child attend the sessions and lessons.

Hope this helps.

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