How Snapchat is affecting relationships with its technology

How Snapchat is changing our lives with its technology

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Not only does the three dots that appear and then immediately disappear in the messaging app cause us an insane amount of stress and curiosity, but also the white triangle with a red outline, which indicates that the person has seen the Snapchat you sent., but has not yet responded. Students or people in general do not need to be more stressed than they already are from schoolwork, work and personal theater.

Building and nurturing relationships shouldn’t be that hard. Yet, as a generation, we continue to put actions into various applications and modes that cause more fear in our lives.

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Snapchat was released in September 2011 and its popularity has continued to grow. Snapchat offers unique features that Facebook and Instagram can’t compete with, according to a Cornell University study.

Snapchat offers a small circle of friends and only keeps messages for as long as people want, so people feel less self-aware and less shy about the content they post or send.

However, Snapchat, like other social media apps, threatens our ability to communicate effectively with those around us when we see them in person. Personal communication between friends and potential romantic interests now seems much more delicate.

Additionally, people may have a false confidence or a false feeling when hiding behind their Snapchat filters. Some people have also started to compare their relationships using snapchat emojis like the red or yellow heart.

Emerging relationships fall apart so quickly because of Snapchat. The features of the app, such as best friends and streaks, can cause uncomfortable feelings between people. Rather than talking to people in person and knowing where you are with that person, you are now obsessed with trying to figure out where you are on their best friend list and track them down on the Snap map. .

In addition, the app damages the relationships of people who also communicate outside of the app. If a girl has a date and she takes selfies on her phone, the guy won’t be interested in her; he will think that she is more interested in himself than in him, which is not entirely wrong. Sitting down at the table with friends and family can be one of the most informative and fun events one can have from week to week; however, all of this personal interaction is only in the background when we use our phones as the primary focus.

People no longer allow themselves to have real conversations and real relationships with the people in their lives because Snapchat is in some ways more direct and exciting; However, all it does is isolate people which makes them feel a lot more alone and a lot less satisfied than they were before using the app. Honestly, I encourage you to remove the app entirely as it doesn’t bode well if you’re trying to live your life for other people or take selfies instead of communicating with those right in front of you.

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