How to Create a Killer Email Campaign for Your Customers that Works

There is no denying that email marketing is one of the best practices for sending engaging content to your existing and potential customers. This content can generate maximum user engagement, drive website traffic, bring more leads, and convince people to purchase your products or services. An email marketing campaign, if executed well can do wonders for your business. But creating a perfect email marketing campaign for your customers is not as easy as it sounds. The key is to identify the right audience, convey your message clearly, and encourage people to take the desired action.

Create a Killer Email Campaign

Suppose you are planning to create an email marketing campaign for your customers. In that case, you should follow some easy steps to create a killer campaign that will definitely attract your customers’ attention.

Let’s explore how to create an effective email for your next marketing campaign.

  •         Find What You Want to Achieve
  •         Come up with a Catchy Subject Line
  •         Personalize the Copy
  •         Add a CTA Button
  •         Design for All Devices
  •         Find the Right Email Marketing Tool
  •         Test Your Email
  •         Automate Email Campaigns


Find What You Want to Achieve

When it comes to launching an email marketing campaign, figuring out what you want to achieve with the campaign is the key. For instance, you might want to run an email campaign to grow your email list, increase website traffic of your mobile app development New York Company, sell more products, increase your number of subscribers, or more. Understanding the goal for your email marketing campaign will help you write the perfect copy and subject line for your email.


Come up with a Catchy Subject Line

Believe it or not, a subject line is one of the most important components of a perfect email that can encourage people to open and read the email. Make sure the subject line conveys exactly what you want to communicate in the email. You can use the target keywords in the subject line or add a sense of urgency to grab the subscribers’ attention and encourage them to open the email. Make sure the subject line is non-salesy and attention-grabbing and focus on capturing your subscriber’s pain point. If you fail to write a catchy subject line, your email will be deleted or moved to a spam folder.


Personalize the Copy

If you successfully got the attention of your potential customer and encouraged them to open the message. Now it’s your responsibility to craft a customer-centric message. Personalizing your message is a worthwhile idea to make your email marketing campaign a big hit. From personalization, it doesn’t mean to send a personalized message to every single subscriber. Personalization means harnessing the power of customer data to create a highly personalized message. For instance, you can address the subscriber by his/her name instead of using “dear valued customer”. By offering customized product recommendations, you can enhance the overall customer experience.

A recent survey suggests that personalized emails have the real potential to deliver a 6x higher transaction rate. It clearly shows that sending personalized emails to your customers will increase your chances of getting more revenue. Personalizing your emails will also help you stand out from the crowd.


Add a CTA Button

Once you created a personalized email copy, now it’s time to create a killer CTA button. Keep in mind that successful email campaigns contain persuasive CTA. Internet users receive hundreds of emails daily; if you want them to take action on your email, then you should include a meaningful CTA. Don’t add a CTA button at the end of an email; you have an opportunity to add multiple CTAs to increase the click-through rate. You can use different action words, so they don’t sound salesy or robotic. You can add a touch of personalization by using catchy CTA buttons and awesome design elements. Make sure the CTA button is big and obvious so that people can easily click.


Design for All Devices

If you want to make your email marketing campaign a big hit, then you should design it for all devices so that users can easily read your emails on mobile devices, desktops, and tablets. A survey suggests that email campaigns that follow a responsive design strategy work well on every device effectively compared to those that are not optimized for mobile devices.


Find the Right Email Marketing Tool

Choosing the right email marketing service is also important for making your marketing campaign a huge success. Thanks to the latest technology, there are a number of email marketing tools available for small business owners that are easy to manage and give them full control and allow them to establish a strong relationship with your customers.

Here is a list of some effective email marketing tools that you can use for your upcoming campaign:

  •         MailChimp
  •         HubSpot Email Marketing
  •         Sender
  •         Omnisend
  •         Constant Contact
  •         SendinBlue
  •         Drip
  •         ConvertKit
  •         AWeber
  •         SendPulse
  •         Benchmark Email
  •         GetResponse


A/B Test Your Email

Running A/B tests on your emails is one of the best strategies to achieve the desired results. If done right, a/B testing can improve your open and click-through rates that will definitely help you drive more website traffic and engagement. It is advised to create two versions of your email, send one version to a subset of subscribers, and the other one to a different subset of subscribers. It will help you figure out which version works best. You can use multiple subject lines, CTA buttons and design elements to create different email templates to see which variation generates more click-through.

Here is a list of A/B testing tools that help you test your email marketing campaigns:

  •         Campaign Monitor
  •         Sender Score
  •         HubSpot A/B Testing Kit
  •         CoSchedule Headline Analyzer
  •         Crazy Egg
  •         VWO
  •         Omniconvert
  •         Optimizely
  •         Freshmarketer
  •         Convert


That’s All for Today

So, here you go. These are a few easy and simple steps that marketers can follow to create a killer email marketing campaign for their customers and send them targeted messages based on their needs and preferences. Emails that contain personalized content and optimized for mobile devices will improve the conversion rate and help your business grow.


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