12 Apps which are useful for college students

Studying in college and managing all the studies and keeping up with all the assignments is a difficult and challenging task. However, to manage academic work, students can easily get assistance through numerous apps. There are various apps for different tasks, but students need to figure out which app they need to fulfill their academic tasks.

College students app

College students need to opt for the right apps.

If we look towards technological advancement in education, such as applications that can aid students with the management of time, homework, organizational or institutional skills, and much more.

Students can be kept on the tasks through the help of applications, and secondly, apps are like help for the students to keep their attention on the various project.

Before opting for the apps, students need to define the area in which they think they are weak and need technical assistance in the shape of apps.

Because determining your strengths and weaknesses is very important, only students will be able to look for an appropriate bunch of applications. Only those bunch of applications will be able to fulfil the students’ needs truly.

According to research conducted among the students, by the experts of an AssignmetMax an academic firm offers students instant Cheap assignment writing UK for their college and other academic level assignments that they were asked what the most common area in which you need help is and you as students think that you need to work on and mostly.

Commonly students answered that they face the time management issue while they are in the educational process. So the most primary issue which students need to solve through the apps is regarding time management.

However, there are various apps which touch numerous areas in which student requires the application assistance.

  1. AnkiMobile Flashcards: this is an app that is supported by both the operating system like devices of iOS and Android. This flashcard application supports scientific markup and Multimedia. AnkiMobile Flashcards costs at $24.99.
  2. Blackboard App: it is one of the most famous applications and it is for learning the management system. It is the application which is widely used and functional in the U.S. this mobile application enables students to get access to coursework, projects for classes online, or classes that are in-person with virtual elements. Students will be able to see course content, finish tests, assignments, and quizzes, look at grades, and much more.
  3. Canvas Student: just like a blackboard, learners can get access to academic work, submission of assignments, and looking at grades with the application of Canvas Student. But then it depends on the students to which application, Canvas, or Blackboard they consider that is suitable for them according to the platform which is utilized by college students.
  4. Duolingo: if anyone wants to learn the language in the easiest way, then students should opt for Duolingo. It offers more than 35 languages to its users who want to learn different languages. This makes the language lesson easy for its users by aiding with speaking, writing, vocabulary, grammar, and reading. The application of Duolingo has both the versions you can avail it free of cost and the paid one too. Moreover, it also lets its user’s experience ad-free and learning offline facility too.
  5. Evernote: it is an app that addresses the common problem of a student, which is time management. It let the students take the note so that they could keep up with the course tasks easily. And its system gets sync through the devices, and Evernote enables its users to make a to-do list, digitize documents easily through devices camera and bookmarking webpages. This app is free of cost, but the paid version comes with a more feasible feature which costs $7.99 per month
  6. Google Calendar: there must be numerous students aware of google calendar as it is commonly used and millions of users have google reach.it helps its users to manage and organize themselves by scheduling event, reminder creating, and availability share and much more
  7. Google Drive: another significant app that is easily available and feasible for the users; however it is free of cost and it is connected with google cloud storage, which enables users to conveniently write any kind of paper throughout the devices or documents that can be shared with classmate’s even.
  8. Mendeley: this app is a pdf reader and manages all the documents which are saved here. Mendeley provides students with the capability to highlight the document or pdf, annotate, generate citations and references, and help users search through a massive online library. Initially, the storage of two gigabytes is free of cost and further, it costs ranges from $55 to $165 per year for the facility of more capacity.
  9. MindMeister: for the idea visualization, this app is perfect, and this app enables its users to construct and design a map of the idea. This also allows users to plan a project, writing down notes, managing meetings, and much more. the initial version is cost-free, but for business accounts and personal plans it costs from $4.99 to $12.49
  10. MyLifeOrganized: again, it addresses and helps its users to overcome the problem of time management. This app permits its users to simplify or task break down into easy and attainable goals, it spontaneously categorizes the priority items to be acted upon, and then schedules the task for the current day. This application has both the version the free one and the paid one and version which is paid one cost around $29.99 and it runs for mobile devices that have a professional account.
  11. Quizlet: This app comprises of the flashcard and enables its users to construct and design their personalized decks, which can be shared and sent to other app users, and it has a creative way of time-based games, which is educational and assist students in memorizing. The initial version of this app is free, but the upgraded one, which is Quizlet plus, can be accessed offline and it is ad-free, but it cost for $23.88 per year
  12. College Mobile Apps: it is a specific app that his design for the ease of students and is widely used, and its purpose is to guide the students with the help of the map, safety information, news, and events that are scheduled.
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