For business success, there are enough reasons to pay due importance to web-design

Return on investment is the most crucial factor to consider when implementing SEO and business owners know very well how to calculate ROI for almost every business scenario except when evaluating the role of web design for SEO. Business leaders often find it hard to see web design’s business prospects because most of the benefits are intangible. It seems it is a lot of work, and business leaders are sceptical about the outcome and its impact on business. But the experts at Sun Bowl Web Company are entirely aware of the importance of web design for SEO because SEO thrives on the quality of web design, which facilitates SEO optimization.

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Web design and SEO go hand-in-hand

It will be wrong to look upon web design as a separate entity attached to SEO, and the right approach is to infuse SEO into the web design process right from the start instead of adding it later. Unfortunately, the reality is that businesses usually put the cart before the horse by designing the website first and then appending SEO to it. The result is far from encouraging because due to the lack of marketing smarts embedded into the web design, the campaign fails to make a smooth start and keeps wobbling like walking on a wooden leg. To avoid any disappointment at a later stage, SEO should be an integral part of your web design process to results in SEO friendly websites.

Businesses that want to grow cannot ignore web design, which is at the core of SEO, and in this article, we will explain what good things can happen by taking the right approach.

Focus on visitor engagement

Two things are vital for SEO – gaining high visibility to attract organic traffic and keeping visitors engaged on the website. It is the same for anyone using SEO, whether for professional blogging or business of any kind. The web design contributes heavily to achieve the primary goals of gaining high visibility and keeping visitors engaged. When websites are attractive to people, it improves the prospects of earning high ranks in search results as potential customers come to your website when they are looking for something. Responsive web design helps to meet user expectations mostly by serving their interests, and it drives more traffic to the website that improves the business prospects. For example, everyone loves speedy websites, and responsive web design is the way to create websites that open pages in a blink.

Build speedy websites

Speed matters most for excelling in SEO, and only the right kind of web design can make speedy websites speedier.  The difference of a few seconds in the website speed can have a massive impact on business, and it will not be wrong to say that every second matter when designing websites. Remember that for every additional second that it takes to open any website, you risk losing many visitors who could be your potential customers.  Available statistics show that for every delay of 2 seconds, you are losing 12% web traffic.  The loss doubles if the delay in page opening time is 4 seconds. Conversely, adding the same number of seconds to the website speed will double your traffic and boost leads and conversions. Responsive web design ensures that the website maintains consistent fast speed across all kinds of devices, including mobiles.

Right web design attracts quality traffic

Getting a lot of traffic might make you happy, but soon you will discover that it does not mean much for business unless the traffic has the potential to generate leads. It means that you must focus on attracting quality traffic that can convert visitors into customers. To achieve the goal, you must pay attention to various web design features like style elements, widgets, imagery, and text that are explicitly appealing to your target audience.  It requires extensive know-how and testing based on research about the target audience.

Provide a seamless customer experience

Website visitors want maximum comfort to navigate websites, and it is the responsibility of web designers to ensure that they can design highly user-friendly websites.  The design features should help create the highest impacting first impression for visitors that encourage them to spend more time on the website. The design elements should enable visitors to focus on what they are looking for without any distractions and even allow them to navigate the website with utmost ease by taking advantage of the intuitive design features.  Poor navigation is a bane for websites as visitors struggle to reach the specific pages or topics they are looking for, and in no time, they abandon the website. The web design must guide visitors intuitively to enjoy a seamless browsing experience and spend more time on the website that increases the business prospects.

 Design optimization boosts conversions

Attracting visitors to your website who could be your potential customers and keeping them engaged is only the beginning of the game. You must drive it towards a meaningful end by ensuring closing the sale, which people know as conversions in SEO terminology. Whether you will be able to close sales depends mainly on the web design that keeps pushing visitors and encourages them to take the right steps that lead towards conversions. The website design should seamlessly guide visitors through the website as if holding their hands and tugging them to the desired destination to fulfill the business needs. The website design should facilitate every action that visitors want to take, from filling up a form for a subscription or scheduling an appointment or buying something.

In addition to the bigger conversions stated above, micro-conversions like watching a video, clicking on a link, signing up for a newsletter, click a lightbox or take a quiz are equally important as these are baby steps towards the bigger goal that brings in revenue and boost the bottom line. Every little action taken on your website has the power of improving the business prospects, and it all depends on how well you design the website.

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