16 Best Applications You Must Have for Android Devices

There are varieties of best applications for android devices that are suitable for android devices. These apps have become essential for Android devices, and if you’re interested in android apps, there is already some good stuff. There is a wide variety of Android apps, and they have a lot of usefulness for android devices. While visit here is you want the best apps for kids. Here are the best Android apps that are relatively easier to use, and the list won’t change unless some new spectacular apps come out.

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Best Applications You Must Have for Android Devices


1.  Weather


1Weather is one of the best weather apps, and no other app can match the efficiency of this app. The app features a paginated design that is simple and will help to see the current weather. The users will also be able to check the forecast for 12 weeks. Fun stats are also available in the app. The app also features highly customizable widgets and also offers standard stuff. You will get weather notifications and can see the predictions of the storms approaching. The top feature of this app is the minimal design, and it shows you the weather directly. The UI can be easily moved around, and the users can also enjoy fun weather facts. The free version comes with all the essential features. If you pay $1.99, then it will remove the advertising. There isn’t much difference between the two versions as they work the same way. There is a wide range of fun facts related to weather, and they will appear instantly as you open the app. Other best applications for Android devices include AccuWeather and Today Weather.

2.  Bouncer

The bouncer is the best pick and is a great Android app from the year 2018. It is the best security app and comes with a unique premise. The app will let you grant temporary permissions to access various applications. You will be able to let Facebook get your location access and is one of the most useful android apps in daily life. The bouncer will disable the permission when you leave Facebook. This would be the best way to use various features of all the social media apps, and you don’t have to dig into your settings to disable the permissions. The app needs you to pay $0.99 and can work on most of the apps. Google is working on adding better permission features with the launch of new versions of Android. The bouncer is one of the best unknown android apps as it is not so popular as yet.


3.  Google Maps and Waze

If you are looking for the best android apps all time, then Google Maps is the principal owner of all the navigation apps that are available and are the top Android apps ever. The users will get weekly updates, and it will add to the free list of the app’s wonderful features. Google Maps will help you access places of your interest, enable the traffic data, and give directions to places like rest stops or gas stations. The application also offers offline maps as of now. The Waze experience of the application will add tons of features, and you might not need another navigation app. Google also operates Waze, and it is unique and fun.

4.  Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is much better than other launchers these days, and it has been around for many years now. It is updated with the latest features and fit for androids. The ability to backup and restore the home screen setups while the icon themes on androids also become easy to handle. There are tons of customization options and elements available for the home screen, and the app drawer is another beautiful and powerful feature. The best thing is that you can also make it look like Pixel Launcher if you want to. There is no doubt that Nova Launcher is one of the best applications for android devices. There is a free and premium version, but of course, the premium version has more features like gesture controls, count badges for apps, and icon swap actions.

5.  Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is one of the best applications for android devices as it features almost every podcast a user can think of. It has a well-constructed and straightforward UI, while the organizational features and plenty of playbacks make this app exciting. You can browse the podcasts by using different categories or search for them on an individual basis. Creating playlists will become comfortable, and it will support both Chrome cast and SONOS.

6.  Pulse SMS or Android Messages

There are many high applications for SMS, but nothing can beat pulse SMS or Android messages as they are the best android apps all time. The Pulse SMS will not only feature theming but GIF support and password protected conversations too. It will also help the user blacklist spammers, and they can avail of the option of dual-SIM support too. Android messages are a little more comfortable and more convenient to use, but both of the apps will offer SMS messaging directly from your desktop. Pulse comes packed with a monthly subscription, while Android messages will be free. The best thing about Android messages is that they live stream your messages while Pulse will use a server structure.

7.  Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer happens to be one of the best unknown android apps, but the features it offers are high end. File browsing is something that every user does, but if you have a capable and fantastic file browser, it will become comfortable. You will get a material design, archiving support, and excellent support for all the popular cloud services. The design is incredibly useful, and it is stable to work on, and this is why it is a suitable file manager for many. Talking about file manager, here is a list of best apps for watching movies on phone.

8.  TickTick

TickTick is one of the most useful android apps in daily life. It covers most basic tasks like recurring tasks, reminders, pushes notifications, and various other features for the organization. The best thing is that you can share your tasks and entire categories with your friends and loved ones. It is a perfect choice for family use and managing small or big tasks or making to-do lists in the app. You will get all the useful features for free and are a great alternative compared to other applications. But if you are thinking of improving or upgrading your phone, then there is nothing better than using some amazon coupons.

9.  Belle UI

As an open platform, Android allows users to pretty much any corner of the user interface and if you’re looking to change your device experience, Belle UI is an app that you should keep in mind.

This application will thereby bring you nearly 1,400 customizable application icons that are beautifully designed and meticulously. In addition, this application is also regularly updated and can be compatible with a lot of launchers.

10.  Evernote

Evernote is a personal note-taking app that works in the cloud, which means your notes are synced across devices. Evernote has a fairly simple application, but hidden behind it is its outstanding features compared to other apps of the same category.

11.  Timely

Outstanding in both features and user interface, Timely is one of the most popular alarm clock applications today. This application poses a number of challenges for users to make sure you do not turn off the bell … sleep like drawing to turn off the bell, perform a calculation to turn off the bell, or shake the phone several times to turn it off.


12.  AirDroid

AirDroid is a utility application that has been available on Android since the very beginning of the operating system. It allows connecting Android phones to PC wirelessly. Then users just need to type web.android.com into the computer browser, you can access all photos, music, videos, and some other types of files that are stored on your phone.

13.  Snapseed

As one of the most appreciated image-editing apps today with many options, settings will help you get the best picture. Snapseed is now owned by Google, as the giant acquired it a few years ago. Snapseed is especially ad-free.

14.  Oyster

With just $ 10 a month, users can access Oyster’s massive book database of more than 1 million books. The app also has a highly rated book suggestion mechanism and social features that allow users to connect with each other through reading preferences.

Oyster is also committed to updating new books for its users every week.

15.  Yahoo News Digest

Yahoo, under Queen Marissa Mayer, is acting as a perfect fusion of technology and multimedia content, with the Yahoo News Digest app a clear testament to this.

Yahoo News Digest has a beautiful interface and the content is “cared for” by a team of “highly skilled” editors in selecting information from around the world and aggregating it into morning and afternoon news. Each bulletin has only 10 bulletins, but they are all the hottest news.

16.  Duolingo

Duolingo is seen as a tool that has completely transformed learning foreign languages ​​on mobile devices. This app applies a very simple learning method, repeating lessons, and vocabulary in a beautiful and intuitive interface to inspire learners.

Currently, Duolingo is offering completely free language courses, including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, and English.

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